How to flush a big poop that won’t go down the toilet?

Why do we use the washroom? Typical and interesting question, right? Most of us will produce the same answer that we get relieved and relaxed after using the washroom. But if the toilet catches a big and stubborn clog caused by massive toilet waste, in simple words, if you produce a massive poop, it is likely to clog the toilet. You may have several opinions to justify why you produce this small amount of waste, but let it stay aside and discuss the effective strategies briefly to flush a huge amount of waste so that you don’t have to suffer badly in eradicating the stubborn clogs.

What is giant poop?

Seems pretty much an unconventional question, right? What is giant poop? Is it some kind of monster? Or is it a bizarre thing that can destroy human civilization? No, there is no such term as giant poop. The real meaning of this is defecating a huge quantity of waste at a time that may cause annoying clogs in the toilet. This is actually giant poop signifies. There are some significant causes behind the formation of giant poops. 

What could be the reason for the large poop?

Generally, people evacuate a normal amount of poop every time, but if there are some sort of problems in the digestive system. As a result, they face the grim consequences of leaving out larger poop. Here are some of the significant causes of defecating large poops,

  • Acute constipation

Do you know what the most painful thing about the human disease is? The constipation problem is one of the most acute and severe problems in human life. Having less than three bowel movements the week is the prime definition of constipation. However, the severity of this disease varies from person to person. Some people have severe bowel movements several times a day, while some others have them only one to two times a week. Whatever the bowel movement pattern is, it’s a unique and normal incident for those who have been facing this for a long time.

Regardless of the bowel pattern, one fact is pertinent: you stay out from going to the toilet for a long, long time, then it becomes difficult for stool and poop to pass. Other key features that usually define constipation include the condition of the stool if it is dry and hard. The bowel movement must be painful, stools are really difficult to pass, or a feeling tells you that you have not fully emptied your bowels. Constipation leads to a more hard and dry toilet that the flush cannot clean and creates acute clogging in the toilet.

  • Issues in the digestive system 

Some people’s digestive system seems so much worse that they cannot digest the food properly. So you must be careful about choosing the ideal food for you. People who experience chronic constipation or who have a history of bowel obstruction can gather something called megacolon. This is when the colon, which is a part of the digestive system, becomes overstretched. The large intestine will then hold more stool and, therefore, may mean a larger poop. Megacolon can be a bizarre problem and may be cause for concern.

  • Ignoring the poop pressure 

Some people have a bad habit of stopping the pressure of the poop and delaying the pooping. But it is not good for human health. Avoiding the toilet for a long time collects the poop in the human body, and when you are on the toilet, the intensity of the toilet becomes so heavy that it clogs the whole thing. 

How to flush poop that is too big to flush?

A clogged toilet can be very annoying for homeowners, and there are some pivotal environmental issues of a clogged toilet. Let us have a look into these tremendous solutions for unclogging a massive poop, 

Using the combination of baking soda and vinegar:

The most common solution for a clogged toilet is applying a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. This mixture is something special that can clear the clogs in the toilet. Here is the complete procedure of clearing the toilet with the help of the mixture of baking soda and vinegar,Cleaning with Baking Soda and Vinegar

  • First of all, take some amount of baking soda in a pot, add some tablespoon of white vinegar, and then stir the mixture with the help of a handle.
  • Then turn on the stove, get the mixture of those two over a stove, and heat this for some time. After the mixture comes to boiling, turn off the tube and release the mixture.
  • Open the lid of the toilet and pour this mixture slowly into the toilet. Then after a while, when you feel that the clogs are too obstinate to be flushed away, pour all the mixture simultaneously and then wait for some time to keep the waste from washing away through the trapways. If you see everything clear, then flush the toilet a few times. Stop because all the waste has gone away when you hear a gurgling sound. 

Apply effective toilet Cleaners:

There are lots of strong cleaners available in the market (Muriatic acid or WD40), which means the waste easily and in a super-fast manner. There are mainly two types of cleaners: bleach-free and the other one contains bleach. It is wise to use bleach-free cleaners as they will not cause any harm to the body, nor the toilet is scratched. Bleach mainly decays the outer surface of the toilet. The exact way of applying the toilet cleaners is described here, Safe & Effective Toilet Cleaning

Take the toilet cleaner that seems best for you, then pour some cleaner into the tank and into the bowl, and wait for 15 to 20 minutes. Then scrub the particular toilet with a brush and then initiate strong flushing; after a while, you will find that all the poops are gone. 

Add some borax and vinegar:

It is really easy to apply the borax and vinegar mixture to clean the large stubborn poops that have come out due to some health and digestive problems. Here is the complete process of applying this solution into the toilet bowl, 

  • First of all, take some amount of borax in a wide jar, add some tablespoon of white vinegar, and then stir the mixture with the help of a handle.
  • Then turn on the stove, get the mixture of those two over a stove, and heat this for some time. After the mixture comes to boiling, turn off the tube and release the mixture.
  • Open the lid of the toilet and pour this mixture slowly into the toilet. Then after a while, when you feel that the clogs are too obstinate to be flushed away, pour all the mixture simultaneously and then wait for some time to keep the waste from washing away through the trapways. If you see everything clear, then flush the toilet a few times. Stop because all the waste has gone away when you hear a gurgling sound.

