How to clean toilet seat hinges easily with household items?

The dirty toilets are not enjoyable to use. They bring your worst feelings and hamper the beautiful times in the bathroom. So, every part of the toilet should be cleaned. You talk about the toilet bowls, toilet seats, water faucets, and other bathroom parts when you start cleaning. But, most of the time, people forget to clean the toilet seat hinges. The corrosion of the toilet seat hinges is unfair for keeping the toilet’s good condition.

When a person wants to increase his personality, he must improve the standard of his house and toilet. The outsider people can judge him if they enter the bathroom. The neat and clean bathroom is an element of developing the standard of the house and increasing the attraction to the visitors.

How to Clean Toilet Seat Hinges By Yourself?

Many people in the world clean their toilets carefully but do not clean the hinges. Even they do not know that the toilet seat hinges can be dirty and unhygienic. The hinges are a kind of hardware connected to the toilet bowl and cover. They stay just at the user’s backside and far away from the user’s bum. So, everyone can think that the toilet seat hinges need not be cleaned. But, it is true that the hinges can also be dirty and can be harmful as causing any infectious diseases of people.How to Clean Toilet Seat Hinges

So, we can decide that we have to clean the hinges. There are some different steps for cleaning the toilet hinges. They will make the cleaning process easy for us.

Collecting The Cleaning Items:

A tiny bacteria can be reliable for causing massive harm in your life. You are not sure how many bacterias are present in your bathroom. It is not enough to clean the toilet bowl and seat; your consciousness about cleaning the small items like a hinge will give you more safety. Cleaning the toilet seat hinges is easy. If you can manage the cleaning materials, you can solve them quickly. Some familiar and available things are necessary to collect to clean the toilet seat hinge. First, collect the following items to clean the toilet seat hinge.

  • A pair of hand Rubber Gloves
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Screwdriver
  • Disinfecting Materials
  • Old Toothbrush

Step-By-Step Guide:

There is a continuous process of cleaning the toilet hinges. As you follow some rules while cleaning the toilet, you should also follow some steps while cleaning the toilet seat hinges. When you take care of the following steps, you can quickly clean the toilet seat hinges easily.

  • Close The Toilet Seat Cover

First, you close the seat of the toilet. It will make the hinge cleaning process easy. Wear a pair of hand gloves on your hand to be safe from the germs. The caution can keep you safe because you want a safe bathroom.

  • Detach The Cover by Disclosing The Screws

Turn around the screws and disclose them. Detach the toilet seat cover to get the hinges. You will find the hinge between the toilet bowl and toilet cover.

  • Remove The Plastic Hinge Cover

The plastic covers cover the hinges. You have to uncover the hinges to clean them.

  • Bring Out The Toilet Seat Hinge

When you find the hinge, bring it out. Check the hinge carefully if there are specks of dirt on the hinge. Efficient cleaning of the hinge will make the whole toilet more hygienic.

Clean Toilet Seat Hinges With Vinegar and Baking Soda

Now take some vinegar and baking soda. Mix them in a ratio of 1:2. Use a slight amount of water and make a paste of these items. Use a toothbrush to mix the ingredients and make the cleaner’s paste.

Now, you have to rub the paste over the hinge carefully as no dot of the hinge remains blank. The whole area, including the hinge and inner part of the hinge, should be scratched.

1. Scrubbing The Hinge Area:

The old toothbrush is the necessary element now. Scrub the vinegar and soda paste on the hinge area carefully with the toothbrush. The brush should be soft as it can not attack the outside of the ceramic toilet and scratch.

While scrubbing, you must take care of the whole hinge area as no dot remains without scrub. Look at the hinge again as no spec of dirt remains on it.

2. Washing The Toilet Hinge:

Scrubbing is complete, so what do you have to do? Now you will wash the hinge with fresh and clear water. Wash so carefully as no dirt can be present on the hinge. Getting a neat and clean hinge should be your target for a neat and clean bathroom.

3. Drying The Hinge:

It is not an admirable task for you to keep carelessness after washing the hinge. Instead, you have to dry the hinge and prepare it for fitting with the toilet again. When you do not remove the water from the wet hinge after washing it, the hinge can rust and be unusable.Drying The Hinge

You will use the scouring paste to wipe the hinge and surrounding toilet rims. You can also use the paste on the stubborn stains on the toilet set to remove them. Keep it for 20-30 minutes and after that, get the hinge ready. You have to do this if you notice any stubborn stains on the toilet seat or the inner parts of the toilet.

4. Fit The Hinge:

After completing the cleaning, you will fit the hinge between the toilet seat and the cover. Check carefully as the surface is running perfectly. Otherwise, you have to do it again.

5. Use Some Oil or Lubricant:

The hinge can hamper your toilet lid’s flexibility if the hinge has rust. You must remove the rusty nature of the hinge. Some oil or lubricant can solve this problem from your hinge. Take a dropper and carefully put several drops of oil just on the hinge. The process will remove the mechanical problem of the hinge and make the hinge flexible.

Final Thoughts

Every minimal thing is essential in the world. You can not ignore anything because it’s working. Likewise, the toilet seat hinge is a necessary element used in every toilet. However, the unclean hinges are not so disgusting as a terrible disaster in your bathroom. It causes minimal harm to your commode, and one day, it occurs a big issue. The problematic toilet seat hinge may affect the toilet lid and hamper the flexibility of this item. So, everyone has to be careful about the toilet seat hinges and repair them when they become damaged.


How Can I Stop Rusting of My Toilet Hinge?

Every metal thing is safe before getting rust. But, when it becomes rusting, the outlook of the metal becomes disgusting. The metal performance also becomes looser as it can not flow and maintain the metalwork properly. So, everyone wants to stop the rust of the metal. When you clean the toilet hinge timely, you can save your hinge from getting rusty.

How often should I clean my toilet seat hinge?

It is unimaginable to some people that they can clean the toilet seat hinge. But, the hinge is a part of the toilet seat that can be dirty and rusted. So, every toilet user has to clean the toilet seat hinge with the toilet seat. It is enough to clean the hinge every three months.

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