Easy ways to prevent poop from sticking to the toilet bowl

How To Keep Poop From Sticking To Toilet BowlNo matter how taboo it is to talk about the stubborn poops that make unnecessary skid marks, some users find it very difficult to deal with the unnatural sticking of poops almost daily. This acute phenomenon depends on many factors like food habits, built-in features of the toilet, less powerful flushing system, and so on. No matter what the cause is, everyone wants to get rid of this acute and disastrous issue. I bet you have searched many sites, and now you are here to get some useful tricks to eradicate this problem. Donate worry because we are confident that this article will not disappoint you in removing the stubborn poop marks and provide you with the necessary guidelines to prevent the sticking of poops in the toilet bowl.  

Why Is Poop Sticking to the Toilet?

There are tons of causes behind the sticking of poops in the toilet bowl. In this phase, I  will elaborate on all the possible causes of sticking the poops with the toilet, 

  • Unhealthy diet

For those persons who have a problem digesting fats, eating high-fat foods may cause greasy stools. Some high-fat foods include fried foods, fatty cuts of meat, whole-milk dairy products, oils, butter, and pastries. For people with celiac disease, eating gluten can damage the intestines. When this happens, the body has difficulty absorbing fat. A gluten-free diet is medically necessary for people with this condition. 

You might have consumed so many fatty and greasy items in your daily food diet, which causes inflammation and constipation. The most effective way is to include the fibers and mineral items in your daily routine that may soften the stool and let it be released in a simple and effortless manner. Digestive disorders are something that produces unhealthy sticky poops. If you’re taking a lot of fats in your diet, you can probably produce sticky and unhealthy poops. When you’re on an unhealthy diet, your poop will include the extra fat that will make a greasy texture.

  • Using abrasive cleaners 

You may find several toilet cleaners in the market that are free from bleaches but contain some abrasive materials. When you clean your bathroom, you probably think that any cleaner will get the job done, whether cleaning the toilet or sink. While a few cleaners can be used on all surfaces, there are some that you want to avoid because they are too abrasive for the surfaces in the bathroom.Using abrasive cleaner

Products that claim they have scrubbing bubbles in them to lift mildew, mold, or dirt off surfaces should be avoided. These products also include those that create a foam on contact or cleaners that are a dark color when they reach the surface and change to one that is lighter when the surface is clean. Most of these types of products contain chemicals that can irritate the lungs and have been banned in some countries because they contain more than the recommended amount of abrasive materials. So it is suggested that you need to avoid abrasive cleaners to avoid destroying your toilet surface.

  • Weak flushing system

A weak flushing system is one of the most prominent causes of skid marks and poops sticking to the toilet. If you have a weak flushing system, then it is obvious that the waste is going to stick to the surface of the toilet bowl. If your toilet flush is broken or unable to supply enough water, it will get the poop sticking to the toilet bowl. Ensure your toilet flush is quick and efficiently working to avoid such issues. So it is recommended to purchase a toilet with a strong flushing system. The most appropriate one is the tornado flushing system having a 360-degree swirling demonstration. 

  • Rough toilet bowl surface

You can find thousands of toilet brands that produce the best quality toilets. Still, some inferior brands manufacture below-average quality toilets. Obviously, these toilets must not have been the aspired quality we are the season for, so be very choosy when purchasing a toilet. Sometimes, stubborn stains can build up stickiness in the toilet bowl. Harmful minerals like calcium and iron can produce stubborn stains over the smooth layer of the toilet bowl. If somehow the corrosive bumps, stains, and scratches cover up the porcelain of the toilet bowl, the bowl might catch unnecessary sticky poops. 

  • Toilet bowl defects

Sometimes the toilet bowls got some sort of defect, like the absence of that extra glazy layer that does not allow waste or poop marks in the toilet bowl. There may be some sort of other technical problems like the elevation of the bowl, or the bowl’s curvature must be facing something unusual. So cross-check the size, shape, built-in materials, and all other aspects before buying the toilet bowl. 

  • Folded and concealed Rims

Can you figure out which are the most sensitive parts of the toilet and why? It is obviously the toilet rims, not just any rims but the flared or folded rims. These folded rims are not suitable as they catch more skid marks than any other type of toilet. The folded rims catch more skid marks because they have the most concealed corners as a toilet. Toilet brushes can not reach into these corners, so the skid marks sustain here for a long time. 

How to keep away poop from sticking to the toilet bowl?

