How to fix a toilet that overflows for no reason?

Some unsolicited events can destroy your pleasant moments. Especially when your toilet becomes damaged, your sleep can take a holiday from your eyes. No one can easily accept it when issues interfere with the toilet. Overflowing is a significant consequence that indicates a problem with clogged pipes, faulty septic tanks, sewage backups, etc. You are flushing your toilet to make the water flow and forcefully remove the waste. But when the staff overflows into the bathroom, what do you think? Now it is time you take steps to stop the toilet from overflowing

Why is my toilet overflowing for no reason?

Toilet overflowing is an essential matter of discussion. Some reasons cause the toilet to clog, overflow, or other unwanted things. Without some minor differences, toilet clogging and overflowing are related. You can make the correlation between them. The following points are also vital to identify and preventing the reasons for toilet overflow. 

  • The Toilet Pipes are Clogged

Every toilet needs to extract garbage, including human waste and water. The toilet extraction pipes allow the trash to be removed quickly. But what can happen with the toilet if the extraction pipes are clogged?Toilet Pipes are Clogged

However, the toilet can stop flushing at any time. So, it is not surprising matter that your toilet is not washing the surface when you turn the handle. But overflowing the toilet is stunning and disturbing to toilet users. 

When the toilet system is clogged, it becomes jammed and cannot wash the toilet properly. The toilet pipes are the way of draining down the waste and watering the commode. But, if they are clogged with specks of dirt, how do they become able to remove the garbage? This consequence allows the flushing water to overflow the bathroom. So, the toilet pipes are essential for overflowing the toilet.

  • The Septic Tank is Full

The septic tank is the area where human waste is stored. It has to be so profound that sufficient human waste can be replaced here for a long time. After that time, the tank becomes full, and the house owner has to remove all the debris and clean the tank. But, if he forgets the tank’s condition and does not clean it, the tank will be loaded. It will not be able to take the further pressure of wastewater. Thus the toilet flushing water will overflow and make the bathroom unclear. septic tank is full

  • Sewage Line is Blocked

Human waste and flushing water from the toilet do not stay under the commode. It goes to the septic tank through the pipe and sewage line. The sewage line is similar to the road to extract the toilet garbage. 

Sometimes the sewage line is blocked with some inorganic waste. The toilet users unconsciously throw tissue papers, banana peels, packets of food, and other things into the toilet. These things are related to clogging the toilet pipes and the sewage line. Thus the wastewater can not go to the septic tank because of blocking the way. It occurs when the toilet overflows.Main Sewer Line Blocked

The toilet’s vent pipe is situated on the roof to clear the frowzy environment of the inside toilet. It hampers the weather of the bathroom and causes the toilet to overflow. Can you imagine how it is possible? The blocked vent pipe is related to increasing the bathroom’s hot temperature and destroying the inner water flow. Thus, the toilet water overflows and becomes terrible, causing an unclean bathroom. Clogged vent pipe

  • Toilet Tank Component’s Inconsistency

The toilet tank has several functions. It can be able to work correctly when its parts are perfectly fixed. But, the disarrangement of the toilet tank components is unable to allow the tank to flush correctly. 

The correct arrangement of the toilet bowl has a good flushing capacity. The toilet’s flush valve works to clean it with a rubber seal at the bottom. When the rubber seal activates the flush valve, it lifts and forces water out of the cistern. Thus, the specific amount of waterfalls into the toilet bowl.  toilet tank parts diagram

If any function inside the toilet tank becomes problematic, it cannot flush the bowl surface. So, the inconsistency of the toilet tank is reliable to cause toilet overflow. 

The filler float of the toilet tank moves the tank’s water level. When the tank is empty after every flush, the filler float opens and gradually fills up the tank. After filling it, the fill valve closes automatically and stops filling the bowl.Do I Need To Adjust My Float Height

The immense height of the filler float allows it to fill more water in the tank than necessary. Thus it may be a reason for the tank’s leakage and overflow of the flushing water. So, we must consider the filler float before buying the toilet. 

How to stop your toilet from overflowing?

It becomes disgusting when you flush the toilet to clean the surface, but the overflowing water spreads in the bathroom. So, taking steps to stop the toilet from overflowing is a must. Here we are mentioning the best way to prevent toilet water overflow. You will not be disappointed after getting it. 

Step 01: Stop Flushing

When you notice your toilet is overflowing, you must immediately stop the toilet flushing. This step is the first to flush the overflow. The water will spread throughout your bathroom if you rewash it before repairing it.Stop toilet Flushing   

Step 02: Remove The Electrical Connection

You will repair your toilet, so you must remove the electrical connection. Thus you will get the chance to improve your toilet flushing efficiently.

Step 03: Check The Blockage

Clogging the air vent, pipes, and extraction line is significant for overflowing toilet water. When the sewage line is blocked, the flushing water can not get the proper way of extracting. So, every line should come under checking. If it is not possible for you, call an efficient plumber.

Step 04: Clear The Clogs with A Plunger

Suppose you checked the extraction system of the toilet and found the sewage line blocked. Now, you have to take a plunger. It will give you a chance to clean the blockage of the toilet efficiently. The toilet water will get the opportunity to go through the clear line to the septic tank. This process is the best for removing your clogged toilet and overflowing water. How to Unclog a Toilet With a Plunger

Step 05: Snake The Toilet Drain with A Toilet Auger

You can clear the toilet drain when you can not get a positive result after plunging the toilet. The toilet auger will make the process easy for you. When you clear the toilet drain, it will be able to flow and extract the water. Moreover,  using a toilet auger is handy for stopping the obstruction of toilet water flow. How to Unclog a Toilet With a Drain Snake

Step 06: Clean The Septic Tank

The fulfillment of the entire septic tank is reliable for overflowing. So, you will call a septic tank cleaner to make the tank empty. This process will amplify the step in the tank for storing garbage inside it. It will be sufficient to put all the waste and stop the toilet from overflowing. septic tank cleaning

Step 07: Clean The AirVent

The AirVent on the roof is also a significant reason for causing the toilet to overflow. When it becomes blocked, it remains an obstacle from sending the inside air to the outside. Thus it pollutes the bathroom’s environment and becomes a reason for toilets overflowing. Air Vent Cleaning

So, if you check the sewage line, septic tank, and other extracting lines and get no fault from them,  you must check the bathroom’s AirVent and clean it. 

Final Thoughts

Toilet overflowing is a common problem for several homeowners. But the solution to the problem is just in the palm of your hand. Clean the Air Vent, the sewage line, and the septic tank, and remove all the cloggings from your toilet. Hygiene is the most effective way of keeping the toilet clog-free. So, the maximum caution for keeping the bathroom clean will stop the toilet’s clogging and prevent overflow. But be careful about the filler float. The overflow occurs when it becomes prominent in height and contains much water. Hopefully, good attendance after the toilet can make it neat and clean for the best user experience.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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