The toilet vent pipe is blocked on the roof: how to unclog it?

Do you have any issues flushing your toilet, flowing the drain water, or having a grumpy appearance in the bathroom? All of them are related to the clogged vent pipe on the roof of your bathroom. Toilet poor flushing or jamming the drain water can happen for various reasons. But, if you combine the three circumstances of the toilet, the clogged vent pipe is the common reason for each. If you use the toilet items, there is a possibility of clogging the plumbing items. The problem is so terrible that sometimes it hampers toilet use. With an all-out effort, you have to stop the vent pipe from clogging. So, you must know the reasons for clogging to prevent it. If it occurs, you have to follow the process of unclogging the vent pipe.

Why Are The Vent Pipes Clogged?

Generally, we can see the vent pipes on the roof. They work to remove the gassy appearance from the bathroom inside. Every plumbing pipe has a possibility of clogging. As the drain pipes are clogged, vent pipes are also related to blocking. The primary work of the vent is to remove the inner air of your toilet and keep a balance between the inside and outside airflow of the bathroom. The regulating system of the air pressure is so necessary for keeping the bathroom in good smell and tolerable temperature.

Clogging of the drain pipes has a specific reason. The wastewater flushing from the toilet is significantly reliable for toilet clogging. The drainpipes stay at the toilet’s down, and the gravity force allows wastewater to go through the line—the drainpipe clogs when the line becomes jammed for something like specks of dirt. How to Tell if Your Plumbing Vent is Clogged

But why do the vent pipes become clogged as they are on the house’s roof? The wastewater does not go upperside, but some dirt from the upside is reliable for causing the vent pipe’s clogging. Generally, the position of the plumbing vents is on the roof of your house. There are some types of debris that fall on the top of the house. Dead leaves and bird wastes are the main debris common to falling on every house. They are related to clogging the vent pipe of the roof. Tennis balls are also responsible for the vent pipe’s clogging. When the children throw the balls or objects mistakenly on the vent pipe, it sticks in the tube and immediately clog the line.

Consequences of Clogging The Toilet Vent Pipe

Clogging the vent pipe is a significant problem for the bathroom’s airflow. It does not let the inner air go to the outside. The atmosphere can not flee from the bathroom, so it does not allow the outer air to come inside. So, the bathroom inside becomes sultry and disgusting to use.

Common Symptoms of Clogged Vent Pipes

The problem should be identified for inventing the solution. The symptoms of a  problem are necessary to identify it. No answer can come without recognizing it. Like the other bathroom issues, vent pipe clogging has some signs. They make sure that the vent pipe should be unclogged. How can you realize your toilet’s vent pipe is clogged? The symptoms are below.

  • Gurgling Sound from The Toilet Flushing

The gurgling sound of the toilet flushing is the most effective way of identifying the vent pipe clog. Do you think it is impossible? Not at all, because when the vent pipe of the bathroom becomes clogged, the inner air can not go out. So, it accumulates in the toilet, including the flushing area, and causes a gurgling sound. Why does my toilet make a gurgling noise

  • Intolerable Fragrance in The Toilet

The excellent position of the air vent allows for the necessary airflow of the toilet. The inner air can go outside quickly through the air vent and keeps the bathroom at a tolerable temperature and smell-free. But, the weird smell indicates that the internal atmosphere of the toilet can not come out through the vent. As a result, you must check the vent’s condition because it may be clogged. Intolerable toilet smell in the bedroom

The bathroom should be neat and clean. It should be fresh because everyone has to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. But, the sewage-like odor is unexpected to stay a beautiful time in the bathroom. 

  • Drain Water Flow is Slow

The natural water flow in a drain indicates the normality of all toilet parts. Just as you notice the slowness or stop the drain water, you must decide to repair the toilet system. Blocking the main sewer line can also cause the slowness of drain water. You have to call an expert plumber immediately whenever you see this case. slow draining bathroom sink not clogged

  • Toilet Tank is Getting Dry

The moisture of the bathroom surrounding is related to keeping the inside wet and cool. But, the heated area can not moisturize the surface of the bathroom. When the vent pipe becomes clogged, the tank becomes drier and loses the water inside. Troubleshooting a Dry Toilet Bowl

How do you unclog the toilet vent pipe on the roof?

We knew the reasons and the consequences of clogging the vent. Now it is time we decided to clean the clogging vent pipe. The following steps will help us to unclog the vent pipe.

Call A Plumber

This decision is the best for the people who have no idea about the toilet vent and its cleaning. You can hire a plumber who can unclog your toilet’s air vent and free it from the specks of dirt. If you want to unclog the clogging vent pipe, follow the steps below.When to Call a Plumber

Arrange The Instruments

The professional plumbers have sufficient instruments inside their bags. But, if you are not experienced, you may have nothing to you. So, you should arrange the necessary hardware to unclog the vent pipe. Five items are a must to work with the line. Range, screwdriver, garden hose, flashlight, and plumber’s auger are needed to take the vent pipe off if it is necessary during unclogging it. 

Unclog The Vent how to unclog vent pipe on roof

To solve the vent pipe’s clogging, you will take it out. It will allow you to unclog the pipe safely and check the other problems meticulously. 

This part is the most important part to follow. If you take the pipe out, you can unclog it using gloves. But, when you solve this by climbing on the wall using a ladder, you must also use the plumber’s auger. It allows you to unclog the air vent pipe without removing the vent from the roof. 

Check if The Vent is Clear

The steps mentioned above are the process of cleaning the air vent. But, if you have any doubt about cleaning your toilet’s air vent efficiently, you can flush the toilet and check the sound. When washing the toilet, confirm that the gurgling sound has been removed from the commode. It is an excellent sign to quickly identify a clear and problem-free air vent. 

Final Talk

It will be easy to clear the vent pipe without calling a plumber. You can easily do it by using a toilet auger, range, screwdriver, and the other necessary instruments. The vent pipe removes the existing gasses in the bathroom and changes the bathroom’s hot temperature. If the vent pipe remains jammed, the toilet will be unable to be used next time. So, follow the steps mentioned above and try to unclog your toilet’s vent pipe faster. The plumbing pipes on the roof can be hard to clean. But, the toilet auger in perfect size can make the task easy for you. It helps you wash the pipe without climbing on the roof and reaching the pipeline.

We are really lucky to have a hard-working, multi-skilled plumber on our team. Collin D. Gallegos, a professional plumber who has worked with us since 2012, is an expert in vent, septic, and drainage systems. He is a Certified Master Plumber and has worked on various commercial plumbing projects. He usually helps our readers resolve plumbing and pipe-related issues with a proper DIY troubleshooting and repair guide.

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