All about the Gerber toilet: Who makes it?

Want to install a new toilet in your new home? But you are confused about which brand is trustworthy. Then I will meet you with the Gerber toiletries. I know you also notice some of their sanitary items on the market. But you don’t know about them at all. And you are also interested in their origin, making process, quality, etc. Let’s talk about the Gerber toilet.

All you need to know about the Gerber toilet brand

Gerber is a very famous company for making different items in the washroom. Max Gerber is the founder of this company. This Polish immigrant mainly started this company after his title in 1932 to make different types of essential items for bathrooms and kitchens.

They make an effort to keep your kitchen and bathroom up-to-date. And the quality of each product is unquestionable. The company has three main mottos. The first one is to set it and forget it. That means they use high-quality materials in every part of any kitchen or restroom appliance. If you carefully use it, you won’t face any problems for a long time. They said that after installing this, you could forget about those elements. who makes gerber toilets

The second one is to realize your vision. That means they just designed every product very carefully and tried to cope with the new trend. So if your vision is a modern, different-looking toilet, you can believe them. Every product they make is very suitable for a modern-looking bathroom. And the last one is the uncomplicated mechanism. That means you can easily use them without facing any difficulties. Many people don’t understand the features of a toilet, so they end up with broken or clogged toilets. But Gerber tries to make the most accessible toilet for all types of people. And don’t think about their product quality. They give you the best service with long-term durability.

Who makes Gerber Toilets?

You may wonder where this company is located. Or from where it produces every product it sells? This company’s headquarters are now in Chicago and China. They recently decided to take over most of the businesses in China. Now this company is known as Gerber Plumbing Fixtures, LLC. And Globe Union Group is also a shareholder in this company.

Both companies are very famous worldwide. They are so sharing this company, and it’s not a loss project for them. The Globe Union is renowned for its outstanding partnerships with some technical, manufacturing, and marketing resources. Gerber has access to them as well. It’s like a win-win situation for this 70-year-old company.gerber toilets reviews

Now, China is mainly known for its toiletry quality and also style. So customers also get high hopes that Gerber will directly import more than before. That’s why they still believe in them and enjoy their every product. The famous Gerber toilet is one flush, dual flush, urinals, etc. The company also has an organization in other countries like Canada, Taiwan, the USA, Mexico, and Italy.

Where is this Gerber toilet manufacturer?

Gerber is now a rising company in the USA. But its origin is in China. Their headquarters are also here. But recently, the company shifted to China, so most of the manufacturing processes have changed there. But the positive side is that they also manufacture products in the USA. The quality and style are also just like before, top quality. So if you want to buy a toilet from them, don’t hesitate.

Some popular models of Garber toilet

There are several reviews and surveys about Garber toilets. Different reviews brought out some different brands. But, the following two models of the Garber brand are very popular and trustworthy, and we are presenting short reviews about them.

Gerber Viper 21-528 Elongated toilet bowl

This toilet bowl will give you access to a lightweight, user-friendly, and perfect-sized elongated toilet. Here are some advantages of the Viper 21-528 toilet you can not avoid.

i) This toilet is water-sense compliant. It means it can save a lot of water.

ii) The construction of Garber Viper 21-528 is well. So, the toilet can last long.

iii) The Gerber Viper 21-528 price is pocket-friendly.

iv) The Viper 21-528 dimension is

v) The shape of the Viper is oblong/elongated.

Gerber Allerton GHE20007

There are some attractive features of the Gerber Allerton toilet.

i) First of all, the toilet has an excellent water-saving opportunity. If you flush the toilet once, it will expense only 1.28 gpf of water.

ii) The ADA-compliant Allerton toilet includes a left-handed flushing lever. So it is very easy to operate.

iii) It has a 12-inch rough-in.

Garber Avalanche 21-014 toilet

It is another high-quality and long-lasting toilet of the Garber brand. For the superior flushing performance, the toilet is praiseworthy. Some other attractive features of the Avalanche toilet might impress the users.

i) It has an elongated toilet bowl.

ii) The toilet is 28.5 inches in height, 16.25 inches in width, and 26.75 inches in length.

iii) It is a floor-mounted toilet.

iv) Fluidmaster flush valve makes the Garber Avalanche 21-014 toilet. It is known as the highest standard of flush valves.


I believe I can draw every aspect of this Gerber toilet company. They have been famous for nearly 70 years for their easily usable and durable toilets. There are many options you can get on their website. Before going to the market, you can easily look from there. You can find various designs and colors for washroom materials there. When you choose a product from their official website, you can easily buy it from the market.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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