What is a Toilet Rim? (Rim vs. Rimless Toilet)

What is a toilet rim?

A toilet rim is a vital part of the toilet. It usually is the borderline of the toilet that resists the spillage and overflooding of water and waste from the toilet bowl. The most unfortunate thing is that it is most probably the most vulnerable area for the growth of fecal sludge and bacteria. The toilet rim is the portion that visually takes all the weight and pressure of the human body. It is the part where the toilet seat is fitted, so you need to be prudent in choosing the rim size of the toilet. The rounded and elongated toilets have different sizes and dimensions.

What is a rimless (open-rim) toilet?

In a typical sense, the rimless or open-rim toilet is a toilet with no rims or borders around the toilet bowl. In today’s world, the demand for rimless toilets is emerging rapidly, and there are justified reasons behind this. The core advantages of this toilet are that They are much easier to clean, and the growth of bacteria and germs is resisted as there are no hidden composers in this toilet.

Rimless Toilet: Swiss Madison Well-Made Tropez

-Soft-close seat
-Skirted design
-Glazed trapway
-Easy to install
-Dual Vortex flushing system
-One-Piece compact design
-1.1 or 1.6 GPF flushing options
-12 inches rough-in
-Easy to clean

What is a box rim toilet?

The box rim toilet is also called the rimmed toilet. It is completely opposite of the rimless toilet. In a box rim toilet, you will see the clear borderline that is designed to prevent overflowing and splashing out water. But the prime demerit of this kind of toilet is that it is extremely prone to the rapid growth of unwanted germs, bacteria, mold, and mildew, which are very challenging to clean. For these reasons, the demand for box-rimmed toilets is declining. 

Rimless toilet disadvantages:

There are tons of advantages of rimless toilets. As I always say, everything has positive and negative sides, and the rimless toilet is no exception. You will find not many disadvantages of the rimless toilet, but I will try to disclose some of them, 

  • The main demerit is that the rimless toilets are very prone to unwanted spillage and overflooding that may upset the toilet ambiance. 
  • Another demerit could be the overprice of these toilets. They are comparatively more expensive than box-rim toilets.

What is the difference between rimless and rimmed toilets?

There are lots of dissimilarities between rimless and rimmed toilets. Let us look into those contradictory facts in a parallel manner, Rim toilet vs rimless toilet

  • The rimmed toilets have a clear territory or security line around the toilet bowl that prevents outcry and spillage from the bowl. On the contrary, the rimless toilets have no such kind of borderline; the bowl’s design is continuous, and there is no elevation or spike around the toilets.
  • As the rimmed toilets have a clear rim around the neck of the toilet, it works like a dormitory for the germs and bacteria as the scrubbers can not reach these remote corners of the toilet. On the other hand, there are really no such options for growing germs in rimless toilets. 
  • The rimless toilets are comparatively more expensive than the rimmed toilets because they have more advanced flushing technology and more prominent features.
  • It is simpler to maintain rimless toilets than rimmed toilets because there are no concealed corners in these toilets. 

What is a toilet rim hanger?

The toilet rim hanger is a small clip that is to be attached to the rim of the toilet bowl. And main advantages of this rim hanger are,What is a toilet rim hanger

  • It Cleans & Deodorizes the toilet bowl 
  • It  removes Stains that Hard Water causes
  • The rim hanger freshens the Air and makes it odorless. 
  • This rim hanger works as an anti-resistance against germs and bacteria. 

How to clean the toilet rim?

The toilet rim is the rarest corner in a toilet, and it is a really arduous job to remove the stains, rings, or limescale from the toilet rim. Here is the complete process of cleaning the toilet rim,

  • The first stage is to flush the toilet once before starting the procedures. Then choose a decent and effective toilet cleaner, apply that roundedly in the bowl, and wait for some minutes. 
  • Next, take a scrubber or brush and rinse the bowl and the rare corner from top to bottom. Try to rinse inside the concealed portion of the rim.
  • After some time, flush the toilet and have a good and fresh toilet rim. 
  • If the stain is too stubborn, then you can use baking powder and vinegar to clean the rim. By following these consequential steps, you can easily clean a toilet rim.

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