ProFlo Toilet: Troubleshooting, Installation, and Review in 2024

The ProFlo two-piece toilet is a simple, comfortable, and effective toilet. ProFlo is a brand that not only creates toilets but as well as bathroom fixtures, accessories, sinks, and bathing items. The brand is known for its user-friendly and affordable products that customers have come to love over the years. In this ProFlo toilet review, we won’t focus much on the brand but rather on its ProFlo toilet.

The ProFlo toilet is exceptionally designed and can easily blend with any modern bathroom. Its sleek design can fit perfectly in normal bathrooms, but it is compact enough for a small bathroom. Installing this model is also easy, as it comes with most of the items that you need for setup. The toilet also features a powerful Gravity flushing system and uses less than 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

Troubleshooting Common ProFlo Toilet Issues

ProFlo toilet leaks: Replace the wax ring and gasket, and tighten the hexagonal nut.

Toilet not filling: Unclog the filter and adjust the fill valve.

Water level too low/high: Adjust the fill valve to correct the water level.

How do we review the ProFlo toilet?

If you’re looking for a toilet that will help you to conserve water and offer you comfort at the same time, then the ProFlo toilet is an ideal toilet for you. Read our detailed review to find out more about this affordable toilet.

Technical Specifications

All the Features

ProFlo Elongated Toilet

Water Consumption:1.28 GPF
Pieces:The two-piece complete toilet system
Color & Materials:White & Vitreous China Construction
Flushing Type:Siphon Jet Flushing System
Certification:ADA approved
MAP Testing Score::>= 1000 (Highly Recommended)
Warranty:One-year limited warranty
Price:ProFlo Toilet reviewCheck Price

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Material- Average

The toilet features a toilet design that is similar to most other toilets on the market. It is made of porcelain, which is a durable material. Thus it will last longer. Moreover, the toilet is a two-piece design, and thus, shipping it is easy as it comes separately. Also, the toilet has a complete glaze which makes cleaning to be easy and fast.

Flushing system- Quite powerful

One of the most vital features of any toilet is its flushing system. This determines how effective the toilet will be and the amount of water that might be used in the long run. A good toilet should be flushed once and clear all the waste in the bowl. The ProFlo toilet is a gravity-fed toilet that clears and moves waste easily within one flush. ProFlo toilets use 1.28 gallons of water per single flush to drain down the waste. In addition, it has a MaP rating of 1000, which means that it has the ability to move a large mass easily and without having to flush the toilet several times.

Besides, this toilet flushes quietly, and therefore, it won’t be a nuisance to other people or create any unnecessary attention.

Height of ProFlow Toilet- Best for Adults

Who doesn’t want a comfortable toilet? This is one of the features that make people fall in love with this toilet model. Unlike some toilets that are high or lower to sit on or stand up, this toilet model comes with a comfortable height for all kinds of people. ProFlo High-efficiency toilet comes with an ADA height bowl. So it doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or disabled. You will still be comfortable using it. It has a toilet height of 17-1/2 inches from the ground to the toilet seat. In addition, it comes with a toilet seat which provides more comfort.

Elongated bowl design

After you’ve checked the toilet height, another vital feature that you should always look for is the type of toilet bowl. Elongated Proflo toilet bowls offer the best comfort and are great for spacious bathrooms. The ProFlo toilet comes with an elongated bowl that ensures that you’re comfortable, especially if you take a lot of toilets on the toilet.

Ease of cleaning

Even though cleaning your toilet is very important, you should also mind the type of cleaners that you use. Though its gravity flush easily washes solid waste, you have to use a cleaner for better hygiene. Not all toilet cleaners out there will leave your toilet in good condition, as others can cause scratches or damage to your bowl as they are very rough. Check out reviews and find out which are the best cleaners for your toilet. If you are not sure which cleaners to use, get in touch with the manufacturer. Using the right toilet cleaners will help you to easily maintain your toilet.

