How to effectively use a bidet for pleasure?-Complete guideline

Bidets are famous toilets in parts of the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. So, when you travel to these places, you will find bidet toilets. But now, the people of the United States have used it for the past few years. Do you know what a bidet toilet is? What are the specialties of bidet toilets? It is a basin or washes bin to wash you after using the commode. Generally, a bidet is a toilet that automatically works for cleaning yourself after evacuating. It is an element that can be used as an alternative to toilet paper. Now you are going to the details about a bidet toilet for preparing for the next bathroom using and washing your lower parts of the body quickly.

What is a Bidet Toilet?

A bidet toilet is unknown to many people worldwide and even in America. It is a helpful toilet for using it comfortably. Especially when the weather is too cold or too hot, you can control the temperature of the water flow of the shower of this type of toilet. The strong water pressure from the shower of the toilet set effectively cleans your buttock entirely. But before using a bidet, things you must check:

  • Set the water flow in the right direction

The water flow has to come to the position where you want. Otherwise, it will not be able to clean you properly. So, you must check whether the water flow is okay or not. After getting sufficient water in the perfect position, you will be able to clean yourself most efficiently.

  • Do not use any soap!

It is unnecessary to use soap after using a bidet. Some people use a bidet for washing themselves after sexual intercourse or other activities. But, cleaning with soap is not essential for using a bidet, as it can clean you easily. 

Guidelines on How to Use a Bidet Toilet for Both Men and Women

Now we are going to discuss using a bidet toilet. A bidet is different from regular flushing toilets. It is lower in height than the standard commodes. After finishing using the commode, everyone can use a bidet to wash from the waste. There are some simple steps to using a bidet, and everyone can do these easily.bidet how to use

  • Use The Toilet and Complete Emergency Work

First, use the toilet seat and toilet pan before using the bidet. When your toilet use is complete, you can go to use the bidet.

  • Find Out The Bidet

Generally, a bidet is set beside the commode in a bathroom. If you want to use the item after using a toilet, you have to find out if the bidet is present in the room. You can also check the condition of the bidet as the taps are okay, the bidet is clean, and other requirements. 

  • Sit on The Bidet

Now it is time to prepare for using a bidet. Usually, it is lower in height than a toilet seat. If you want to use an extra bidet toilet, you can set it beside the commode. Now, sit on the bidet and get ready for a beautiful washing.

  • Turn on The Taps

Now you have to turn on the taps to wash your private parts. It is delightful as it does not need help from your hand or a soap. The process can keep you clean from any waste. The bidet is designed to wash you with the tap in an appropriate measurement. 

You can check the video on how to use the bidet properly.

5 different types of bidets are available on the market

The modern generation is improving the features of every necessary thing gradually. The toilet items are getting more stylish. Likewise, the bidet toilets are also provided with various models. Significantly, the popular regions use bidet toilets, trying to invent more exceptional characters and include them in a bidet toilet.

  • Electric Bidet

electric bidet toilet seatYou will find buttons beside the commode and have the remote control with the electric bidet. The electrical connection with the controller or the remote control will help you maintain the shower work for proper cleaning. The “Wash” button of the remote control is the most necessary when you want to wash your backside. So, press the button at the time and clean yourself easily. Sometimes you can press the “Front” or “Rear” button depending on the backside region you will wash. A nozzle position button is also available on the remote control of the bidet.

There is also a nozzle position button with the electric bidet. It is reliable for providing the water exactly where you want it. So, you may use the nozzle position button to precisely clean your backside.

  • Non-Electric Bidet

non electric bidet toilet seatThe non-electric bidets use knobs to release the water. It increases water flow and assures you to get water pressure for a comfortable washing. If you want to get comfortable washing, you have to turn the knob on slowly. Sudden starting and increasing speed of the knob can give you an unpleasant feeling.

The knobs of the non-electric bidets are suitable for getting the necessary water temperature. They provide you with hot and cold water as required. You can turn the knob to keep the water warm in winter. You can also save the cold water in summer. So you will be able to get the perfect water temperature as necessary.

  • The Handheld Bidet Sprayer

Handheld Bidet Sprayer

Every person wants to get the easier things. Do you know about the sprayers in the garden for watering the trees? The sprayers in your toilet work just like it. They are also found on the sink of your kitchen. The process of spraying water through a spray is easy. When you complete your work on a commode, you will take the sprayer. Now you can pour water through the sprayer and clean your specific parts.

  • Standalone Bidet

The standalone bidet is the product you find by the name of ‘bidet.’ This kind of bidet is a ceramic toilet without a lid. When you complete your work and want to wash your back parts, you can sit on the standalone bidet and turn on the tap. Its water flow will clean you efficiently without any help from soap.

Portable Bidet toilet

If you are used to having a bidet after using a toilet, you will face a big problem while traveling. Suppose you can not wash without the help of a bidet. But, where you are going to travel, there is no bidet toilet. What can you do? There is an intelligent solution: a portable or travel bidet. It consists of a bottle of about 13 ounces of water. Your traveling can be enjoyable and tension-free by using the travel bidet. 

Final Remarks

When you think about making your toilet use easier, consider a bidet. Sun is an item that is suitable for every person. Significantly, travelers and sick persons can get a massive advantage from the bidet toilet. Bidets are especially significant for removing the use of toilet paper. As they help clean your backsides with the automatic water flow, you do not need to wipe the regions with tissue paper. So, you can save money and decrease the work of cleaning tissues from the bathroom. The attractive characteristic of bidets made our toilet use comfortable.


Is a Toilet Paper Necessary after Using a Bidet?

Some bidets are available for washing your backside without drying it. They have no drying function. So, when you buy these types of bidets, you have to use toilet tissues after using them. Your backside will remain wet, and you need to make it drier before wearing pants. So, tissue is a must for using regular bidets without a drying system. 

Some bidets can give you a drying system with a bit of hot vapor. So, they keep your private parts dry after washing and prepare you to wear the pantaloons without cleaning them with toilet paper

Should I wipe before or after using A bidet?

A question may come to your mind as it is essential to wipe yourself before using a bidet. But, it is not necessary at all. When your toilet use is complete, you will take the help of the bidet to clean yourself. Then you can wipe the parts of your back to remove the water sticking with them. Instead, you do not need to use single tissue paper when you use the bidets with the drying feature. The toilet’s function will make you dry and ready to wear pants. 

Do you use a bidet after peeing? 

Bidet is an essential element in the washroom. It is appropriate for cleaning one’s bum after evacuating. But, it is also relevant to use after peeing. When a person wants to wash his penis, he has to turn over and face the tap of the bidet. This position is the most suitable for washing his front parts after peeing. 

How do you dry your bum after using a bidet?   

If you do not dry your posteriors after using your bidet, you have to use tissue paper or a paper towel. But, there is a simple way of drying the position by using the bidet. Some toilets provide you with the feature of an air drier. You can use it and dry your bum to remove the trouble of using toilet paper. Air drier has to be included in the features of the toilet set.

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