Delta vs. American Standard Toilets: Comparison, Pros & Cons

Do you want to make or modernize your bathroom? There are many options, but you have to choose the right one. A bathroom has many items, including commodes, faucets, showers, bathtubs, etc. When it comes to buying a new toilet, different brands offer various items. Therefore, it is hard to say which is the best one. But, in this article, we will compare two popular toilet brands: Delta and American Standard. You can easily find out the pros and cons of every toilet and judge which item is better for your bathroom.

About American Standard Toilet Brand

American Standard toilets are one of the world’s best-known toilet brands. The plumbing products and bathroom fixtures by American Standard have been fantastic to use for a long time. These toilets’ appeasement performance made the consumers pleased and satisfied. Clog-free, easy-to-clean, and attractive-looking toilets are among the best bathroom companions.

The American Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company was established in 1875. The company achieved significant popularity in 1929. Becoming the world’s largest producer of bathroom fixtures was an excellent achievement for the manufacturing company. Still, the American Standard Company has retained its reputation for superb work.

Disadvantage American Standard Toilets

Delta Toilets

Delta is also a well-known brand of toilets. The other name for Delta is “Delta Faucet Company.” It has a small story after the title. Founded in 1954, Delta was the first company that manufactures faucets. The award-winning faucet lines and exceptional quality gave Delta a new dimension.How do you install a Delta toilet?

American Standard vs. Delta Toilets: What are the Differences?

The American Standard is a well-known company in the world. It is familiar to people with plumbing items, including commodes, faucets, etc. Overall, the product quality of American Standard is good.

American Standard Company divided its production into three divisions: plumbing, kitchen, and bathroom items. The kitchen and bathroom division is the most popular of the American Standard Company.

Pros of American Standard Toilet

  • The toilet set is sustainable to fulfill your demand of using it for a long time. 
  • Its height is so comfortable for sitting on it. 
  • It is a gravity-flush toilet with a robust flushing system. You can easily clean the toilet bowl. 
  • The toilet tank is narrower than other toilets and easy to sit on. 
  • American standard toilets are valuable for their excellent outlook.
  • Two different sizes are appropriate to set with people of different dimensions. 
  • The toilet’s jet bowl technology made it easy to clean.

Cons of American Standard Toilet

  • You can not get sit, wax, ring, and supply lines with the toilet set. You have to buy them separately. 
  • The toilet set is quite heavy to carry from one place to another. 

On the other hand, Delta also makes good toilets. They are elegant to look at and also comfortable to use.

Advantages of Delta Toilet

  • The faucets of Delta company are award-winning. 
  • Delta gives you a toilet set with comfort height. 
  • It is also easy to carry for replacement somewhere.

Disandvantage of Delta

  • Delta is mainly famous for faucet items, but they make comparatively few toilet models.
  • You won’t get enough variety and flushing options to choose from.
  • Finding replacement parts are quite difficult.

Origin: Where are the toilets made?

Delta Toilet: Most Delta products are manufactured in the USA and Canada, and some are in China. Mainly, Delta toilets are known as American-made products. Sustainable Delta faucets and toilet products are famous worldwide.

The American Standard Toilet: The company is in China. The products were made in China in previous years. But, besides China, American Standard toilets are also manufactured in the USA. Then the products are sold worldwide.

Compare Quality 

American Standard Sanitary products are the best in quality and are famous worldwide. They are easy to use and have a gorgeous outlook. Although the toilet set is heavy to carry, the American Standard provides us with a fantastic experience of using commodes.

American Standard Toilet

How about the quality of Delta products? They also have a good reputation for material quality. You may wonder why Delta is so famous. Every product of Delta, including sanitary items and faucets, is unique in sustainability. They are also beautiful in their outlook.

Who Offers Better Warranty?

American Standard toilets provide an admirable warranty. Some of the models of the company give lifetime warranties for their products. American Standard has lifetime warranties on cartridges, finishes, and mechanical parts. As long as customers get their preferred products and get the perfect post-buying service, they have no complaints about the product.

If you compare the Delta with the American Standard toilet, you will find vast similarities between them. Delta’s cartridges, finishes, and mechanical parts also have a lifetime warranty.

Here is an additional advantage: Delta will provide you with a five-year warranty on the electronic components, which is impressive.

Which toilet is better?

Winner: American Standard

American Standard toilets will be the explicit winner. The expert plumbers mostly recommend the American Standard toilet for use. Its flushing power will please you because it clears the toilet bowl surface. Although Delta is also a good toilet brand, but American Standard is rich with different sizes, models, attractive outlooks, and sustainability.

Which faucet is Better?

Winner: Delta

The Delta company was known as the “Delta Faucet Company,” primarily focusing on faucets. Delta is a well-reputed company for producing good faucets. The American Standard company also makes the faucets beautiful in outlook. Nevertheless, the number of faucet models offered by Delta is about two hundred, and the American Standard has a few toilets home depot

Both American Standard and Delta produce good and long-lasting faucets. But, in terms of numbers, Delta is the winner here.

Recommendation: Delta or American Standard?

If you need to use quality faucets, you must choose Delta Faucets. It will be worth the money. Delta is especially famous for its faucets. Though it produces toilets, faucets are the leading product category for Delta.

On the other hand, the American Standard toilet is in the lead position if you think about a toilet. You will find toiletry items at a lower price than Delta (store prices may vary), including toilets, tubs, sinks, and faucets. So, the Delta company will be the best one as far as the sight of collecting faucets, but the American Standard toilets are better to fulfill all of your requirements.


How much the world is changing for the newest generations is changing gradually. Bathroom items, including commodes, faucets, showers, etc., are compulsory. What is the final decision after judging the two toilets? If you summarize all of the aspects, you will find two specific choices for two reasons. If you need to buy a toilet, you may opt for American Standard Toilets. On the other hand, Delta is the best for faucet items.

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