Ease of toilet installation

Just like many other two-piece toilet models, this toilet is very easy to install. You don’t need the services of a plumber, as you can read online or check out videos on how to install it. Request help from a friend so that you don’t crash any part while installing the toilet in position. Assemble all the parts before starting the installation process. Floor-mounted configuration things like the wax ring, flange bolts, and toilet seat are included for easy toilet installation.
ProFlo pressure assist Toilet ReviewsCheck Price

Water consumption

Using this toilet will help you to save a lot of gallons of water per year. This is because it only utilizes 1.28 GPF, and that’s why this toilet is EPA WaterSense certified.

I have explained everything in this Proflo toilet review that you should know. Now let’s check some key features below-

Why Should You Buy a ProFlo Elongated Toilet?

  • It has a comfortable elongated bowl shape for added comfort
  • It has a comfortable height of 17-1/2 inches
  • ProFlo operates quietly; thus, it doesn’t distract other people in the house at night when everything is silent.
  • It is compact in design and can be fitted in many modern bathrooms
  • ProFlo toilets are very easy to install as it comes with a toilet seat, flange bolts, and wax ring
  • The toilet is ADA compliant
  • Easily accessible right-mounted trip lever
  • High-efficiency toilet tank, toilet lid, or seat included
  • This high-efficiency toilet has EPA WaterSense certified
  • It has a fully glazed Trapway that ensures a large mass is moved easily with the help of a gravity-flushing system.
  • Toilet Proflo has a MaP rating of 1000


  • Many users have complained that the toilet arrives when damaged as it is shipped all the way from China.
  • It is not durable as most users have reported damage or cracking of toilet parts such as tanks and bowls after some time of use. Also, the Proflo flush valve is not durable enough.
  • It doesn’t flush perfectly, as you need to flush at least twice in order to clear the waste in the bowl.
  • The toilet requires more space than a round front bowl toilet.

How to install The ProFlo Toilet?

It is not hard to install the ProFlo toilet. You have to manage the complete toilet installation kit—the 12″ braided stainless steel supply line, quarter-turn angle, wax ring, and flange. The ProFlo provides you with all of the accessories. Then you will arrange all the types of equipment and set it in the bathroom. After that, put the ProFlo commode into your toilet and place it in the correct area. The steps for installing the ProFlo toilet:

Tools for Installing The ProFlo Toilet

If you are not a professional and you want to install a new toilet, you have to gather the following tools.

  1. An effective screwdriver for pulling out the toilet and setting it again.
  2. A tape for measuring the number of toilet yards.
  3. A wrench for opening the nuts.
  4. A drilling machine.
  5. Plugs
  6. A marker for identifying the measurement
  7. Gasket adapter

When materials collection is complete, now it is time to install the ProFlo toilet. You have to take the following stapes for the new ProFlo toilet installation. 

Step-1: Removing the old toilet set

  • When you do this, you have to carefully remove the flange and flange bolts to set up the new one. There is a water supply line, and you have to shut off the line. 
  • Disconnect the water supply from the tank before starting the working process.
  • Take the screwdriver and the adjustable wrench to remove the tank from the bowl. 
  • Remove the old bowl and keep it on the floor. Do not do this carelessly as the toilet bowl breaks down.  

Step-2: Installing the new toilet set

  • Clean the drain by removing the rag from it. There is a flange and you have to install or replace a flanged bowl into it. Then install the flange bolts to attach the flange tightly. 
  • Now, turn the bowl upside down and fix the position carefully. Place the toilet on a flattened cartoon box. It will help to prevent damage to the toilet bowl. 
  • Then you will install a sealant and a wax ring around the bowl flange. Set the ring evenly. 

Step-4: Setting up the toilet bowl 

  • At last, you have to be careful that the toilet instruments are adjusting to your bathroom properly. 
  • You should set the bowl gently and place the commode just in the measuring area for your set. 
  • Be sure that the water is running properly. It will be effective in removing waste easily. 
  • Notice the flow of the water. The water must go from side to side, from front to back, and finally, go to the floor of the commode. 

Step-4: Installing The  Nuts and Washers

  • You have to install the washers, nuts, and caps on the flange bolts snugly to keep the set tightly. Consider tightening the nuts in the perfect measure, as the china may break or the nuts may cut down. 
  • You must fix the bolts, rubber gasket, washer, and nuts in the toilet bowl.
  • Install the tank bowl, turn on the water supply, and check to water flush by flushing the toilet. Now, your toilet installation is complete.

