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15 Interesting Toilet Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

A toilet is one of the essential things in our daily lives. There are one or more than one bathroom in the average house. We can not think of a day without using the flushing toilet. Can you imagine how much time you spend in a bathroom in your whole life? How many accidents happen every year in bathrooms? Is there any restaurant that serves its food in similar bowls, like toilet bowls? A toilet is not only a necessary use in our lives, but it also has some interesting facts as well. So let’s check some interesting things related to toilets.

15 Interesting facts about toilets

If you are interested in the bathroom and are eager to know about the fun facts, this article is for you. 

You Can not Ignore Me!

Can you ignore a toilet when you need to evacuate or pee? I think it is impossible to believe. It is crystal clear to us. A person can be a president but can not avoid the call of nature. So, you can forget your best friend but not the washroom!

A lot of time spent in the toilet!

An average person visits a toilet about six to eight times. It comes from many types of research that ordinary people spend about three months in a bathroom in their whole life. On average, people passes about 45 hours in the toilet every year. It is incredible as the time is massive. Therefore, the toilet is a place for spending an extended time; you can decorate it to make it beautiful.A lot of time spent in the toilet!

Ladies need more!

Men can pee by standing, but a woman has to squat every time of urinating. Women can not pee by standing everywhere. So who needs more? Undoubtedly ladies give more importance to the toilets for every kind of work.  

Frequently Visiting!

Can you imagine how many times a person visits a toilet? A person goes about 2500 times to the bathroom in a year. Is it wrong that a toilet is one of our most familiar places?

Place of Accident!

Many accidents happen every year in the toilet. The significant statistics say that about 40000 Americans are injured in the bathroom every year for carelessness. So, you have to be more cautious to avoid undesired suffering.  

Toilet setup in space

Do you know Nasa established toilets in space? They set up space toilets for the astronauts. The space toilets should be gravity-changed toilets for regulating gravity to fall the human waste downwards. The most expensive washroom in the world is in International Space Station, which cost about 19 million dollars to prepare.

Public Toilet for Dogs!

Dogs are lovable in some places, especially in America, China, and many other countries. You can find public toilets for dogs in China. Can you imagine it? They took the decision seriously to keep the city clean from the pets’ waste.

World Toilet Day!

Many days take place to celebrate; why is toilet day not? In 2001, the world toilet organization was founded on 19th November. It is world toilet day. It also can be a good day for celebration! A toilet is such a material you can not pass a day without it. So, is not it a right of a washroom to keep a day in every year? 

Lack of cleanliness of people

Washing hand for 15 to 20 minutes is necessary after every use of the toilet. The work practice helps you kill the harmful germs from the washroom which you can not see. But, do everyone follow the rule? Only 5% of people are careful as they do the work.

The first Toilet Air Freshener

You may have an air freshener in your toilet in many flavors. Can you imagine the first one in the world? How was the fragrance of the freshener? Pomegranates stuff with cloves was the first air freshener for the toilet.air freshener bathroom

Reason for quarrel

Is it not surprising that the toilet is a reason for an argument every day? Who will go fast? Who will go fast in the morning, who are keeping the toilet dirty; about 70% of the couple in the UK argue every day about the simple matters of using the toilet. 

How much do you flush water?

How do you clean your commode? You have to flush the toilet. Measuring the average flushes, you can spend up to 26 liters for every flush.  

Openly Defecating!

The data collection of the world toilet organization presents unbelievable news. About one billion people in the world defecate openly without the help of a toilet. 

A toilet can save your life

It is easy to spread diseases like diarrhea without using the toilet quickly. Many people worldwide are dying of unconsciousness from defecating without using the bathroom every year. Unsafe water, poor sanitization, and poor hygiene snatch about 750 lives of children under five years. 

Toilet Singers!

After the bathroom, a toilet can be the best place for practicing your singing. The excellent resistance from the toilet walls will inspire you to sing and enjoy your worst times. Toilet Singers

Final Thoughts

The world is making us astonished every day. Could you imagine how many things are with the toilet to startled us? A toilet is not a little thing. Instead, it is one of the most important rooms for our everyday use. We learned many surprising matters about a bathroom. We have to know the perfect use of a toilet too. Healthy and hygienic use of the washroom can help us make a healthy and happy life. 

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