Exposed Trapway Toilets: All The Pros and Cons

There are distinctive diverse parts of the toilet, each of which is important and complementary. Following the trend and manner, the trapway of the toilet is one of the most crucial elements you have ever read about. Unlike all the trapways available in the market, the most common and most available trapway is the Exposed Trapway. It is also known as a non-skirted trapway. In this article, we will discuss all the ins and outs of the Exposed Trapway.

What is an Exposed Trapway?

An Exposed Trapway refers to a toilet having too many curves and angles at the behind portion of the toilet. An exposed trapway still looks sleek and traditional, primarily since caps cover the bolts that screw the toilet into the floor. An Exposed Trapway adds a new dimension of design and architecture in the bathroom as the curvy backside design is so pertinent in this aspect.Exposed Trapway Toilet

What are the advantages of Exposed Trapway Toilets?

The advantages of the Exposed Trapway are not widely available on the internet that does not mean that it does not have that sorts of miracles, we have researched a long way, and by following the consequences here, I will depict some of the greatest and alluring positive sides of the Exposed Trapway,


The best thing about the Exposed Trapway toilet is that it is less costly than the other type of toilet, and people from every life section can afford it without difficulty. The design of the Exposed Trapway is very much sleek and conventional. Rather it is an all-time best option for the bathroom. The units are up to 40% cheaper than the concealed trapway toilets.

Easy to install 

Consumers always prefer those products that are very much easy to install and maintain. The Exposed Trapway toilets are too easy to install, and there was too much room available at the backside of these toilets. This extra space gives more comfort in doing the fixing and plumbing work. The toilet is lightweight compared to skirted or concealed trapway toilets.

Exposed Trapway Toilet installing

Gorgeous in terms of aesthetics 

The curvy design of the trapways is visible in the Exposed Trapway toilets, so it adds a creative deployment and whopping aesthetics in a minimalistic bathroom ambiance. The design is bulky, sleek, and trendy in terms of the aesthetics and stricture of the bathroom. The Exposed Trapway toilets are used in many trendy bathrooms worldwide, adding a proper element of uniqueness to the bathroom ambiance.

Widely available

Another tremendous benefit of the Exposed Trapway toilet is that it is alike in almost every region worldwide as the demand and likeliness are always up to the mark for this toilet. You can find this in nearly all the markets and online platforms, and they offer you a variety of choices and designs from which you can choose your preferred one.

Disadvantages of the Exposed Trapway:

Apart from so many positive sides, the Exposed Trapway toilets have many opposing sides. In this section, we will also bring these to the limelight,

Very much prone to grow microorganisms

The Exposed Trapway toilets have so many unusual bends and curvatures, which is an ideal home for dust, dirt, molds-mildews, and bacteria. These areas are difficult to reach, so these spots remain unclean and make a decent home for these microorganisms.

Difficult to clean 

The main issue with the Exposed Trapway toilets is that it is quite difficult to clean because of the unconventional curves and bends. These curves create so many awkward corners that it becomes difficult to wipe out with a soft sponge, and most of the time, the toilet remains dirty.

Miss the element of uniqueness 

The design of the Exposed Trapway toilet is not something fantastic that can grab our eye. It is more of its previous kind where the trapways remain revealed. The concept is that there is nothing to hide. Apart from the Exposed Trapway toilets, uniquely designed toilets can satisfy the aspect of having a spectacular architectural toilet.

Best Exposed Trapway Toilet Review

You can find tons of Exposed Trapway toilets in the market, but not all of them are of superior quality, so it is our solemn responsibility to suggest the best product. To satisfy that aspect, we have brought you one of the colossal Exposed Trapway toilets, the “American Standard Cadet 3 Exposed Trapway toilet.” Let us witness the sensational attributes of this model,

exposed trapway toilet

Short overview: 

Flushing Type: Single flush

The shape of the bowl: Rounded

Toilet type: Floor-mounted toilet

Trapway Design: Exposed Trapway

Flushing Technology: Gravity Fed

Consumption of water: 1.28 GPF (WaterSense certified)

Outstanding features:

  • It is a comfortable height toilet that meets the requirements of the ADA. That means it is ideal for the disabled, old, and children.
  • This toilet has an exposed trapway that makes it look majestic, adding a sleekness and the essence of modern toilet architecture.
  • This floor-mounted toilet can endure the maximum weight, and the plumbing and maintenance are also super simple.
  • This toilet meets the WaterSense requirement as it only consumes 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This allows us to save a massive amount of water every year.
  • The Cadet 3 Flushing System and PowerWash rim guarantee a powerful flush and superior bowl cleaning using more than 25 percent less water. The EverClean surface stays cleaner and fresh for a long time.

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