ProFlo Toilet vs. Kohler Toilet

ProFlo is a toilet brand that has several audiences worldwide. It is a two-piece toilet. The ProFlo toilet is user-friendly and very easy to use. Moreover, the ADA height bowl is suitable for use by every person.

The toilet features are so popular, and it gets  89.8% of traffic from the USA. The keyword  ‘ProFlo’ has a 31.11% search volume among the other big companies in the USA. The siphon system in the toilet makes its flushing system simple and more effective. The price range of the high-efficiency ProFlo toilet is reasonable. It has a sufficient dimension that is 29 × 27 × 16 inches. It is appropriate for use in every house. 

Kohler is also a well-known toilet brand in the world. It has many different models with attractive designs. The exceptional feature that is unthinkable for the other toilet set is a periphery lighting system in the commode. When you open it, the light automatically turns on. It turns off when your work is over, and close the commode. The feature is exceptional and different from most other toilet sets. The different sizes and shapes of the Kohler toilets have attractive colors. 

Finally, if you judge the ProFlo toilet and the Kohler toilet, you will find the different well features in the two products. The ProFlo will provide you with a reasonable price range with sufficient dimensions. It is easy to install with simple features. The Kohler ensures you the automatic on and off the light inside the commode.


Through our ProFlo toilet reviews, you have already got some idea about its advantages and disadvantages. Overall, the ProFlo toilet is a simple but elegant toilet that will easily fit in any bathroom and match any décor. The toilet is easy to install and comes with a comfortable bowl and the right height for different users to have an easy time sitting or standing up. Furthermore, the toilet is quiet in operation, and thus it won’t disturb people when you use it while they are asleep.

However, you should know that many users have complained that this toilet model is cheaply made and won’t last very long or some parts will not last long. So, as you prepare to purchase this toilet, just know that you will have to maintain it often.


Question: Is this toilet made in the USA?
Answer: No, it isn’t. This toilet is not made in the USA. Instead, it is made in China. This is very challenging as the toilet has to be shipped from China to the USA. Also, getting spare parts if it’s broken or if you want a replacement will be quite challenging. But if you are a budget shopper, then make sure to get this Chinese-made ProFlo affordable toilet.

Question: What is the height of the toilet?
Answer: The toilet comes with a comfortable ADA height, as the toilet bowl measures 17-1/2 inches from the ground to the toilet seat. This means different users will have a simple time sitting down or standing up from the toilet. Thus it is ideal for tall people or even disabled ones.

Question: Can I install this toilet on my own?
Answer: Yes, you can. This toilet is very easy to install as it comes with a standard 12-inch rough-in. In addition to this, the toilet comes with a two-piece toilet combination, wax ring, plastic toilet seat, and flange bolts. This makes installation easy as you don’t have to purchase a seat or wax ring separately.

Question: Is ProFlo a good brand?
Answer: The ProFlo toilet is a well-known toilet brand in the world. It has many features, including a reasonable price range with sufficient dimensions. The highly reputable ProFlo toilet sets have achieved the public’s trust after coming into the marketplaces. The top-notch quality fixtures of the ProFlo made the toilet set more trustable. It is manufactured by Fergusion Limited, a trusted company in the USA. So, they always try to keep trust in their products.

Question: Who Makes ProFlo Toilets?
Answer: ProFlo products are North American products. Ferguson, is an institution manufacturing ProFlo toilets. Wolseley’s North American and Canada divisions make the ProFlo products. They are the most well-manufactured brands in the world.

Question: Who is the owner of the ProFlo toilet brand?
Answer: A Taiwanese company, Hsien Chang Faucet Co., Ltd., is the owner of the ProFlo toilet brand.

Question: Who sells ProFlo toilets?
Answer: Ferguson Plumbing Supply is the main supplier of ProFlo toilets

Question: Is the ProFlo 1503 toilet pressure assist?
Answer: The toilet has a single gravity flushing system.

Question: Where is the model number on the ProFlo toilet bowl?
Answer: The model number is written on the bottom of the water tank lid.

