Toilets Weight Limits in KG: How Much Weight Can a Toilet Hold?

Toilets are one of the most fundamental parts of modern life. Nowadays, you can find many toilet types and designs on the market. You may have been allured by seeing the specifications and designs of these toilets. But have you ever thought about the weight-bearing capacity of these toilets? With the gradual, ongoing obesity and corpulence in the nation, it seems obvious to care about the actual weight limit of the toilets; otherwise, there are real chances of getting injured by any sort of breakdown. So, what exactly are the weight limits of the toilets, and are they safe to absorb the weight of the world’s heaviest people? By illustrating some of the most popular brands, I will try to clear up all the doubts regarding the toilets’ weight limits.

Toilet TypeWeight limit in poundsWeight limit in KG
Standard toilet1000453
ADA toilet 1200570
Wall-hung toilet500227
Kohler toilets700-1000318-453
Toto Toilets500-800227-363
Commercial toilet1300590
Portable toilet300-400136-182
Toilet seat300136

How Much Do Toilets Weight?

You may not think how much a toilet weighs. But suddenly, it clicks in your mind, and you are here for the information. Let me provide you with a detailed description of different toilet weights. The minimum weight of a toilet is 70 pounds, the average weight is nearly 95 pounds, and the maximum weight is about 115 pounds. Moreover, a person can lift a toilet that weighs between 70 to 100 pounds.

What is the Standard Toilet Weight Limit?

Standard toilets are the strongest, and they have the maximum weight-bearing capacity. The standard toilet can also be called the floor-mounted toilet. Traditional standard toilets are attached to the floor, giving them maximum strength as they are correctly connected to the ground. The standard toilet can carry more or less 1000 pounds, or nearly 453 kg, which means anybody can use it without the fear of dismantling it. Installing and maintaining standard toilets are much easier than any other kind of toilet.

Wall-Mounted Toilet Weight Limit

Though wall-mounted toilets are very common in Europe, they are not very well-known in the United States. Wall-mounted toilets are the future of the next generation because of their unique, attractive features and design. However, there is a minor issue with weight, and they generally cannot carry the same load as a standard toilet because none of their parts are attached to the ground. The average weight capacity of a wall-mounted toilet is about 500 pounds, or 227 kg, which means it can also carry the heaviest users without any issue. All the plumbing features are attached to the wall, so it is comparatively more difficult. But wall-mounted toilets take up less space in the bathroom and look simply amazing. So, if you have a compact bathroom, you can go with this option.wall hung toilet

What is the Weight Limit of a Toilet Seat?

We have discussed a lot about the carrying capacity of a toilet, but now we will talk about the toilet seat on which we are actually going to sit. Toilet seats are one of the crucial parts of a toilet as we put all of our body weight on them. It will break down if it is not sturdy enough, which is a common scenario for obese people. Do know that the toilet seat also comes in various choices, like the elongated and round toilet seats. Now discuss which one is for you.Is There A Weight Limit On Toilet Seats

As mentioned earlier, toilet seats come in two different shapes and sizes. The elongated toilet is kind of oval-shaped and has more space than the rounded toilet seat. So men prefer the elongated seats more than the rounded ones, as the aiming is executed correctly here. On the other hand, the rounded seats are more compact and use minimum space, so if you have a smaller bathroom, then you can go with the rounded seat. The children find it easy to use the rounded seat as it has the minimum space, and they fit into it quite well. A standard toilet seat can hold a maximum of 300 pounds of weight, or 136 kilograms of weight, which is quite reasonable for the common mass. Sometimes, the toilet seat breaks due to excessive pressure, material, or other causes.

What are the weight limits of famous toilet brands?

Brands do not feel comfortable advertising the weight limit of their toilets. Otherwise, they have displayed it in their product manuals or specification sheets. We spent a long time researching and determining how to disclose the hidden weight limits. Here I will show the weight limits of Kohler, Toto, and American Standard toilets.

Weight Limit of the Kohler Toilet

Kohler is one of the most popular toilet brands in the world. We could not find anything about the weight-bearing capacity of these toilets, but we got a piece of evidence from a support article on their official page that the Kohler floor-mounted toilets can withstand a load of up to 1000 pounds, which is huge. So you should not feel worried about using their toilets.How much does a Kohler toilet weigh

Toto and American Standard toilet weight capacity

Unlike the Kohler brand, we faced extreme difficulty in digging out the actual weight-bearing capacity of the Toto and American Standard toilets. But we researched more to crack it down. Amazon and some internet forums have opined that these toilets can carry a load of almost 300 pounds or more, which is quite reasonable. No matter what brand of toilet you use, it is very rare that someone gets hurt or wounded by a toilet break.

Final Verdict

Toilets are one of the most significant utilities in our homes or anywhere. You just can not pass a day without using the toilet. Toilets are one of the most sensitive commodities in your bathroom. It needs vigilant maintenance and uses for a proper and comfortable toilet. The weight limit of the toilet somehow seems like an unusual question to all, but if you can realize the importance of this aspect, it will be more than a question for you.

From intensive research, we found that a floor-mounted toilet can easily hold more than 1000 pounds of vertical weight, and a wall-mounted toilet can hold more than 500 pounds of weight. The toilet seat is also capable of withstanding about 300 pounds of weight.

After summing up this information, we can easily comprehend that anyone below the weight limit can use these toilets without any difficulties. We found it difficult to collect the data regarding the weight-bearing capacity as the companies do not disclose the data. So feel free to use the toilets without any bad thoughts, no matter how obese you are, as these porcelain toilets can survive excessive weight.


What is the best material that holds the most toilet weight?

There are tons of varieties of toilets. Some of them are made of plastic. Some of them may be built with ceramics. But have you wondered which materials give the ultimate strength to the toilet? The porcelain-made toilet is the most durable, safest, and most available material to be used in the toilet industry. A standard porcelain toilet can withstand more than 1000 pounds, or 453 kilograms, of load, making it the sturdiest toilet in the world.

Why Don’t Toilet Brands Mention the Average Weight Limits of Their Products? 

It’s very upsetting that toilet manufacturers don’t provide any clear and concise information about their toilets’ weight limits or carrying capacities. It is still unknown why the brands are equivocal about the carrying capacity of their products. Nowadays, we can find each and every tiny specification of the product in the manual or on the cover of the product, but we cannot find any facts about the weight limits. In my opinion, advertising the weight limit of the toilet could be a fantastic promotion of the brand, given the progressively growing obesity in the nation.

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