Upflush toilet systems problems: how to fix a macerator toilet?

The necessities are increasing as the generation is developing. An upflush toilet is a space saver toilet that can fulfill many people’s needs by decreasing the space in a compact bathroom. The working process of an upflush toilet gave it a significant name. It allows the water to flush from the downside to the upside and flush the toilet exceptionally. 

An upflush toilet pumps the house’s macerator and flushes the toilet with massive force. The traditional toilet flushes the commode surface gravitationally. But, an upflush toilet flushing system is upward. It does not use gravity to flush the toilet; instead, using proper water force. Now, you will get the common problems and solutions of an upflush toilet. 

Most Common Upflush Toilet Systems Problems

An upflush toilet works with the help of a macerator and flushes the toilet surface with an antigravity system. It is such a kind of toilet for rinsing the commode surface efficiently. The sufficient water flow of the toilet lets it wash the surface forcefully. But sometimes, the system can be problematic.

Reasons for 5 common upflush toilet problems

5 ProblemsCauses

Continuously running macerator:

-Blocked pump or macerator
-Damaged rubber membrance
-Clogged pipe
-Misfire issue
-Damaged button or lever

Blocked Macerator

-Clogged by objects or darbies
-Blocked pipe


-Stuck blades
-Clogged system
-High water pressure
-Incorrect plumbing connections

Bad Smell

-Clogged pipe
-Waste mixed with water
-Blocked vent system
-Bacteria growth

The macerator pump not working

-Power outage or connection problem
-Blocked inlet and outlet pipes
-Float switch issue

The macerator can defect, and the pump may lose its working ability. There are also some additional problems with the upflush toilet, like a bad smell, septic system issues, and roof vent problems. This article will show you the reasons and solutions related to the common Upflush toilet problems. 

Why does my upflush toilet smell bad?

The toilet retains a small amount of water. When you use the toilet for a long time, you will have a little odor that can not be preferable. It occurs in the mixing of minerals and waste. It is impossible to use the toilet without removing the bad smell. Why is there a bad smell when I flush my toilet


The solution is required when your toilet spreads a foul smell and you can not tolerate it. If you can descale the upflush toilet on time, you can remove the odor. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for the toilet set. If the descaling process is not easy for you, you can use vinegar. Use some vinegar in the tank, keep it for several minutes, and flush the toilet. 

Loudy Noise

The vibration from the upflush toilet is terrible. Every user has to face a horrible sound while flushing the toilet. The extreme pressure of water is reliable for making noise. The problem can occur for the inorganic and disintegrable materials and blocked macerator. 

Possible fix:

You must unblock the macerator if it is clogged. The clogged macerator with some blocking elements hamper the toilet’s flushing and extracting. So, you will unclog the toilet and unblock the blocked macerator with some unwanted debris. 

Upflush toilet keeps running

The upflush toilet is a reliable toilet set, and it is so durable. But, if the toilet set is too old, it can leak at any time. Sometimes you can notice that your macerating toilet keeps running. You switched off this toilet, but it did not turn off. This consequence is a significant issue for a macerating toilet set. It may happen for several reasons. If there is a blockage on the macerator or pump or the waste pipe as the external drainage system, the macerator can be problematic. The pump of the macerator has a rubber membrane. When the membrane becomes damaged, it also hampers the upflush toilet system. Thus the upflush toilet can not switch off.


There are several reasons for stopping the macerator’s switch-off process: blockage pump, blockage waste pipe, problematic microswitch, and rubber membrane damage. So, there are also several solutions for the issue. 

The upflush toilet is not flushing properly

Sometimes the macerator of the water tank blocks. Consequently, the upflush toilet stops flushing. Some people get scared of what is happening. But, it is one of the technical errors of the toilet. 


When the flushing system is stopped, you have to hire a plumber. If there is any blockage on the water tank, he must fill it up. The filling process must be done with an efficient plumber. He can find out quickly if there are any other technical errors, and that is quite hard for you. 

Faulty electric connection

The flushing process of an upflush toilet is related to using electricity. The process starts with the order of electricity. But, sometimes, the electrical connection becomes problematic. It can not send the order to the toilet to stop the flushing. As a result, the toilet flushes the bowl continuously. 

How to fix it?

