Most common toilet leaks!

Most common toilet leaksHave you faced a small flood inside your bathroom? It is a terrible situation, and we must take immediate steps because a small leak in your toilet can make the entire bathroom dirty, so you can not enter the place.

Quick Causes:

  • Flapper Valve Leak
  • Fill Valve Leak
  • Overflow Tube Leak
  • Tank-to-Bowl Gasket Leak
  • The base of the Toilet Leak
  • Loose Supply Line Connection
  • Cracked Toilet Bowl or Tank
  • Float Maladjustment
  • Wax Ring Failure
  • Faulty Shut-Off Valve


Toilet leaks do not automatically happen. Some reasons are behind it. We should be introduced to them to understand the issue and find the best solution easily. 

Moreover, you should only call a plumber at some times. Some issues are very easy to solve. So, you must gather a little knowledge about toilet repair or watch some tutorial videos on YouTube. 

  • Rust or corroded toilet pipescorroded toilet pipes

The toilet pipes can be rusted or unable to be used over time. A small crack can be reliable for this unwanted situation. Finally, you can notice dirty water from the toilet through the leaky pipes. 


Copper, iron, and other metal pipes last over 50 years. So, they can be your lifetime solutions for your toilet. But PVC pipes last for 24 to 50 years. So, when you get dirty water from the toilet pipe, you must replace it.

  • A worn-out toilet flapperA worn-out toilet flapper

The toilet tank will hold sufficient water if you do not flush your toilet. When you flush the toilet, the flapper will remove water from the tank by giving access to the toilet bowl. But, if the toilet flapper is worn out or leaked, the water will gradually release from the toilet bowl and enter the toilet tank. If it continuously happens, you will need more water when you flush the toilet.


You have to replace your worn-out toilet flapper according to the following steps.

i) Turn off the water supply. Otherwise, you cannot replace the flapper because the water force will disrupt your work.

ii) Flush the toilet. You should also hold down the lever of the toilet tank. It will drain the entire water of the toilet tank.

iii) a flapper chain is attached to the toilet’s flush lever. You have to unhook the flapper chain.

iv) Unclip the flapper.

v) Take a tissue paper and wipe the wet surface of the area.

vi) Finally, install a new toilet flapper, attach the chain again, and turn on the water supply.

  • Flush valve assemblies misadjustmentFlush valve assemblies misadjustment

Suppose you can not notice the leak in your toilet and need to figure out where the leak comes from. You can suspect that the leak happened by your toilet’s flush valve misadjustment. This part is an interior part of the toilet, so it is not easy to identify. But, when you enter the bathroom and notice a small flood, you can suspect it is a flush valve assembly adjustment issue.


You have to repair the flush valve assembly. There is a flapper on the assembly that seals the flush valve. You should replace the flapper because it also can be damaged over time. Finally, take out the valve assembly and check which part is damaged. If you purchase a repair kit, your task will be much easier. It includes a new flapper, drain seat, and a sealant ring; therefore, you should not go to several shops to collect the different products. 

  • The water supply line is cracked.The water supply line is cracked

The water supply line helps to reach sufficient water flow to the toilet tank. After that, the toilet tank is filled up; it becomes enough to remove the garbage from the toilet bowl. If the water supply line is cracked, you can notice the water accumulating on the toilet floor. Sometimes, you can see a flood inside your bathroom if the accumulating water is so high in measurement.


You should hire an expert to solve it. He has to open the water supply line and then replace it. You can also do it instead of hiring a plumber. When removing the water supply line, you should be careful so the toilet set is not broken. Moreover, you should not overtight anything of the toilet elements so that they can be broken. 

  • Detaching tank bowlDetaching tank bowl

The one-piece toilet users should not face this issue. If the tank and bowl of the two-piece toilets are not attached properly, water can come from the toilet and cause a flood inside the bathroom. In this situation, the leak can grow up gradually. So, you must always keep your toilet tank and bowl tight using nuts and bolts. 