The Characteristic of the dense poop is to stick on the surface of the toilet. This is one of the most acute and unconventional problems one can ever face. So if you are searching for effective ways to prevent poops from sticking to the toilet bowl, then you are at the right place because here we will give some of the effective ways to prevent poops from sticking to the toilet bowl. 

Step-1: Flush immediately after using the toilet

Some simple techniques can prevent sticking waste on the toilet surface, and applying some water to make the bowl slippery is one of the basic strategies. And another must is to apply the flushing a few times so that the skid marks can be eradicated soon. Water pouring and flushing the toilet before pooping falls in the basic toilet manner. But most people don’t follow the rules correctly. As a result, the toilet bowl produces stickiness supported by an unhygienic ambiance. If you perform a flush before using it, it makes the bowl smoother and sweeps away all the impurities within a matter of seconds. Flushed after using toilet

Step-2: Regular cleaning of the toilet bowls, including the rims 

One of the main things that can be done is regularly cleaning the toilet bowl, including the rims, because it gathers most of the cloggings and stain marks. Regular checkup of the toilet makes it even more smooth and more eye-soothing and also makes the toilet ambiance more fragrant. A regular clean-up can also maintain the proper hygiene of the toilet. 

Step-3: Change your Food diet

Where does this Stickiness actually come from? The main culprit is actually you and nothing else. If you want a sticky-free toilet, change your diet and choose the most healthy and reloaded meals, as fibers help to smoothen the poops and keep you free from acute constipation. Avoid consuming fatty and greasy foods like red meats, junk foods, oily foods, etc. The main motive here is to have a smooth and effortless poop that will wash away with flushing without being stuck to the toilet bowl. 

Step-4: Apply the right toilet cleaners

You must have been searching for the most effective toilet cleaners that remove all the waste marks from the toilet bowl itself. There are various products in the market, but you need to choose the most effective way to eradicate all the poop marks. We suggest using those toilet cleaners that are free from any sort of bleach because it causes harm to the toilet surface. Do some research online to find the most effective and dependable toilet cleaners in the market.

Step-5: Use a glazy and smooth bowl surface 

There are tons of different types of toilets on the market, but you should keep in mind that not all toilets are of superior quality. If you want to keep all the rustic waste marks out of the toilet, you must choose those toilets made from the always-glazed vitreous china materials. The main advantage of this type of toilet is that the bowl’s surface is so glazy and slippery that you do not need to pour that much water to sweep away all the waste marks. Different renowned brands like Toto, Santa Rosa, Kohler, etc., manufacture these types of auto-glaze technology toilets. So be prudent before buying just any random type of toilet.

Step-6: Use Tissue paper before pooping 

One of the most wonderful tricks of not sticking the waste with the toilet is applying some tissue paper in the trapways of the toilet so that water won’t splash into the bottom part of the body. Another great advantage of doing this is that waste will not stick to the surface of the toilet. The mechanism is that waste does not directly hit the bowl, and the tissue paper catches it,  but not on the direct surface of the toilet.Using tissue paper in toilet

Step-7: Repair the flush 

The biggest cause of sticking the poop with the toilet is a poor flush from the beginning. A poor color can not eradicate the amount of waste as the water pressure is not so intense that it can effortlessly sweep away all the waste marks. There could be lots of reasons for producing a weak flush, and one of the main reasons is that there is not much water in the tank, or the toilet could have been leaking. Whatever the cause is, repair the flushing without any delay because 360-degree strong flushing can effectively wash away all the skid marks, including the hidden rims. 

Step-8: Choose a dual tornado flushing system

Before choosing the toilet for purchasing purposes, you need to figure out which toilet is suited to the bathroom element and ambiance of your house. We suggest buying you the 360-degree tornado flushing toilet so that it can automatically clean the toilet bowl. 

Some Fun Facts about the sticky poops:

Let me share with you some fun facts that can enthrall your understanding of these toilet discrepancies. Let us explore some interesting and enticing things about the sticky poops that may seem to be hilarious to you, 

Fact-1: Varieties of colors of food can change the color of poop

Yes, it is a proven fact that the color of the food can also affect the color of the poops. Suppose bright red stool that turned out to be nothing more than the consumption of beets or leafy vegetables can cause green stool, while certain medications can make the poop look white or clay-colored. Sometimes you can find the jet-black stool. The reason behind this is the consumption of harmless iron supplements or black licorice; the color could be a proper semblance of bleeding in the frontal gastrointestinal tract.

