A Pro Guide on How to Make an Automatic Toilet Flush

Modern technology provides us with many features that are changing our lives positively. The automatic toilet flush is one of them. Flushing is one of the characteristics of the toilet. Significantly, people can not imagine a toilet without a flushing system in the modern age. Touching the toilet tank to flush is a must. But, it becomes unhygienic and terrible in the public toilets. The staying specks of dirt in the bathrooms displease you to touch the toilet and flush it. Moreover, Covid 19 taught us to abstain from touching any outer thing of home as soon as possible. So, is there an alternative way of flushing the toilet without touching it? Yes.

Automatic Toilet FlushingWhat is an Automatic Toilet Flushing system?

The toilets of this generation are also changing gradually. They astonish us by giving us some extraordinary features. An automatic toilet is a toilet that does everything as a toilet set without hand operation. It solves the problem, especially the flushing issue, by measuring the weight of human waste.   

When you desire to flush a toilet without turning the handle or touching the button,  the automatic flushing toilet will help you. There is a computerized sensor with the flushing toilet. It measures the flush type automatically conserved by water.

How does the automatic toilet flush work?

An automatic toilet is a significant revolution in the modern toilet industry. It has an infrared sensor technology that detects the presence of waste materials on it. It can investigate both the existence of the human body and the waste inside it. After analyzing the body, it becomes ready to work and starts flashing when it gets garbage. The quick flushing process of the toilet is admirable in many countries. Significantly, it is used mainly in Japan. 

Why should I install an automatic toilet?

An automatic toilet installation is suitable for using it efficiently. It is more hygienic and has a toilet that uses less water. The automated discharge system helps save both water and energy. Hopefully, these toilets are getting more demand in this generation as healthy toilets. You have several toilet options for use. An automatic toilet set can be your best choice for using it efficiently. Its sensor does not need to use your hand to turn on the flushing. Moreover, an automatic toilet is a healthy and hygienic toilet for use. As you do not need to touch the flushing switch, you will not get germs on your hand. 

How to make an automatic toilet flush? Step-by-step guide

The use of automatic toilet flush is increasing rapidly. People can understand the health advantages of an automatic flush toilet and are eager to set up an automatic toilet in their house. So, it is not only a helpful system for public restrooms but also a preferable system for homeowners. Here is the process of how you can make your regular toilet into an automatic flushing toilet:

Wall Mount Sensor InstallationStep-01: Installation of the Wall Mounted Sensor

The sensor will be mounted on the wall for working with the toilet. You need to use a screwdriver, some screws and nuts, and a drill machine. Check the position of the wall-mounted sensor. It is easy to open the toilet cover and notice if the sensor is high enough to see when the toilet cover is opened. You should mark the position of the sensor on the wall carefully to fit it. Thus you will install the sensor and make it ready to work for the toilet. 

Step-02: Set up The Flushometers

 automatic flushometerThe Flushometers will work as an automatic flushing instrument. Open the lid of the toilet tank and install the motor carefully. Set the Flushometers with an extra lever. The lever arm on the Flushometers will not interfere with the toilet’s central lever system. There is a flapper valve inside the toilet tank. When you set the liver arm, you place the liver just over the valve. Attach a pipe between the fill valve and the bowl fill tube to get the water automatically from the valve to the line. Thus the automatic water flow will fill your toilet bowl. Place the Flushometers on the bowl fill tube and attach a snap clip with it. Stick it with the tube using glue so that it can not be detached. 

Step-03: Attach A Bead Chain

After setting up the Flushometers, you will attach a six-inch bead chain. Attach the lower part of the bead chain to the flapper valve. The upper part of the chain will be attached to the lever arm and work for the flushing lever. When the motor on the fill tube is tightly connected to the fill tube, you can not loosen it easily.

Step-04: Adjust The Toilet by Calibrating The Sensor

Collect the screwdrivers, batteries, and magnetic wands. Now remove the wall mountain sensor from the wall to install the batteries. You will use the Phillips head screwdrivers to unscrew the battery covers. Now, install the batteries and check the sensor.Calibrating The Sensor

Step-05: Attach A Circuit for generating electricity

The automatic flush toilet will work automatically by using electricity. So, you need a circuit to attach to it. Now you will connect the battery case output with the input of the boost converter for making the line. The jumper wears are also essential to use here. They will touch all the electrical ground together and help to generate electricity. It will be effective in maintaining the electrical task of the automatic toilet. Attaching A generating electricity

Step-06: Test The Magnetic Flush

How can you check your automatic toilet flush installation is completed? There is a magnetic target just to the right of the sensor, and you can quickly notice it. You have to take a magnetic want. Hold the wand to the magnetic target to test the activity of the automatic flushing machine. When the liver arm goes to the half flush position, remove the wand from the magnetic target, and the component will set automatically. It is the sign of a complete flush cycle. 

Is the automatic toilet suitable only for public restrooms?

An automatic toilet is essential for use in public restrooms. It can make your bathroom use easier and healthier by protecting yourself from using your hands. But, you can also use the toilet as a home toilet attached to your living room. It will help you use measured water for flushing and protect from the unhygienic touch of the toilet. 


Stay detached from the toilet, and stay safe. Especially when it is a public toilet, you need to use it without using your hand as soon as possible. The automatic flushing toilet gives you ample opportunity to use it healthily. When it is time to keep yourself safe from germs, you must be highly careful about hygiene and self-protection from pollution. An automatic flush toilet helps you stay away from touching the toilet switch and keep your germ-free.

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