How much does a two piece toilet weigh?

The two-piece toilet’s weight is one of the main criteria for overlooking this type of toilet. The insisting two-piece toilet has been the greatest gruesome aspect of the bulky design, even in the case of adjustability. But obviously, it is one of the greatest impediments to having a two-piece toilet. Let me tell you a scenario. The average one-piece toilet will weigh at most 100 lbs.        

But a two-piece toilet will weigh more than a one-piece toilet as it has two separate items. The bowl weighs a little bit heavier, and the tank is comparatively less weighty. The tank weighs around 50–60 pounds depending on the type and design, and it can be like a Standard two-piece toilet’s weight. The average dry weights of these standard toilets are not exceeding that of this. You need to think of the sea and lid also.

What are the factors that have an immense effect on the Weight of a Toilet?

These are the factors that have an immense effect on the Weight of a Toilet, 

Type of toilet

We have mentioned earlier that the type of toilet greatly affects the weight of the toilet. Whatever it is, One or Two-piece Toilets, and the weight is going to vary. One of the most significant things is that these factors have a massive result on weight. The type and the issue of why it has a massive impact on the weight is something mystical. Maybe it is the material density. The one-piece or a two-piece combinedly the additional features of the separate bowl and tank. The base and tank get mixed together. 

Simply the one-piece toilets have a weight of around 100 Pounds. That means that two-piece is relatively bulkier if they are mixed in the same pot. The one-piece is lighter if you consider it as a single piece. type of toilet

The two-piece toilet is easier to uphold as the parts are separated, and the thing is that the base and tank have separate and unconventional aspects. You can install the two-piece toilet yourself. The separate lifting of the bowl and tank has something to prove. It obviously is a lot easier to handle. Placing them in the correct area is also easy. 

Brand and Model

The name, fame, and model of the toilet greatly impacted its weight. The various manufacturing processes are the main culprit behind the scene. A toilet’s weight is one of the facts of a manufacturer. A one-piece toilet has a decent weight comparison with the access corrigenda. The American Standard Champion is more weight than the Toto Ultramax. Some of the leading brands have a diverse range of weight toilets, and you can choose from the diverse choices.

Toilet brands have a great impact on the weight of the toilet. There are different processes to inject the process used by the manufacturer. The effect of the weight is immense in producing a toilet. One piece weighs less than a pound. A bit of it is made by a renowned producer, and then the weight tends to increase like the American Standard Champion series. 

Toilet Material

The configuration, model, and build-up all have an impact on the weight of the toilet. The weight of a toilet depends on the extra inner product of the materials. The toilet basin and base have the utter condition, made with porcelain. Some of them may also be built with clay material. The weight of this material is one of the main factors in the density of the material. The type of clay is affirmative in this incident as there are lots of kinds of clay. The toilets on the leading toilet brands also weigh somewhat differently from the conventional toilets. Vitreous China and plastic and steel are also so common in the world for toilet materials. Other toilet models may be made of hardwood or maple seats. The different densities of materials have a massive turnover all over the toilet weight.  

How Much Does a Two-Piece Toilet Weigh?

A two-piece toilet has two independent parts, and they are combined to build a two-piece toilet. These two main components have a larger weight than the other type of toilets. A one-piece toilet has a built-in tank and bowl. A two-piece toilet bowl weighs around 60 pounds, and the tank weighs around 40 pounds. A tank in a two-piece toilet is not that weighty, but the thing is that the combined weight is much bulkier. 

Toilets come in myriad designs and qualities. The sizes and shapes of toilets have a great impact on their weight. Compact two-piece toilets are mainly of lighter weight. Comfort-height toilets are bigger in size and to a certain extent. The additional materials are one of the lighter aspects of systematic inclusion. How Much Does a Two-Piece Toilet Weigh

So the bottom line is that The bowl is around 50 – 60 lbs for a two-piece toilet, and the weight of the tank is another 30 – 40 lbs, and combinedly, they are heavier than the one-piece toilet.

Final words 

Toilets are not preferable if they are heavy. The two-piece toilet is not that hard to install, but they are much bulkier combined. Removing and installing a toilet is thus not that much conclusive. The heavy lifting part is also so annoying. A two-piece toilet over a distance seems so simple to lift up. The topic is so sensitive regarding toilet weights. So it would be great to analyze your thoughts, concerns, and research before buying a toilet.

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