Are Sterling Toilets Made by Kohler Brand?

Sterling ToiletsThe main theme of the Sterling toilet industry is that initially, it started as a dependent brand, but later it got hitched by a famous giant in the toilet industry named Kohler. Whatever you want to call it, legally or financially, they got assimilated. 

At the very beginning, Sterling toilets and Kohler toilets were two separate brands. That means they had a vast organogram and a separate hierarchy of their own. These different proportions come to an end when they realize that Sterling is not doing well and it needs a mother inventory that will turn on the gunfire for them.

How old are the Sterling toilets?   

Sterling mainly allied with Kohler in 1984. Since then, it has been operating as a mid-priced, diverse full-line plumbing brand. Since Sterling joined the brand Kohler, it has gained massive popularity, and they have acquired the faith and belief of its customers. They have earned a world-class reputation not only as a sister concern of Kohler but also as an independent organization and brand. It has also introduced kitchen and bath design. 

Kohler has conquered Sterling

Genuinely. The cognate and the ideology of both companies were inclusive. Sterling mainly originated in late 1907. Later it joined one of the toilet sector giants, the Kohler brand, and they assimilated in 1984. Kohler purchases a percentage of their share. They have a distinct identity, and the rest is history. They manufactured one of the best products of all time. 

So the bottom line is that Sterling is now operating as a cohesive brand of Kohler. That means Kohler is the parent company of Sterling at present. So the quality between them may not differ that much. The product lines are almost of the same quality. Moreover, the decision to buy is truly dependent on the users.

Who makes Sterling toilets?

We have mentioned in the earlier section that Sterling is now a part of Kohler. It has been producing high-quality items that consist of toilets and sinks. Sterling Plumbing is one of the strongest and most valuable parts of Kohler plumbing products and company.     

Sterling manufactures a vast set of designs and outlines that consists of a diverse selection of products. They manufacture tubs, sinks, bathroom accessories, and excellent trendy toilets. Who makes Sterling toilets

It is an unrevealed situation that actually makes sterling products. But most of the items are made in the US, but Sterling Products are made all over the world, including Asia, the middle east, and Europe. They believe in customer satisfaction and support. The heartiest care and attention have made them diligent leaders worldwide. Sterling has been the pioneer and forefront of this industry today.   

What are the benefits of Sterling Mainstream toilets? 

Sterling Plumbing is the brand that never disappoints you. Since they have been on the side of the famous plumbing brand Kohler their name and fame have become widespread on the planet. There are so many outstanding and diverse qualities of this brand. Sterling toilets boast the exact qualities of the godfather Kohler. Here we are discussing some of the best features of Sterling Plumbing corporation, What are the benefits of Sterling Mainstream toilets

  • All of their items maintain a sleek, space-saving design and follow the trend in all of their products. They believe in excellence and have blended a splendid mixture of contemporary and modern bathroom attributes. 
  • Sterling always applies high-quality materials to prepare their toilets. All of their toilets are made of durable and reliable raw materials. Most of their Toilet models are enriched with superior water-saving technologies. They never compromise with functionality and innovation. Sterling toilet models are so simple to install. The replacement parts are also very much available in the market. 
  • The design of the bowl, tank, trap ways and overall shape, seat configuration and height, and water efficiency have all been incorporated into their toilets. It flushes smoothly, saves a decent amount of water, and looks sleek as well. 
  • One of the most charming facts about Sterling toilets is that they are super cost-effective. You can enjoy the tremendous facilities and advanced features in a very repetitive price range.

Final Verdict: Do Sterling Toilets Worth Money? 

Sterling Plumbing suddenly announced discontinuing the entire section of faucet making to depict more knowledge and time in other product lines such as the toilets and mainframe sanitation industry. The group of plumbing products has several solo signatures of their modern toilet assignment. They started working independently under the Kohler brand.     

Sterling is a reputed brand throughout New York State. People rate their products as Class A products and are almost satisfied with the product line they have been manufacturing. But there could be some exceptions. Many found their products not that alluring compared to the other brands. But overall, you can have faith in this renowned brand. Sterling silver is one of the best items ever produced. 

The bottom line is that you can undoubtedly rely on their products as a customer. They are worth every penny.

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