Comparison: Ultimate difference between toilet and commode

Did you hear some people call the toilet a commode? Have you thought about why they call it that? There are some criteria for calling a commode a toilet. It is not surprising that the same thing in various places is named in different words. The people of the United States use the word “commode” as a synonym for the word “toilet.” Why do we call the toilet a commode? A commode is a kind of furniture to keep in your bathroom as an essential fitting. It is a necessary item for our daily use. There are several types of toilets. In this article, you will learn if there is any difference between a toilet and a commode. You will also learn about some kinds of toilets and commodes.

What is a toilet?

The toilet is a bathroom adjacent to a bowl; generally, that is detachable. Toilet also includes a Hinged seat, a lid, and a device for flushing water. It is equipment for your defecation and urination. The word `Toilet’ is commonly used among the general public.

What is a commode used for?

A commode is an item for use in a toilet. Mostly, it is used for defecating. Generally, almost every person in the world is accustomed to using commodes. It is necessary to use it for physically disabled people after having an accident. But, almost every person uses a piece of comfortable equipment in a toilet.

Perfect use of the word “commode.”

In the United States, the term “commode” refers to one kind of flush toilet. If you compare the toilet and the commode, you will find the commode more versatile. Suppose you are in a hospital and need to go to the washroom and sit there comfortably. You can use the word “commode” to explain your problem with sitting. As a result, who will take you to the toilet? There is a different type of commode called a “camping commode.” It may be used for another reason. When you are going camping, you need to bring a bearable folding stool for use as an emergency toilet. It attaches to a more extensive unit, such as a tank, to replace the water and waste.what is a commode used for

How to use the commode correctly?

Using a commode is not a complicated process. Commodes are simply the size of your height so that you can sit on them without any problem.

The method of using a commode depends on your use. There are two kinds of commodes. The first is the bedside commode, and the other is the camping commode. The two different types are necessary for the different kinds of work. You will know about the services of two types of commodes.

  • Using Bedside Commodes

bedside commode over toilet

The use of bedside commodes is for physically disabled people who can not walk because of bed rest. Keeping it beside the bed, a person can use it easily as equipment to eliminate human waste. It is a place for defecating safely. But, the disabled person should be careful about using the item. He must get help from another person, like medical staff or his well-wisher, to hold him while sitting on the commode.

Using a bedside commode is easy. There are no complications, but you must maintain it properly. One of the essential tasks is to sanitize the commode entirely after every use.

  • Using Camping Commodes

Do you like hiking or traveling? If you do, you need to arrange the toilet system for excretion. Camping commodes are carryable, so you can take them anywhere with you and use them. Camping commodes have three different types: folding, bucket, and cassette.

A folding commode, also known as a commode chair, is an equipment item used during travel. You can fold it and take it with you everywhere. It is so light and easy to carry. Can you imagine how you could replace your waste after defecating? You can dig a hole under the chair so that your trash will fall into the hole. After that, drive the garbage into the hole by burying it so that the environment remains good. Suppose the place where you are staying now has no area of soil. Then bucket and cassette commodes are the ultimate solutions. You can solve the extraction problem by using a bucket toilet. As there is a place to keep a stool, you must attach a five-gallon bag under the sitting position. After using it, you should sanitize the portable toilet to keep it hygienic.camping toilet

Cassette commode is a luxurious, bearable commode for elite-class people. They can be used by people who prefer to use porcelain items for all their defecations: a luxurious sitting position and a hygienic use for cleaning by the flushing system. Made with porcelain, it will give you an experience just like the real toilets. The handy commodes are comfortable to carry and also easy to sanitize.

Which is perfect? `Toilet’ or `Commode?’

A toilet is an attached thing in your bathroom. A commode is added equipment to your toilet that can be fixed or portable. When you use a bedside or camping commode, it is portable. But the commode in your bathroom is fixed. In the sight of carrying, you can not take your toilet anywhere, but you can take your commode if it can be moved.

Why is a toilet called a commode?

The word “commode” is now very popular around the world. It is usually a synonym for the term “flush toilet.” The word “commode” comes from a French word. It means “convenient” or “suitable.” As the commode is worthy of being used with ease, the name “commode” has become popular. People call it the synonym for convenience for the ease of using the commode.

Final Thoughts on Toilet Vs Commode

toilet or commode differenceSo, can you clear up all of the confusion? It is easy to identify the difference between a commode and a toilet. If carrying the pan for your patients or hiking is necessary, you can use the carriable commodes. You cannot call it a toilet because a toilet is not a carryable item. But, if you use a pan or surface in your washroom, it is fixed and can be called a toilet set. Different things are available for different kinds of uses. So, should it be called a commode or a toilet? The appropriate name entirely depends on your usage.


What is the solution for the people who can not walk to the commode?

Some people become ill and are unable to stand up from bed. They can not go to the commode and sit properly. What is the solution? You can use bedpans and a urine bottle for them. The items made from metal and plastic are suitable for buying at a bearable cost and are easy to use for physically disabled people.

Can I put water into a commode?

Water is the only ingredient for cleaning bedside and camping commodes. You can not wash your commode without water. So, if you use a bedside commode, clean it with water after every use. If you use a bucket commode for camping, clean the surface by pouring water into it. Using some detergent is also vital to clean the toilet surface more efficiently.

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