Is WD-40 a perfect cleaning solution for your toilet bowl?

Without a toilet, a home is incomplete. But not only having a bathroom is mandatory but keeping it neat and clean is also a big responsibility. Nowadays, see find many chemicals on the market as toilet bowl cleaning agents. Just like that, WD-40 is one of those cleaning chemicals. If you don’t know about this or don’t know how to use it, then this article is just for you. Learning about this solution helps reduce some household work and makes it easy to maintain every corner of the home.

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What is this WD-40?

WD-40 is a very well-known cleaning chemical for the toilet. After using the bathroom for a long time, you can notice some yellow spots in the toilet tank and other areas. It helps to soften the rust and yellow deposit; after that, it can easily wipe out the place. And the most exciting part is you won’t need to use this agent in bulk amounts. Just spray the chemical on the spotted area, wait for some minutes, then use a brush to clean the site or use a toilet brush.

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Chemicals Used as
C7-21 Alcohols EthoxylatedSurfactant Water Solvent
Lauryl Glucoside SurfactantGlycerin Solvent
Phosphonobutanetricarboxylic AcidInhibitor
Trisodium Dicarboxymethyl AlaninateChelating Agent
pH: 8.6 – 9.2Alkaline

Caution: Don’t spray on…

  • Door hinges
  • Locks
  • Rubber seals
  • Chain
  • Soft or thin plastic
  • Smartphones

How to use WD-40 for cleaning the toilet bowl?

Using WD-40 is not a tough job, but this is a very harsh chemical. So that you need to follow some simple steps to clean the toilet without making any mess:

  • For the first step, ensure the bathroom is well-ventilated. You don’t shut the bathroom door or window for using this. If it is closed, open it so that air can pass through the restroom.
  • Then spray a small amount directly in the spot area, toilet bowl, etc. It works well in a small amount, like a 1-second spray, so don’t overspray it.
  • If you want to remove the watermark from the toilet, spray the solution directly into the water at the bottom of the toilet bowl. But if you’re going to release a hard watermark around the bowl area, take a quick sweep around the site to solve every corner.
  • Now it’s time to rest. Wait a bit so that this solution reacts to the area and removes the stain. It takes 10-15 minutes to remove the stain from the place if it is normal. But if you want to remove a stubborn stain, you need to wait a little longer.
  • After waiting, it’s time to rub the toilet with a brush. All stains are removed; you need to do this step very carefully. Try to reach every corner of the bathroom to get a flawless restroom.
  • You reach the last step; use the flush to clean the bowl. And after that, I think you get a shiny, clean, spotless toilet.

The use process is straightforward, and you won’t be rubbing to clean any stain from the bowl for a long time.

When you should never use WD-40 in the toilet: clean toilet bowl wd40

WD-40 is a powerful chemical that quickly melts down the toilet’s external spot. This is also very useful for hard-water marks. But this solution is not perfect for every bathroom and drainage system. It kills all good living bacteria in the toilet bowl. When you use this spray in the toilet, you must stay away from the gas, which is not good for your health. Before using it in the restroom, I told you to open all the doors and windows for ventilation.

Another reason is that this solution is more expensive than another chemical spray for removing stains from the toilet. And this is not an eco-friendly option. It is harmful to you and also the environment. So if you are aware of it, you can try some home remedies to fix this issue without using harsh chemicals.

Don’t try to unclog a clogged toilet with the help of WD-40. Because it just removes stains from the bathroom, but it has no power to remove any stuck object in the Trapway. So try not to use this for this purpose.

The best alternatives to WD-40:

You can find many home remedies on the internet for solving this issue. We give some most popular ones below:

Vinegar and baking soda: it’s the most well-known DIY remedy to fix this kind of issue. Just put some baking soda into the toilet bowl. After that, pour vinegar into it. Then rest it for some time, and then you can see the magic. It just cleans the toilet very quickly. But this is not a good option for hard, old stains in the bathroom.How much baking soda and vinegar do you use to clean a toilet?

Bleach: many people love to clean the toilet with bleach. You need to put this directly into the stain. Then it fades away from this place. If you want the best result, then use it with toilet cleaner.

Natural ready-made solution: now, people are very aware of the environment. That’s why they try to use organic items. Many brands invent many types of natural toilet deep cleaners that do not contain any harmful chemicals and are also great for the environment. A clean toilet also gives you a fresh smell in the restroom.

This is the best eco-friendly solution for cleaning a toilet. Many methods are very cheap and easy to find in the kitchen. So use any way which seems easy for you.


In the end, people are now straightforward, and the world is running fast. If you want to update, you need to cope with this speed. So often, you don’t want to waste your time on household work, just like you use WD-40 for the fastest solution for a dirty toilet. But this is not a good option. Try not to use this, but I know home remedies are ineffective for a hard stain. So you can use it in that case.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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