What is a Toilet Bowl?-Standard Size, Type, and Materials

Toilet Bowl:

So what does a toilet bowl look like? The toilet bowl is an oval-shaped or round-shaped basin containing human faces, urine, and all other waste. It holds this waste, and when you flush, it is carried away to the drainpipe and septic tank through the trapways. The toilet bowl was the temporary holder of waste materials and was disposed of after flushing.

What is an elongated toilet bowl?

The elongated toilet bowls are the pioneer type of design in the modern toilet world. Its simplistic and aesthetic design is always preferable among the customers. It has deployed the most cherished features for older people, especially for men. The extra 2-inch long portion gives tremendous comfort to them. If you want a modern resemblance of architecture, then it will be the perfect pick for you.elongated-toilet-bowl

What is a round toilet bowl?

The round toilet bowls have reigned supreme for many years in the toilet industry as there was no other option available in the market. But as the industry started to create development, it started losing popularity. Round toilet bowls have a trait type of design that is too basic and applicable for the early toilets. If you have a scanty bathroom space or the budget is too tight, then you might go with this option.round toilet bowls

What is a rimless toilet bowl?

To know about the rimless toilet, we first need to know what the rim is? Rim usually is the borderline of the toilet bowl that prevents unwanted spillage of wastewater from the bowl. It creates a clear border prevalent in most toilets, but the concealed portion of this toilet works as the growth room for bad germs and bacteria.rimless toilet bowls

The rimless toilets are those toilets that have visually no rims around the territory of the toilet bowl. These are the signs of modern toilets as this type of toilet has tons of merits. The rimless toilets do not catch the skid marks as there is no concealed portion in this toilet. Rimless toilets remain fresh most of the time, and the maintenance is straightforward.

What is a toilet bowl made of?

The toilet bowl is made of a wide range of materials, and almost all the materials have their merits. The toilet bowl is nothing but the resemblance of the class and design of a toilet. Let us see the materials that are used in the toilet,

  • Vitreous China material

If you are searching for the most affordable and sleek design toilets, then there is nothing more preferable than the Vitreous China material. The price is relatively lower than the other materials. But this is very prone to scratches and crips.

  • Porcelain

It is one of the costliest of all other bathroom materials. The porcelain produces the most aesthetic and glamorous type of toilet. Its super glazy finishing transforms it into an unpredictable piece of creation.

  • Clay 

One of the most common types of materials is clay for making the toilet and other bathroom ingredients. The clay materials can be super effective in making accurate and durable toilets. So many other related parts of the toilets are made of clay because of their availability.

  • Ceramic toilet bowl

Ceramic toilets are used widely across the world for their availability. You can find them in many colors and designs. But they are prone to break down and chip. But it has always been top of the game for many decades for its sheer durability.

  • Plastic commode bowl

The main feature is that you get a wide variety of color choices. But they are not that stylish and sleek in design. They are commonly used in public toilets or places where it is used casually. The Plastic toilets are very cheap and budget-friendly, which makes them somehow appreciable among the customers.Plastic commode bowls

What is the standard toilet bowl height?

You may find lots of types of bowl heights for the toilet, but if you do not choose the right height, then the comfortability will be gone. According to the experts, the standard toilet bowl height is between 15 to 16 inches from the floor of the bathroom to the rim of the toilet, and including the toilet seats, the height becomes  17 to 19 inches. No matter what happens, it would help if you bought ADA-approved toilets for older and disabled people.

How do you clean mold, bacteria, or rings from the toilet bowl?

The toilet is one of the most vulnerable to acute mold, bacteria, or rings. Here are some proven methods of eradicating mold and bacteria.

Using the mixture of vinegar and Baking Soda:

Measure about a cup of vinegar, pour it inside the toilet bowl and let it be there for about half an hour. Then apply some baking soda; let it settle for another 15 minutes. Scrub the toilet bowl with a soft toilet brush and rinse off. All the mold, bacteria, or toilet rings will be gone after this process.Bowl rim cleaner

Bowl rim cleaners:

There are so many toilet bowl cleaners available in the market. You can choose any of them, but make sure that item must be free from bleach as it is very much corrosive to the surface of the bowl.

Pumice stone:

First, wet the pumice stone and start scrubbing the surface where the ring is. Ensure that you put firm pressure and a circular motion when cleaning the toilet bowl. Finally, use the scrubber to clean the toilet again and flush the toilet.

Using the borax solution:Using the borax for cleaning toilets

First, you need to prepare a paste in a dish using borax and an ample amount of water. Then apply those to the stained areas in the toilet bowl if you see too many skid marks. Wait for about half an hour, scrub and flush the toilet. That may eliminate the mold or dirt rings.

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