First, check all of the nuts and bolts of your toilet. You may find some cracks in the toilet bowl. Do not use the cracked bowl; just replace it. If some of the nuts and bolts are loose, you have to tighten them. You can not overtight any nut or bolt. Otherwise, it can be broken.

  • Broken/faulty float assemblyfaulty float assembly

When the float is maladjusted, the faulty float problem of a toilet can occur. A toilet float ball is essential for stopping water from overflowing when the water fills the toilet tank. But, if the float ball assembly is not correct,  the water of the toilet bowl can easily overflow.


First, you have to disassemble the entire toilet tank. Now, check the float ball. If the float ball is problematic, you can easily inspect it. Unfil the toilet tank by removing all the water. Now, turn the fill valve up and down. If the fill valve moves up and down correctly, you will understand that your toilet’s float is okay. Otherwise, you should change the float assembly.

  • Loose seal at the baseLoose seal at the base

The seal is just at the bottom of the toilet. It locates between the toilet seat and the floor. If the seal at the toilet base is loose or worn out, the water will leak out and spread around the toilet set. 


If the situation happens, you can notice water coming from the toilet’s bottom and spreading throughout. So, you have to disassemble the entire toilet and change the seal of the toilet base. You can easily complete the task if you have a small plumbing experience.

  • Tank is damagedTank is damaged

A toilet tank is such an element that holds sufficient water for flushing the toilet bowl. So, it should be good. Otherwise, your toilet will need proper water to be cleaned. A toilet tank can be worn out for several reasons, including using it for a long time. 


If your toilet tank is significantly damaged, you have no other way but to replace it. Be careful about the brands because they will help you get quality products. Parryware, Hindware Homes, and Somany Ceramics are the best.

The fill valve is rusted/corrodedThe fill valve is rusted

If the float assembly, tank, and other parts of your toilet are okay but water leaks, you must check your toilet’s fill valve. If you notice rust, be on time to change it. Otherwise, the corroded part of the fill valve will be larger and cause more harm to your toilet. 


i) Turn off the water supply to the toilet.

ii) Open the supply line of the toilet.

iii) Open the old fill valve.

iv) Install a new valve and set it up in a perfect position.

v) Connect the supply line again. Tighten it, but do just what is necessary. Otherwise, it may be broken.

vi) Finally, install the toilet tank properly and then adjust the tank lid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do when I identify a toilet leak?

You must take the following steps immediately when you find out about any toilet leak.

i) Make the toilet tank empty so you can easily do all the repairing tasks.

ii) Now, you have to tighten the nuts and bolts. 

iii) Replace the tank-to-bowl gasket.

iv) Remove the old toilet seat if it is cracked.

What are the different types of toilet leaks?

A toilet has versatile parts. Many parts have a chance of leaking, but three parts of a toilet are leaked most commonly. They are – the water supply line, the wax ring, and the flapper. These parts of the toilet can be leaked randomly. But, if you purchase these products from trustable brands, they can last long.

How can I stop my toilet from leaking?

If you want to keep your toilet parts safe from leaking and other damages, you should change all small parts of the toilet timely. Significantly, the nuts and bolts of the toilet tend to rust. But, the new toilet bolts and nuts are suitable for a long time.


Toilet leaks are a nightmare for users. It must be prevented. Otherwise, we need to work on using the toilet smoothly. So, as a conscious user, you always have to keep your toilet clean and use the new bolts and nuts. However, if you face any leak on your toilet, you must call a plumber immediately. 


We are really lucky to have a hard-working, multi-skilled plumber on our team. Collin D. Gallegos, a professional plumber who has worked with us since 2012, is an expert in vent, septic, and drainage systems. He is a Certified Master Plumber and has worked on various commercial plumbing projects. He usually helps our readers resolve plumbing and pipe-related issues with a proper DIY troubleshooting and repair guide.