Question: Are ProFlo toilets good?
Answer: ProFlo toilets are good for budget shoppers. But if you want a luxurious one, you should try another one.
Question: How to remove or install a ProFlo toilet seat?

Question: How to adjust a ProFlo toilet?
Answer: First, open the toilet tank lid. To adjust the water level in the tank, you have to check the float valve to see if it is in the correct position or not. If it is too low, bend the float arm slightly upward and position the float ball a little higher. If the problem still remains, change the flat ball.
Question: How to fill more water into the ProFlo toilet?
Answer: You need to raise the float arm a little higher to get more water in the toilet tank.

We are really lucky to have a hard-working, multi-skilled plumber on our team. Collin D. Gallegos, a professional plumber who has worked with us since 2012, is an expert in vent, septic, and drainage systems. He is a Certified Master Plumber and has worked on various commercial plumbing projects. He usually helps our readers resolve plumbing and pipe-related issues with a proper DIY troubleshooting and repair guide.


    • 1) Check your toilet flapper. If you find that faulty, then replace that.
      2) Your Fill Valve may be broken or not working correctly. Change that if the above step(1) not work.
      3) If both steps fail, then adjust the water level(fill valve’s float).

  1. Once clogged these toilets cannot be plunged with an ordinary plunger. I’ve attempted with 2 different plungers and it seems like the surface curvature inside the bowl does not allow for a plunger to seal properly. Such a horrible design; a toilet that can’t be plunged conventionally!!

  2. We 3 have Proflo toilets in our brand new home. In conjunction with a toilet brush, it sometimes takes 3-4 flushes to clear/clean the bowl. Do you have any suggestions other than replacing them?

  3. As stated the toilet flushes OK, but the bowl glazing is so cheap that it acts like Velcro. Everything sticks to the bowl. You will be cleaning a lot.

  4. We have a ProFlo in our new house. It clogs repeatedly. Using a plunger is difficult because of the poor design. Do mot buy this toilet!!!!!!!

    • We are just purchased our new home with 3 ProFlo toilets
      PROBLEM 1:
      Crap sticking to the porcelain probably due to the low water level in the bowl
      I adjusted the float by turning adjustment screw clockwise (sorry Gen Z with your digital watches) so that I can raise the water level in the bowl
      I did get a few MM’s of additional water in the bowl. The amount of possible adjustment is limited by the shorter fill tube. I’m all about water conservation, but when you have to flush 6 times to clear the bowl, it kinda defeats the water saving intended purpose.
      PROBLEM 2:
      As per a previous comment, the Porcelain is poorly glazed (c’mon China, you invented porcelain!!) so the bowl acts like a crap magnet/Velcro
      I purchased an expensive bottle of Chemical Guys HydroSlick SiO2 Ceramic Coating for cars hoping the hydrophobic properties would smooth out and rough patches and help with water sheeting
      RESULT: Crap still sticks, but my car is shinier than ever

      NEXT STEPS – Go to my local Home Improvement store and purchase a new flush kit. I will specifically make sure it has a longer/deeper fill tube.
      I do agree with an earlier post that the porcelain glaze is likely cheap, however I do not want to purchase 3 new porcelain bowls at $250 each.

  5. This toilet is trash. It keeps clogging repeatedly, and then overflows. Replace the flapper sure, but what about the original cause?? Ironically it clogs and flood when there isn’t anything floating around.. it will clog and you won’t even know it’s clogged!

  6. We have 2 ProFlo toilets in our house. One is insulated and it works fine. The other is a non insulated one and it’s a 4-6 flusher. I hate it. I wouldn’t recommend either.

  7. Bought in Dec 2020, worked great until this May(2021). Fill value leaks, toilet keeps running. Got a new valve, from the shop I bought it at, still the same result. I adjusted it all I can and still it keeps running. No other issues, but this. Haven’t changed the flap yet. Why should I it’s a brand new toilet !!!! Very frustrating . Never buy again.

  8. do not buy! hassle and inconvenience with 2-4 flushes and often clogs that need plunging– disgusting. i regret the purchase (June 2021) and need these issues addressed by the manufacturer.

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