Toilet Plumbing Tips: How far can a vent be from a toilet?

toilet with ventilationThe plumbing issues are related to many subtle options of a bathroom. AirVent distance from the toilet is one of the significant terms to discuss. A plumber must have an idea about the space to learn the process of a toilet installation. It is also essential for a house owner to know how far the vent from the commode will be comfortable. 

Venting the air from the bathroom is necessary as draining water. As the complicated water extraction causes clogging to the pipe, the jammed air vent can also cause clogging of the bathroom system. So, a clear vent is always necessary for a good bathroom. Every air-flowing system must have a perfect vent distance to keep the flow at the correct measurement. The vent becomes a good companion in the bathroom for keeping suitable weather.  

How does a Toilet Vent operate?

We need to spend a significant amount of time in a toilet to release waste from our bodies. When we can make the place comfortable, we can gain and enjoy the inner area. A toilet vent pipe is a plumbing fixture in your bathroom for solving an important issue. When the inside of the washroom becomes full of foul odors and germs, the vent works to remove them from the bathroom.How does a Toilet Vent operate

No person can tolerate the bad toilet smell. Especially the fastidious persons are unable to get the scent. Even he can start vomiting if the toilet fragrance becomes ill-smelling. A toilet vent mainly works to remove the foul smell of the toilet. Transferring the smell to outside an Air Vent frees the bathroom from evil fragrance.   

Where are The Vents installed in The Bathroom?

Every toilet user knows a vent is always situated just at the top of the bathroom. It helps to flow the inner air outside and keep the bathroom clean. Moreover, the vents on the upside do not disturb the people by spreading odor on the ground. 

What is The Size of An Ideal Toilet Vent?

Using a PVC pipe is the best process of making a suitable toilet vent to circulate the air and evil odor. The PVC pipe should be 2” in the periphery. You can also use a 3” PVC pipe here, but it should not be more. The limitation within the dimension will allow your bathroom to keep the accurate temperature and odor control. 

What is the ideal toilet vent distance from the commode?

The distance of the vent from the trap should be about 6 feet. Such a suitable distance can make AirVent’s correct position with the bathroom for removing the odor. When you slightly increase the length, the air-releasing process will be complex. 

When anyone sets a toilet vent, he wants to get the perfect working of it. You have to fit the vent in such a position that it can be appropriate to clear the entire odor of the bathroom.  

What Happens If You Do Not Use a Vent in the Toilet?

Do you know about airflow in a room? No one needs to explain how essential the airflow is. A bathroom is such a place where no window is present because it will hamper the privacy of the bathroom. But air ventilation is necessary here as it is essential in your living rooms. As a result, every homeowner must ensure the bathroom’s suitable ventilation. When you do not use any ventilation for your bathroom, you will spoil the comfort in the place with your hand. The inefficiency of exchanging the inside and outside air makes the bathroom’s inside fuggy. 

What will happen if I use more than one vent? 

This question can also come to our minds. But, it is impossible and not appreciable. It is prohibited and will not be approved by the local building inspectors. Using one fan and one vent is approved for serving two bathrooms. 

There is a condition about using more vents than one. When your room is more than 100 square feet, you can use two air vents for it. Since the room flows more air to extract, the number of vents should be more. 

What Should I Do If I Need Additional Venting?

The number of vents in a toilet depends on the size of your toilet. Generally, a 36-40 square feet bathroom needs only one vent to set up. If you have more than one bathroom in your house, you must fit a single fan with the vent to recover the shortness of venting. 

Several vents for a house are necessary for the dimension, but they are not essential for a single toilet. Instead, it can be problematic for the homeowner to clean the vent rapidly. 

Final Remarks

The best message for you is to keep the air vent from the toilet system 6 feet away. It will help to remove the foul smell of the bathroom. Every bathroom user’s comfort depends on the air circulation of the room. A bathroom is a place of evil smell. But, the circulated air removes the odor that no one can tolerate and replaces it with natural fragrance from outside. So, think carefully about the bathroom’s air vent and set it perfectly in the best place. The vent with a 2” periphery will be accurate in size for removing lousy odor quickly.

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