The standard dimensions of toilet paper rolls (weight, height, and width)

Do you use tissue paper? The answer should be “yes.” Today, most people use tissue paper worldwide. Toilet paper is one kind of tissue paper. It is an essential piece of equipment to use every day. It is a necessary element to clean the private parts after evacuation. Americans call toilet paper “bath tissue.” Can you say you can measure how many tissue boxes can make a paper roll? Toilet paper is familiar to us as tissue paper. We can utilize it for various uses. Most people use tissue paper without knowing its dimensions. Many types of tissue papers exist worldwide, including single, double, single-ply, regular, double-ply, etc.

Standard Measurement:

Toilet Paper Length: 4 inches/0.33 feet/10 cm
Width: 4.5 inches/0.37 feet/12 cm
Weight: 227 grams/0.5 pounds/ 0.23 kg
Single-Ply toilet paper roll sheets: 1000
Double-Ply toilet paper roll sheets: 500

How many days does the toilet paper roll last?

For a single person: 16 days
Couple: 1 week
A family with three members: 5 days
Family with four members: 4 days
Family with five members: 4 days

Popular Toilet Paper Roll Brands

Scott Essential: 550 sheets
Quilted Northern Ultra Plush: 284 sheets
Cottonelle Professional: 451 sheets
Angel Soft: 260 sheets
Scott 1000: 550 sheets
Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue: 425 sheets
Seventh Generation Recycled: 500 sheets
Charmin Ultra Strong: 286 sheets

How tall is a toilet paper roll?

Everything should have a standard size, likewise, standard quality. Toilet paper is such kind of an item that is produced globally. If you buy toilet paper, you must know the correct size. As you have no idea, you can not set it on the tissue paper hanger in your bathroom. 

Height (tall): Everything has a standard measurement. The general height of toilet paper is 90 to 100mm/10 cm, 4 inches, and zero feet tall tissue paper is a unique measure. Overall, most of the toilet tissues in the world have the same height. 

Standard dimensions of toilet paper rollStandard dimensions of toilet paper roll

Width (wide)

Generally, toilet paper is about 10 to 12 cm in width, which means 3 to 8 inches in width. For many years the width has rippled from 4 inches to 3.37  inches. Now, the width of the maximum tissue paper is 4.1 cm. But, no need to think it is fixed because the companies can change the dimension for the necessity of the people. 


If you try to understand whether the toilet paper is light or heavy, you can measure the weight. Though toilet paper is one of the most lightweight items, you can keep the amount in mind if you are more conscious. The ideal weight of toilet paper is about 227 grams (8 oz). It is perfect for keeping on the tissue holder. 


It is possible to count the measurement when you open the wrapping. Generally, toilet paper is 1000 feet long. There are uncountable tissues stuck in the wrapping. They are sufficient to use the tissues for months.

Can you use toilet paper outside of the toilet?

The name `Toilet Paper’ introduces the thing as a piece of equipment used in the toilet. But toilet paper can be used in many different works. 

  • You can use toilet paper to wipe your hands after having these wet. 
  • If some water or dust falls on your wristwatch, you can clean it with toilet paper. 
  • You can put the paper in your pocket to clean anything that becomes dirty accidentally.
  • Toilet paper is essential in the rainy season, especially when you get muddy and clean yourself. 

Is it possible to use toilet paper as a facial tissue?

Many people use toilet paper in some countries instead of facial tissues. Yes, it is possible. The use of toilet paper materials slightly differs from the facial tissues. The facial tissues are soft, but the toilet papers are somewhat rough. The roughness can create a little bit of discomfort, but it is safe to use on your face.Use Toilet Paper as Facial Tissues

How long can you use toilet paper?

Toilet paper is a one-time item to use shortly. Though its price is meager, toilet paper is necessary to use every day. The one-time item of toilet paper finishes quickly. For counting using length as the mathematical term, we can take the amount of 1000 tissues in every roll. If a consumer uses eight to twenty papers per day, the family members use an average of 60 tissues daily. So, the number of working days is 1000 ÷ 60 = nearly 16 days.  

The count of the days is not a fix. Because if anyone goes to the toilet three times a day, he has a count, another person goes four times, and his count is different. But, the average count is the number of toilet paper that is sufficient to use for an adequate amount of time.  

Factors determining the duration of using toilet tissue

The lasting time of toilet tissue depends on some matters. It will be better for you to get them in the same article. I am showing them to you.

Ply layering of the tissues: Do you know how vital the plies are for counting the duration of tissue papers? The layerings are essential for calculating the use period of a toilet paper roll. The double and multiplies mean that the tissues used lamination or other types of the bondage of the plies to make the tissues denser. If the ply is single, there is more tissue. Because the single-ply is so thin, you can utilize more tissues for more time.

How much toilet paper use is normal?

The number of users: Suppose there are four members in your house and eight members in your neighbor’s house. Do you have the same amount of using toilet tissue? No way, who has more members, will finish all of the tissues quickly. 

Activities variation: Some families in our society use toilet tissues only in the toilet. But there are also some families where the members use tissues to blow their noses, wipe the wet furniture, wash their hands after eating or do various work. The last of toilet paper relies on the activities of your family. Although every work is possible to solve with toilet tissue, it can go long days with your limited use. 

Final statements about a toilet paper roll

At last, we can conclude that the toilet paper roll has a sufficient dimension to use for a long time. The papers are so long that you can use one piece for at least fifteen days in general. It differs depending on your use variation, but I think it is sufficient to recover the cost. The colorful using material is also fashionable to keep on your tissue case. I believe your bathroom will look more beautiful if you choose the best one. Using it in various works makes toilet tissue more useful. So, what is your decision? Use toilet tissue only for use in the flushing toilet, or do it in other places?


How long is a roll of toilet paper unrolled?

It is necessary to know the length of an unrolled toilet paper. When you unroll it and utilize it for your task, you do not know whether the dimension will satisfy you or not. Every toilet paper roll includes 330 square toilet paper sheets. As the average sheet is 4.5 square inches, the unrolled toilet paper is 1485 inches long. If the measurement is perfect, you can start your work immediately.

Who uses more tissues? Boys or girls?

Do you know how many tissues a girl needs every day? Many pieces of research showed that girls use more tissue paper than boys. The girls like to keep the tissue papers in their bags. They are fond of using tissue paper as an aristocratic item in their bags. Girls also want to have tissue paper instead of handkerchiefs to wipe their sweat.

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