Incorporate toilet plunger :

If you select the plunger, you need to choose a rubber toilet plunger that’s wide enough to create a strong vacuum in the toilet structure. You can never go faulty with a heavy-duty plunger. Tiny suction cup plungers don’t work properly in such cases, so they must be avoided. how to use a plunger with poop in the toilet

Apply the plunger in warm and mild water to make it soft and capable of initiating a seal. Protect the toilet floors from any possible spillage by using towels or newspapers. If you’re dealing with a stubborn toilet clog, it’s best for you that you protect yourself from the acute germs by ensuring wearing rubber gloves and face masks.

  • First of all, force the air out of the plunger to make it workable and efficient, then use it to plunge vigorously into the toilet. 
  • While plunging stable, the seal so you can forcefully push water into the exhaust pipe and sweep away the clog. Pushing and pulling the plunger back and forth repeatedly a few times until you feel that you’ve achieved the destination.
  • While you are plunging, switch between gentle and vigorous plunges until you reach the best results. Make sure the toilet bowl has adequate water to plunge down the plunger. Without water, the plunger won’t gather enough pressure to push down the poop.
  • Perform several toilet flushes to see if the clog is gown. You can also apply a bucket of water to the toilet to flush away the toilet waste.
  • If you feel that the water is exiting quite slowly, fill the toilet bowl with water and plunge again. You should repeat this several times before you get the ending. This particular strategy can take time to produce results, so always be patient to see the results.

Use detergent:

Do you know that the washing detergent can perform quite decently in diminishing toilet waste? Yes, it is true that most of the time, people use this trick to mitigate waste; just sprinkle some amount of detergent in the toilet bowl? Before you begin using this strategy, be very watchful with hot and mild-warm water to avoid any types of mismanagement. The next step is to boil water in a wide container and let it be cooled down for a few minutes before applying it to the toilet bowl. This will define the toilet bowl isn’t facing extreme and adverse temperatures.laundry detergent to clean toilet bowl

You need to be so much watchful before pouring boiling water into the toilet. Let the boiled water generate maximum pressure to clear the clogged poop. Apply about a few tablespoons of dishwashing detergent and let it rest for about half an hour. If you feel a reduction in water pressure, it means the mixture is doing its best to unclog the waste. You can apply more hot water to dissolve the poop once and for all. This particular technique might not be helpful for the first time for stubborn and deceptive clogs. You can reapply it more than one time until you reach the desired results. You need to add more detergent to dissolve any other stubborn feces remaining in the toilet. The detergent plays as a supporting lubricant that can eliminate the hardness of the feces. Once it softens, wait for some minutes before flushing the toilet.

Use a special vacuum valve:

A vacuum valve is another smart and innovative way to unclog a toilet. But it is suggested not to try out a conventional vacuum to release the toilet clog. Instead of a conventional vacuum, use the wet-dry vacuum. If you don’t avail of one, you can purchase it from online platforms or the local hardware store. First of all, empty the water from the toilet bowl using the hose. Then, apply a seal by packaging the hose with a rug. The next step is to keep the vacuum a few inches down the drain. Before turning on the vacuum, ensure that you wear rubber gloves and a face mask.How do you use a vacuum flush toilet

Easy ways to prevent clogs that are caused by big poops

After you successfully eradicate the toilet waste, you need the guarantee of never returning it too soon. For that reason, you must keep in mind that you are following the correct ways to prevent the upcoming clogs in the toilet.

One thing that gives guarantees keeping the toilet clog-free is cleaning the toilet regularly. Always inspect the bowl and tank and the drainage pipe if there is any sort of clogging in the drainage pipe. You need to remove debris at least once a week, and it will stop the toilet waste from developing and forming a blockade. toilet cleaning

  • Checking the bathroom accessories:

In order to keep your toilet fresh and clean, there are no other ways but to regularly check the bathroom belongings like the water supply hose, fill valve, vent pipe, and the toilet itself. Clinical check-ups always decline the chance of clogging the toilet. The trapways must be cleaned on a daily basis to remove the clogs.

  • Clearing the water supply line:

 how to clean water lines from wellWater is the prime element that participates in clogging the toilet and in ensuring the better unclogging of the waste, and it is essential to have a smooth and incessant flow of water in the water tank. Excessive rust, corrosion, iron, and minerals cause harmful consequences to the water supply connection. The connection may have been facing an acute leakage problem that can be eliminated by regular and clinical checks of the connections. If you cannot perform the regular check-up, then you can take help from professionals or the experts. 

  • Be prudent while flushing different items:

It is really common to throw anything in the toilet and flush it vigorously. Some indispensable elements like sanitary napkins, Indispensable toilet tissue papers, baby diapers, foods, and many other devices can cause acute blockage in the drainage pipe and make the septic tank upset, and it can not dissolve those matters. As a result, it causes a flood of waste and indispensable matters. Si keeps a close look not to flush anything that is not compatible with the septic tank and if you have a child in your home, then be more careful because he might flush anything that is not convenient for the toilet environment.


Exerting big poops and clogging the toilet and the trapways is a shameful and unconventional incident. But if it happens, there are no such things to feel ashamed about. Applying the techniques mentioned above may help clear all the clogs in the drainage pipe, and I’m the toilet. All the tricks may not help in all aspects, try each and every option and find out which is best suited for removing the clogs. Though this is not a memorable experience at all, with these simplest tricks and tips, you can quickly eliminate toilets clogged with poop. Best of luck in removing this acute issue, and let us know which trick works out in your case.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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