How do we solve problems with dual flush toilets?

When making your dream home or renovating it, it’s mandatory to change your toilet. But choosing the perfect flushing toilet for your restroom is now a very confusing matter. There are many types of toilets you can find on the market. A toilet is divided into a bowl and a water tank. Water tank flushing is also variable in the sanitary section. Nowadays, most people are aware of their environment. Keep this in mind: the dual-flush toilet was invented to save money and water. But when you use it daily, you can face some problems. I suggest following some steps so that you won’t face this kind of problem.

Dual Flush toilet keeps running
  • Align the flapper properly
  • Replace the Zip Tie if damaged
  • Clean debris from the fill valve and flapper
Clogged toilet
  • Use a plunger or toilet snake
  • Try hot water
  • Use WD-40
  • Use vinegar and baking soda solution
  • Use dishwasher soap
Poor flushing
  • Check the water level
  • Replace the damaged flapper
  • Remove the clog in the tank

What is a dual flush toilet?

I know at first, when you learn about this, you don’t have any idea about this. You go to the market and look after the two-button toilet but don’t understand the working principle of this two-button. As I told you before, now many people are concerned about our earth. Do you know how much water you waste daily in the toilet? Let’s look at a standard flush toilet using around 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

On the other hand, a dual flush use only 1.28 gallon. So you see the difference in water for these two types. That’s why dual flush is famous nowadays in almost every house.

How does a Dual flush toilet work?

The working process of this dual flush is not rocket science. There is a significant trap way in the bottom of the bowl. A wash-down flush is attached to push the waste into the drain. You won’t find any siphoning action here; the system needs less water than the regular one. There are two buttons at the top of the water tank. And I think you can easily differentiate which one is for low water and which one is for high. The small one is used to clear the water-type waste from the bowl, and I use only 3 pounds of water.

On the other hand, a big button was used for flushing the solid human wastage, and it used 6 pounds of water per flush. So you see how much water you save from a regular toilet. And that’s why most people use this dual flush toilet, and it’s great for our environment. But you know every product has not only come with advantages but also some difficulties. Yes, this dual flush is also problematic sometimes.

The problem you face while using a dual flush toilet

As I told you before, this dual flush has some lousy issues. And I think no product gives you a perfect outcome in your whole life. So let’s check out the problem you face in the future when you continue using the dual flush and also try to draw some solutions for this:

  • Installation and repair are quite difficult for DIYers.
  • Two buttons are confusing for first-time users.
  • Regular cleaning is required.
  • The maintenance cost is quite high.

Clogging problem

I know everyone is terrified of this word, blocking the toilet. This dual flush most often stops if you don’t use it properly. This flush has no siphon action, and that’s a big difference from the regular toilet to another. And that’s why you at first need to change the old sewerage system to a new one for the dual flush. And don’t try to flush another thing except for human wastage. It also increases the risk of clogging. But there is some step you can follow to avoid this type of problem. Like :Clogging problem of toilet

  • At first, don’t go through any hard things like cat litter, hair, or meditation to the bowl. They are the main reason for clogging any toilet. Try to use flushing only for human waste.
  • A dual-flush toilet is made for use every day. So try to use the washroom regularly—otherwise, the clogging percentage of the bathroom increase day by day.
  • Try double flush if you accidentally fall any big thing into the toilet bowl. But after that, try not to throw any hard something into the toilet other than human waste.

Solution: for any clog, the plunger is the best solution. This equipment invents for removing the clog from the toilet. Using a toilet plunger can quickly get rid of you this clogging problem. It saves your time and also the expense of a plumber. But try not to throw any hard thing into the toilet other than human waste to prevent this situation.

Dual Flush Toilet is Expensive

The process of dual flush is designed very cleverly. And the manufacturing process is also slightly higher than another regular toilet. There is a 10cm trapway attached at the bottom. So it’s unique from other bathrooms. You need to pay a couple of dollars extra to install it in the washroom. This toilet needs a different sewerage system. If you renovate a home, you must change the old drainage system. And yes, it pays you more money there. 

On the other hand, if you accidentally clog the toilet or break it badly, you can fix it yourself. You need a plumber to correct the problem. Yes, add more money. So if you are tight on budget, try to add some extra because this dual flush is more expensive than the regular one. But on the bright side, you can save some water for the earth, so you just did some good things for your society and spent the extra money for your future.Are Dual Flush Toilets More Expensive

Solution: There are many budget-friendly dual flushes now available in the market, like Eago, Kohler Highline, Swiss Madison, etc. So you can search for it online or in any need to get an idea about the price. And try to use the washroom properly, don’t throw cat litter, medication, or any other hard thing into the toilet. Because it is only designed to throw human waste, could you not use it as a dustbin? And then you il end up with a clogged toilet. Then you need extra money to unclog it. 

Running water problems

It’s called a water-saving system, but it’s not. Sometimes dual flush faces some difficulty sealing the water into the tank when filled with water. If you don’t notice it, it wastes a lot of water. This problem relates to water tanks. Like:How do you fix a dual flush toilet that keeps running?

  • Suppose the water seal got old and worn out. It needs to change after this happens, and also, notice if the valve seals appropriately or not. Try to see a plumber to fix it.
  • Sometimes the water is not clear as you think. The dirt from the water also clogs the valve of the water tank. It’s known as Debris. If you notice this type of problem, you can solve it by yourself, at first cleaning the main water tank. Then open the toilet tank top and remove the valve lid. Check if there is any dirt left there and clean as much as possible. I think by doing this, and you can easily cope with this problem.
  • Every dual flush has a zip tie with the valve. This tie is mainly used to keep the valve in the right place. But using it daily weak it, and sometimes it breaks down. When it happens, it causes a running water problem. You end up wasting water instead of saving it. So if it happens, try to find a plumber to repair it.

Solution: Keep your eyes on the valve of the water tank more often.

The issue with high maintenance cost

This type of toilet makes used for daily usage. Suppose you don’t use it regularly. The possibility of clogging increases. So it would help if you used this every day. And you know the small button uses less water, meaning the bacteria remain after flushing the dirt. For health seek, you need to clean the toilet most often. Always keep your eyes on the water tank. Any dirt entering the tank with water can create a problem with the sealing valve and a running water problem. So it would help if you always stay alert.

Double button problem

Many people don’t know the purpose of these two buttons. So sometimes they press the wrong one again and again. It’s sometimes broken down the flush or doesn’t flush the waste correctly. So if it clogs the toilet or the button breaks down quickly by pressing continuously. And you end up with the plumber again. It costs you money because repairing this is tricky and complicated. So try to educate people on how to use this toilet.What is the problem with dual flush toilets?

These are the fundamental problems you face when using the dual flush system. But I think every product needs some care and knowing how to use it properly. If you follow those correctly, you won’t face any problems in the future.

Final Thought

Doing Nobel work is hard. And the dual flush toilet is made to save some water from waste. It’s a Nobel job, so you also face some problems with it. But believe me, you do it for your future and to positively impact the environment. So don’t be afraid of its difficulties. It’ll work like a regular toilet flush if you maintain it properly.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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