How to use muriatic acid to fix a slow flushing toilet?

Do you feel the toilet doesn’t flush properly? Do not worry; there is an effective process of flushing your toilet smoothly. In this article, I will talk about muriatic acid, which unclogs or cleans the toilet quickly and makes the toilet flush smoothly as usual.

What is muriatic acid made from?

Are you confused about the name ‘muriatic acid?’ You might have heard the term’ hydrochloric acid.’ Muriatic acid is another kind of thing like it. But, there are some differences between muriatic acid and hydrochloric acid. Both of them are used for different purposes.

Generally, muriatic acid is a mixed hydrochloric acid solution with little difference from HCl. People used both of these as cleaning materials. HCl has a thicker assemblage than muriatic acid, including a 38% concentration. On the other hand, muriatic acid has 30-32%. 

What are the Possible Reasons for a Slow Flushing Toilet?

A toilet is a must for your daily life. When it becomes poor in flushing, you can not stay relaxed. You get worried about your valuable time and hampering work. Slow flushing of toilets can occur in many circumstances. Everyone wants to reduce the slowness of their toilet flushing. First, you must know the factors affecting the toilet’s slowness to remove it quickly.

  • Blockage in the Toilet Tank

The toilet tank is a storehouse of flushing water. When you understand the mechanism, it will be apparent to you. The lift chain pulls up the toilet flapper when you push the flush handle. Thus the gate of Waterflow opens, and then the tank water goes to the toilet and flushes into the bowl. toilet tank blockage

If the toilet tank does not remain clean, it will be unable to open the gate quickly to flush the toilet. Significantly, the lift chain becomes a crank when you do not clean the toilet tank and bowl for a long time. The slack, about ½ inches, decreases the flushing speed of the toilet. It results in the slow and inappropriate flushing of your toilet set. 

  • Dirty Toilet Bowl

The existing water in the toilet tank enters the toilet bowl through the siphon jet. When the way of water opens, the water goes to the bowl throughout the time whole and rinses the toilet.  

When the water inside the toilet tank is filled with unclean water, especially with deposited iron, it will make the rim holes dirty and cause a dirty toilet bowl. It is a big reason for the slow flushing toilet. You have to use toilet cleaning solutions to make the rim holes clean and make your flushing faster

Toilet Keep Clogging

It will be a significant mistake if I tell the reasons for a slow flushing toilet without mentioning toilet clog. Clogging flush tubes, drain pipes, and bathroom vent pipes are all related to slow-flushing toilets.

The jammed sewage line and toilet pipe gradually slow the toilet flushing down. So, you have to check if the lines are clear or not every month or every week, if possible. So, when you desire an efficient flushing toilet, you must unclog it. Otherwise, fast flushing is not possible.  

Is it safe to use muriatic acid in the toilet?

Generally, big industries use muriatic acid to keep their space clean. It is a solution for refining materials and removing rust. Oil production, construction, leather cleaning, and home cleaning depend on muriatic acid. 

But as a toilet cleaner, it is more robust than CLR. Also, there is a slight problem with this toilet cleaning agent. Muriatic acid also kills the bacteria, including the beneficial bacteria in the toilet and the septic tank. But, if you use muriatic acid in the right way, it will become easy for you to clear the blockage and make your toilet flush normal. You have to use some baking soda with the acid. The baking soda can neutralize muriatic acid. As much as possible, after balancing the acid, you can pour it into the toilet bowl to clean the slow-flushing toilet. Now you flush the toilet and get ready for the result of perfect flushing. 

Cleaning the toilet is necessary once a week. But it is not essential to pour muriatic acid every week. Instead, you can use the material when you notice that your toilet flushing is slow. 

How Can I Use Muriatic Acid to Solve the Slow Flushing Issue?

There is a continuous process of efficiently cleaning a toilet. When you prepare to make your toilet flush faster, you will maintain the following steps. 

  • Flush The Toilet

To remove the water from the toilet bowl, you should first flush the toilet Before starting the toilet cleaning. Ensure that the toilet bowl is empty.Flushing Toilet

  • Stop The Electricity

You should remove the electrical connection. Make the toilet functional for repair if it flashes slowly.

  • Glove, mask and glasses For cleaning toiletWear Gloves, Mask, and Eye Protection Glasses

Muriatic acid is not suitable for our health. Significantly, it can be harmful to our eyes. So, use a mask on your face, gloves on your hands, and protection glasses on your eyes to get rid of any health injury.

  • Use a Funnel to Pour Muriatic Acid

Pour the acid into the toilet bowl. The funnel will make the process easier and save you from the harmful action of the acid. The acid has to go through the toilet pipe and sewage line.  muriatic acid uses toilet

  • Turn on the Electricity and Flush The Toilet

When a certain amount of acid has been poured into the toilet bowl, you will reconnect the toilet’s electrical connection to fill the tank. Flush the toilet set when the tank gets sufficient water. The acid will go through the sewage line to the septic tank. Now you can flush again to check the flushing power of the toilet. 

Is muriatic acid effective for unclogging a toilet?

There are many chemicals used as toilet cleaning agents. But, sometimes, muriatic acid can be stronger than the cleaners. Mainly, it is an efficient ingredient for removing rust from the toilet. You can get comfort when you clean it. The most important reason for using acid is that it is helpful to clean the blockage of the toilet and increase its flushing capacity.

What are the health risks of using muriatic acid carelessly?

When you use anything to make your toilet flush faster, you must also look at its disadvantages. Muriatic acid is a corrosive ingredient in nature. It is unhealthy for humans. The harmful effects of muriatic acid are causing damage to the respiratory systems of our skin, eyes, and other organs. So, you must apply maximum caution when using the acid. Use a face mask and gloves, then pour the acid into the toilet bowl.

Final Thoughts

Although muriatic acid has some health concerns, we can take maximum caution while using it. Properly utilizing the ingredient will remove the intolerable clog and make our toilet flushing more powerful. Furthermore, we get a scope to use our toilet comfortably with a faster flush and expert cleaning. Using muriatic acid is not hourly work; it is only at the time when the toilet clogs and makes the flushing slower. So, will you be deprived of getting an outstanding opportunity?

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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