Fact-2: Healthy poops can dissolve into a septic tank easily

Another hilarious thing about the poop is that the more healthy poop is, it gets dissolved easily in the septic tank. If you evacuate greasy lumpy poop, it may float on the water; this could be a sign of celiac disease, chronic pancreatitis,s or malabsorption, which is a grim condition where you can’t absorb enough fat and other nutrients that you are ingesting.

Fact-3: Terrible-Smelling poop could be a Sign of Infection

It is common for poop that it is stinky, but a severe foul smell is a sign of acute infection. Terrible-smelling poops are a signature side effect of one stomach bug caused by the parasite giardia, ingested most often by swimming in freshwater lakes. It could also suggest a more serious digestive condition. So if you face an acute smell, go for a check with the doctor.

Fact-4: The constitution of poops 

You may be shocked to know that your poop has more than 75 percent of water, and the rest of the compounds are a combination of fiber, dead or live bacteria, other cells, mucus, and some other mineral compounds.

Characteristics of different types of poops

There are lots of types of poops, but not all of them are sticky and pungent. Let us discuss different types of poops based on the various aspects; There are some considerations to specify it as a healthy poop. But there are a few traditional strategies to follow while assessing the poop condition for optimum health.

  • Color of the Poop 

Normal poops are simply brown in color. It is mostly the combination of stomach bile and bilirubin, which is a special type of pigment compound produced from the breakdown of red blood cells in the body. Though there are other colors of the poop, they are red, yellow, dark and light brown, and so on.

  • The shape of the poop

The shape of the poop varies with respect to the intestinal and digestive condition of a person, and a somewhat log-like shape is the most common type of shape that the poop should come out from the body, and its formation within the intestines is nothing but a common incident. Apart from that, a variety of shapes indicate poop actually comes from the body. When the poops lose their actual density and turn into a pale and low-density stool, then you must have caught diarrhea.

  • Size of the Poop

Unlike the shape, poop size is also a significant consideration in being termed healthy poop. The separate hard lumps, lumpy and sausage, soft blobs with clear-cut edges, mushy ragged edges, and liquid consistency toilets are some of the different types of toilets. The Actual Consistency of the Poop is somewhat like a firm and soft consistency that is pretty much conventional. If there is inflammation, it could suggest some digestion or fiber issues.

  • Consistency of time

A healthy poop should be easy to pass and take only a minute or so to push out. Some people spend a bit more time on the toilet, and poop should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes. Taking more than 15 minutes in the toilet may be a sign of acute constipation.

Buying guide: What types of toilets prevent poop from sticking to the surface?

It is not only the  preventive measures that ensure that the toilet will not get stuck on the surface, but there are some important considerations before buying a toilet, and I will shortly disclose those options, 

Get a Strong Flushing Technology 

The main consideration before buying a toilet is having a string and 360-degree tornado flushing system that can reach the most awkward part of the toilet. It is the main reason that can prevent acute skid marks on the surface of the toilet.

Buy Ultra-modern Glazing technology 

The Nano Glaze is a special anti-bacterial glaze that is coated inside of the toilet bowl during the manufacturing process that does not allow the poop marks to be pertinent on the surface of the toilet. This glaze helps impede the build-up of acute germs and other dust on the inside of the toilet. The glazing is also implemented on the surface of the ceramic to make it shinier.

Choose an Open Rim toilet 

If you buy a close-rimmed toilet, that enclosed portion will become the ideal part for the germs to operate. So you should go for the open-rimmed toilet so that skid marks cannot form on these parts in the toilet bowl.

Larger Trapways  

Trapways are the main channel in which the waste is flown through the drainage pipe. If you buy a toilet with a small trapway, the waste is prone to be clogged. To ensure that the product that you are buying has a large trapway.

Final Words

The toilet is one of your home’s most crucial and significant corners. It’s the place where you feel at peace after performing pooping, and it can be a little unhealthy if the toilet sticks with the left-out skid marks. Whether there is acutely plaguing with a toilet bowl that is very tiresome to clean or children have left skid marks, In this article, we have shared some hand-picked tips for preventing poop from sticking to the toilet bowl. A pumice stone or a mixture of vinegar and baking soda scrub the surface of the bowl and give it a glossy look that is quite unconventional for poop to stick on. Having the poop always sticking on the toilet bowl can be loathsome and embarrassing.

Fixing this acute issue once and for all is to clean the bowl on a regular basis. If you consume too many fatty elements, try and make healthier choices, add the fibers to your routine, and that’s how you remain safe from any type of gastrointestinal disease. These informative guidelines prove to be handy enough to sweep away the sticky skid marks from the toilet.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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