Check if the electrical system of the toilet is in the correct order. An experienced electrician can check and solve the issue easily. The checking and solving of the problem will prepare the toilet again for flushing and stop flushing after cleaning the Upflush toilet bowl

Clogging Tendency

Only toilet paper and human waste are allowed to be extracted through an upflush toilet. But, when you try to put any other inorganic thing into the commode, it will clog faster. So, you have to unclog it quickly. The clogging tendency of an upflush toilet is one of the significant problems that are not acceptable to all.unclogging toilet


Every problem should have an intelligent solution. As an upflush toilet does not clog for extracting human waste and tissues, you can drag them through the commode. But, you have to abstain from throwing inorganic things like packets of chips, ropes, polythenes, etc. This tendency will give your toilet less clogging aptitude. 

The upflush toilet is leaking

Sometimes your upflush toilet set can leak. It can flow the water into your entire bathroom. The problem is terrible as it destroys the cleanliness of your bathroom. The wastewater leaked from the toilet destroys the hygiene of your bathroom. Upflush Toilet Problems and How to Fix Them


If you can understand some water is flowing out of the toilet pipe, you have to check it immediately. After finding out any leak, you should repair it with an efficient plumber. 

Upflush Toilet Is Vibrating 

I have an upflush toilet in my basement that is now running

The damaged toilet flapper can cause the upflush toilet to vibrate. The wearing-out flapper is a reason for leaking the toilet bowl. It is also the reason for vibrating the toilet. It hampers the peaceful time in the bathroom by creating much noise. So, an upflush toilet may seem uncomfortable to you if the damaged flapper causes vibrating. The disintegrable foreign debris is unable to flush and is relevant to clog. So, they are also reliable for vibrating the toilet eventually. 


You have to replace or repair the flapper immediately if you get the problematic flapper. The foreign debris must be avoided to remove vibrating. The rules of maintaining a toilet can provide you with the best experience of toilet use.

  • Clearing The Macerator’s or Pump’s Blockage

First, you must check the macerator and the pump to see if there is any restriction on extracting water and other debris. Suppose you got a problematic macerator or pump. Now you have to detach the electrical connection from the pump and clean it with toilet cleaner, vinegar, or baking soda. Use the cleaner, scour it with a toilet brush, and wait for a while. Then, flush the toilet to wash it and the cleaner. 

  • Clear The Tank When Microswitch Misfires

The increasing amount of solid waste between the switch and the tank floor can clog. If you do not clear the tank, it may block the toilet and cause a big issue with the macerator. Clear the tank manually if you want to get rid of the problem. Now your pump is ready to restart. 

  • Replacing The Rubber Membrane

The damaged rubber membrane is a restriction against using the toilet without any hesitation. When the rubber membrane loses its seal to damage, your toilet’s flushing may be problematic. The wastewater may enter the switch for the damaged rubber membrane. The trouble in the warranty period is not much suffering as the company can repair or replace it. But, when the rubber membrane is damaged after finishing the warranty, it needs to be replaced by you.


Although an upflush toilet is contaminated with various problems, it has great value in the toilet market. Mainly it is famous for two reasons- efficient flushing and saving water. The solutions mentioned in this article will help you use an upflush toilet in the best way. When you face any issue with your toilet set, you can take it to a plumber and repair it. The available warranty is one of the possibilities for getting a long-lasting toilet set. Although the available warranty is for 2 years and it is not so high, the toilet has a good performance that can fulfill your demands. 


  • Why does my upflush toilet smell weird?

The toilet tank contains a small amount of water every moment. When the water mixes minerals, it makes an unwanted and weird odor. You may descale the toilet randomly. Descaling an upflush toilet can remove the smell from the toilet and make your bathroom enjoyable for you. 

  • Is a macerator toilet sustainable?

A macerator toilet can go for about 10 years with regular use if you can take proper care after the commode. So, it is a satisfactory truth that an upflush toilet can last long. But, the durability also depends on the use tendency. Suppose the upflush toilet is used in a student’s accommodation. The high frequency of using the commode can decrease its last. Even the toilet set can last for about three years in a hostel, mess, or residential hotel. 

  • Does an upflush toilet conserve water?

Upflush toilets are popular for saving a lot of water. Compared with the regular flush toilet, it saves up to 50% of water. This feature of an upflush toilet is essential for this generation. An upflush toilet can be helpful for the environment by saving water as the layer of water decreases gradually.

  • Does an Upflush toilet need electricity?

The macerating toilets have macerating blades. The blades cut the wastes and divide them into fine slurries for quick and efficient flushing. You can not operate the macerating blades without the use of electricity. So, it is essential to maintain the toilet.

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