How can I make my toilet flush quieter if it is making a loud noise?

Will you choose to sit on a toilet that yields ghostly sounds? I bet you never want a noisy toilet in your house. A noisy toilet breaks the concentration, creates discomfort during sleep, and irritates the baby. Sometimes your child may be scared by the dire sounds coming out of the toilet. Some significant factors are responsible for accelerating the fierce sounds, which have been discussed further as the topic advances. There are several ways to make the toilet quitter again and restore calmness, and I will discuss those tricks with you in this article.

Why is the toilet so noisy?

There may be several natural causes behind making bad sounds from the toilet. Even a brand new bathroom can yield bad sound effects that might bother you. Let us dig deep into the matter to see the original causes to be the toilet so much noise. 

Interrupted Water Flow 

Water may not continuously flow into the tank if there is a fault in the filling valve. A faulty filling valve may not work properly and make it harder to refill the tank. Lack of water in the cistern may cause damage to the connections and the pipes. An interrupted water flow can cause severe noise that may reach an unbearable state. 

Hard Seals

If The toilet seals are more complicated and stiff than the usual seal, they may produce loud sounds. The debris and impurities cause blockage in the seal, and when they collide, it creates an unusual sound. The blocked seal results in increased pressure of water that also plays a role in producing extreme noise.  

Faulty Flushing Mechanism

A flushing mechanism of a toilet needs a proper hierarchy to work properly. All the flushing mechanism parts are correlated to each other, and if one fails to operate, all the mechanism collapses, which may yield unwanted noise.  

6 effective ways to quiet the toilet flush

A noisy toilet is very annoying, especially during the morning. It may disturb your sleeping badly. To curb the annoying sound effects of a noisy toilet, I will depict some of the greatest ways to quiet the toilet flush. 

Introducing a Quiet Fill Flush Valve

Fill flush valves are the main ingredient to fill the toilet tank, and if it is interrupted due to some unknown measures, it may start to sound ghostly. Quiet fill valves operate by using the outlet pipe to recollect water back into the cistern near the waterline. The quiet toilet fill flush valve is available in the market in a single formation, so you do not need to change the entire toilet. Just pick up the right size fill flush valve and install it by yourself or seek help from professionals. toilet fill valve

Keep an Eye on Water Inflow

Water inflow is one of the main deciding criteria for a noisy toilet. If the water fills at a higher rate, then it may produce unbearable sounds. So it is wise to slow down the filling rate of the water; for this, you need to tighten up the inlet valve so that water flows at a slower rate, which will minimize the acute noise. But there is a negative side effect of doing this, and it may take a longer period to fill the cistern with water.

Strengthen the Pipes

Loose pipes and fitting may cause a bad sound effect from the toilet. So I will suggest that you take a screwdriver and manually check all the fitting and joints of the flushing mechanism. If there are any loose portions in the pipe, just carefully tighten them up. But keep in mind that not tightening the fill valve may end up refilling water in the tank. If you can not find any loose connection and still the toilet is making ghostly sounds, then simply call in a plumber.How do you increase toilet flush strength

Eliminate Water Hammer

What actually is the water hammer? It is a grim experience for any kind of toilet. Water hammer is the hard shivering of the pipes due to any sudden blockage in the pipe. Sometimes the downstream valve of the toilet stops operating suddenly, and then the water flowing in the pipes finds nowhere to go. As a result, the pipes started to shiver as it was tormenting the extreme pressure surge of water. This pressure wave can cause severe problems like acute noise or vibration or rupture or collapse of the pipe. Water Hammer 

Reinforce Soundproofing Materials 

If you do not own a slow closing toilet, then the toilet may produce unwanted sounds that may break the concentration. Introducing soundproof materials to the toilet might decrease the noise in many aspects. It is an effective way to absorb sounds. Toilet and tank covers made from sponger or leather may be an effective instrument to soak the sounds. Or you may go for the soft closing toilets. It automatically closes after you are done with toileting with minimal sound effects.  

Replace the whole system 

The last thing that you end up with is replacing the whole system. You have tried all the tricks, and none of the ideas are helping you. Still, the noise exists and yields excruciating tumult. You have replaced the filling valve, tightened all the leaks, and done all the examinations, but all of them failed to stop the noise. Then you need to change the whole toilet system. I suggest you buy a soft closing toilet to eliminate all the hassles of sound problems. Replace the whole system 

Wrapping Up

Generating horrible sounds during flushing is a modern problem that needs an appropriate modern solution. Continuous noises from the toilet are very annoying and affect the whole atmosphere of the house. Whenever you address the problem or figure out what is happening with your toilet, you should not make things more complicated. Immediately take measures or follow the tricks mentioned above. Otherwise, it will create more complexity to solve the issue. If none of the guidelines fixes the sound problem, the time has probably come to call in a professional plumber.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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