What is an Offset Toilet Flange Wax Ring and how do you install it?

You do not need to be a plumber to install the toilet in your own house. But, there are some subtle processes of installing a toilet that can throw a puzzle. Installation of an offset toilet flange wax ring is that kind of process which is so difficult. So, you need to follow the process of installing the ring carefully and complete the work.

The offset toilet flanges are the different types of flanges that are curved and suitable for placing the toilet ½ inches beside. The offset flanges help set and move the commode quickly. The flange will give you the way if you want to move your commode a bit in front, back, or anywhere. You can quickly move the toilet without changing the flange as the flange is curved and movable by rotation. 

What is an Offset Toilet Flange Wax Ring?

After flushing, the toilet throws a considerable amount of water and delivers it to the drainpipe. The offset toilet flange wax ring is an element of sealing the pipe. It makes a watertight seal between the toilet and the drainpipe to stop the unwanted water flow outside the line.  

There is a slight difference between the regular flanges and the offset flange. The first characteristic of the offset flange is it is curved and makes it easy to make the scope of moving the toilet. 

General Wax Rings Vs. Offset Toilet Flange Wax Ring

How can you glorify the offset toilet flange wax rings? Are they different from the available rings? Yes, it is obvious. The built-in offset is a necessary element of the offset toilet flange wax rings. It is the requisite material for keeping the connection between the toilet and drain pipe. It allows the water to go through the drainpipe without leaking quickly. Offset Toilet Flange Wax Ring Vs General Wax Rings

Offset Toilet Flange Wax Ring: Definition and Utilization

Compared with the other toilet flange wax ring, the offset rings present many different characteristics to impress you. The possibility of setting with various kinds of toilets is a significant feature of the offset rings. Here I mention the features of the offset toilet flange wax ring and why you should choose it to get the best one.  

  • Diversity in sizes

The offset toilet flange wax rings offer various sizes. It is appropriate for setting with all of the flanges of different sizes. So, don’t plan to place an offset wax ring with your toilet flange. The offset wax ring can be set with every flange, how big or tiny the flange can be. 

  • Solid and Perforated Size

Some floors can be made with concrete; others are wooden. Different types of flanges are necessary to set with the different places. Solid flanges are especially essential for putting in a concrete floor. The offset toilet flange wax ring provides solid flanges with concrete and perforated flanges for the wooden floor. 

  • Accurate Alignment

Connecting the toilet and drain pipe, the wax ring of the toilet flange has to ensure a good alignment between the two lines. The offset toilet flange wax rings are flexible and comfortable to fit. They align the toilet and drain pipe correctly as no drop of water can come out of the line. So, this generation’s general people and plumbers like offset flanges more than the general ones. 

  • Easy to Install

Offset Toilet flange wax rings are available in various sizes. So, it is fittable with the different kinds of flanges. It makes the flange installation easy and possible for the people. So, if you have some ideas and plumbing experiences, you can install the toilet flange.

How to install Offset Toilet Flange Wax Ring by yourself?

You have already got the information on how accessible the installing process of offset toilet flange is. Now it is time to show you the easy process. Here you are getting the steps of installing the toilet. Checking the steps from first to last will allow you to complete the work of installing the offset wax ring. 

Step 01: Remove The Toilet

You must remove the old toilet flange carefully. Check that no dirt stays there. If you find it, clean it quickly. Use a wrench to turn the bolts and nuts while removing the toilet.Remove-The-Toilet

Step 02: Cleaning The Pipe

Now, you will clean the drain pipe efficiently. You have to remove all of the dirt from the line. You can also use a degreaser to wash the drain pipe and toilet flange. Cleaning-The-Pipe

Step 03: Offset Flange Installation

Now it is time to install the offset toilet flange wax ring. Be careful about the position, as no mistake comes here. You have to set it over the drain pipe and the toilet flange.  Offset Flange Installation process

Step 04: Use Putty to Stick 

Use the plumber’s putty around the toilet flange. It is necessary to set the flange and make it stick with the toilet floor.How to Use Plumber's Putty

Step 05: Set The Commode

Be sure that the pipe arrangement of the offset flange is perfect. Now fit the commode on the flange and check if the position is appropriate. Notice the holes under the commode for setting the screws into them. Use a pencil to draw the marks of the screw’s places.  How to Install a Toilet

Step 06: Drill Holes to Set The Screws

After marking the position of the screw on the floor, you can remove the commode. Now drill the concrete in the marked places. The holes will be used for setting the screws and attaching the commode to the floor. nothing to screw toilet flange to concrete floor

Step 07: Fixing Nuts and Screws

You will fix the toilet and set the nuts and screws. Be careful about repairing the bathroom just on the upper position of the drainpipe. Now check the nuts and screws as they are tight after installing them. Your toilet installation with offset flange wax rings is ready. How do you replace toilet screws?

Step 08: Install The New Wax Ring

Now is the time to install the new wax ring with the offset toilet flange. To make it sustainable, you have to replace it with a double-thick wax ring. As you can not delay replacing the wax ring, you must be careful about it. The double-thick wax ring can be the best one providing you with the best standard. How to Replace a Toilet Wax Ring


The offset flanges help make the toilet movable. If you want to move your commode about three or four inches on any side, you have to rotate the flange. So the offset flanges are exceptional. The wax rings are helpful for movable toilet flanges to stop leakage of the flanges and the evil smells. After gathering the knowledge about offset toilet flanges and the proper use of wax rings, you can go to the market to select the best toilet flange for your bathroom. It is time to choose the flange and wax ring because you want to improve your toilet set. So, do not be late for collecting the best wax ring for your rotatable offset flange.


  • Why should we stick the wax ring with an offset toilet flange?

The offset toilet flanges are appropriate for positioning the toilet. But, the wax ring is necessary for setting the flange tightly. It also works to stop the unwanted water leakage of the flange and save valuable water. The main feature of the wax ring is its odor-proof seal. The seal prevents the spreading of ill-smelling of the toilet. 

  • Is there any alternative to a wax ring?

When the wax ring is in excess, wax-free toilet seals are available. Many plumbers in this generation work with the alternatives of their plumbing items. The wax-free toilet seals are a choice item for the plumbers. 

  • In which situation do you need to use offset flanges

Some consequences compel you to use an offset toilet flange. When your bathroom floor is not level, you have to use the offset toilet flange. It will give you the perfect alignment of your toilet set. The alignment of the toilet bowl can save you from spending money after the water leakage and other issues with your toilet.

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