Alternative Ways: How to flush your toilet without the handle?

If you can flush the toilet properly with sufficient water and refill the tank quickly, you know that your toilet flushing system is perfect. But some problems are happening with us. Suppose you know how to plunger and flush a toilet, but you do not know how to wash it without a handle. If you use the handle to flush your toilet, it becomes one of the essentials in your bathroom. You are familiar with flashing with the handle. But if the handle is broken? It is like the broken plates before starting your dinner. Still, it is possible to flush your toilet without a handle. So, do not worry about a fractured handle; I will give you a solution to using your bathroom with a broken handle in this article. 

How does a toilet handle work?

Most of the toilets, such as Toto Legato, come with a handle. For your benefit, I am mentioning the working process of a toilet handle in short. The flush handle is located at the top left or right side of the water tank. It is essential to wash the commode after use. It works by throwing out the water into the entire commode surface. The toilet handle process is similar to the work of livers as creating some pressure to throw the water. Using the flush handle is similar to turning the key. The water flow starts to wash the commode surface when you turn the handle. It is easy to clean the surface by using the saved water. 

Does the flush handle break down? 

Breaking the flush handle of a commode is an ordinary matter. The flush valve’s seal is a rubber ring. It can weaken day by day and be destroyed after long day usage. When the seal breaks down, it becomes hard to stop the water from flashing perfectly. It is the main reason for the breaking of the flush handle. toilet handle loose and won't flush

Methods for flushing the toilet without using the toilet handle

Suppose the flushing handle has broken. Do you think it is a great problem for you? No way! The handle should be damaged, but you should not. Now you have to flush your commode perfectly without the handle. Can you find any easy way? No, I am showing you some most effortless ways of flushing the toilet if you break the flushing handle. 

Elevate the flapper

At first, you can remove the water tank’s lid to flash without a handle. After removing the cover, you can see every important thing in the flashing system. Now, can you find the flapper from them? How can you recognize the flapper? It is a rubber cork and is generally red. You can find it at the bottom of the tank. When it opens, it allows the water to pour downwards. There is a chain stuck on the flapper. The flapper opens and leaves the water in the toilet bowl when you pull it. 

For your necessity, I am showing here the process in some steps. 

  • First, remove the water tank’s lid to find the flapper. 
  • Now, check the flapper if it is at the bottom of the tank. 
  • If you find the chain stuck out with the flapper, pull it nicely. But if the chain is disconnected, go through the water and remove the flapper directly. 
  • At the top of the tank, there should be one inch of water to solve flushing perfectly. If you can not get it, find out another process given below. 

Elevating the flapper is a process that is related to the amount of existing water in the water tank. It is easy to flush your toilet easily without a handle. If you do not have one inch of water, another process can help you. Removing the lid and pulling the chain is a temporary flashing method to perform effortlessly. Do not think about hygiene. The tank water is fresh and clean if you can take care of it. 

Pour sufficient water into the toilet bowl

The pouring of water is related to gravity. It is also true that toilet maintenance and clearing are also gravity-related. If you throw the water into the toilet, it goes into the commode and cleans just like flushing. The easiest way of flushing toilets is by pouring a massive amount of water. You know, flushing the handle includes the process of flowing water. When you turn it on, it effuses the water. So, if you can pour sufficient water by your bucket, it can be an impressive alternative to the toilet handle.can i pour water in toilet tank

I am showing the steps of pouring water to make the concept clear.

  • Take a five-gallon of a bucket and fill it entirely.
  • Pour the water of the bucket into the commode. You must throw it with the pressure that all the garbage can remove when you pour it. 

After five or ten seconds of throwing water, you will find that there will be a change in the surface. The bowl will look clean by filling up the water. You can do it when the flush handle is broken, or no water is saved in the water tank. Always try to use clean water in your bucket. 

Pouring water into the water tank

It is similar to the process of pouring water into the bowl. When you pour water into the bowl, it works directly by cleaning the commode surface. But, when you pour water into the water tank, it takes a short time to transfer to the bowl and clean the area. But, filling the water will give you a similar experience of flashing.Pouring water into the water tank

Here I am giving you the steps of flushing by watering into the tank.

  • First, you should open the lid of the water tank to pour water into it.
  • Notice the amount of water staying in the tank. If there is no water, pour a comparatively higher amount of water and fill it. 
  • Now you can pull on the chain or lift the flapper. Both of the ways are appropriate to flush the toilet. 

So, this method is also appropriate to wash your toilet bowl when there is no water in the tank. I hope the information will also be helpful for you when your water tank is empty. 

Final thoughts about the alternatives of the toilet handle

Do you want to flush with the alternative ways or replace the toilet handle? The methods of flashing a toilet without a handle are not harmful. If you feel easy, you can do this without hesitation. Exploding with a bucket of water or flashing, elevating the flapper, or pouring water into the water tank is helpful to keep your toilet bowl clean and hygienic. Among the three alternatives, running water with a bucket into the bowl is the easiest way to clean your toilet bowl. Additionally, adding a measurable amount of detergent will be perfect for cleaning your toilet bowl clean and impressive. Follow the tips and keep your toilet shiny!


Why do toilet handles break?

Damaging the seal on the flush valve is a significant cause of breaking the toilet handles. The flush valve seal is made of a rubber ring. It has a specific time of use. After the expiration period, it begins to damage. So, you have to replace the seal at the perfect time. Taking much care can increase its durability, but you must change the flush handle when the period is over. 

Is there any functional problem if I do not use a handle?

You got some processes of flushing toilets without a handle. You may question if you face any problem with the flashing system. But, don’t worry, this method will not create any problem with the toilet function. Although it is better to use a flashing handle for your advantage, applying the other processes is not harmful. 

How long does a toilet handle last?

It is admirable for the toilet handles that last for about four to five years. But, if you or your children use it carelessly, it can break quickly. Otherwise, it lasts long by using it carefully and consciously. There are different kinds of toilet handles. If you want to get your preferable lasting toilet handle, you can buy it carefully.

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