Gerber Vs Kohler Toilets-Face Of Between Two Toilet Giants

Can you imagine passing a single day without using the toilet? I bet this is almost impossible. Nowadays, flushing toilets are not only a thing of utility but also signify the ultimate choice, taste, and standard of people. On the 21st, you can not just install an ordinary toilet as the quality and aesthetics of modern toilets are something spectacular. Modern toilet giants have introduced some of the most incredible products to satisfy this aspect. I am sure you are curious about the most exciting toilet-producing brands. We have done extensive research on this topic, and we could not find any brands better than Gerber and Kohler. Many of our readers have wished for an exclusive comparison between these two toilet giants. So without any further delay, let us see the splendid qualities, differences, and various aspects of Gerber and Kohler toilets.

ComparisonKohler ToiletGerber Toilet
Founder:John Michael KohlerMax Gerber
Owner:KohlerGlobe Union Industrial Corp.
Founded in: 18731932
Brand origin:AmericaTaiwan
Manufactured in:ChinaChina
Flushing System:More PowerfulPowerful
Price Ranges:Low to HighLow to Medium
Distribute:More than 19 countriesMore than 10 countries

Gerber Toilets Astounding Features

For a long time, Gerber has been holding the spot for manufacturing the world’s most enormous and economical toilets. But do not think that producing budget toilets may affect the quality of the products. Gerber toilet brand has worldwide fame for holding its products’ worth and composition. In This phase, we will see some of the grandest features of the Gerber toilet.

Marvelous Flush Technology

One of the most intrinsic segments is the toilet’s flushing system. If flushing is not that quick and smooth, then it may create unnecessary hazards to the toilet. They often use the 3-inch flush valve, which is an enormous size for any kind of toilet. The more the water flows, the more it induces pressure to water flow. Flush technology renditioned a perfect fluid master fill valve that is responsible for filling the tank after a flush. This fill valve is durable, more authentic, and easy to replace. As we have mentioned that the fill valve needs to be more vital to fill the tank quickly, Gerber has given enormous importance to this aspect. They use two tremendous flushing technologies named the Pressure assist and the gravity-fed, which work to strengthen the entire flushing system.

Tremendous Versatility and Inclusivity

We call those products versatile that are made for universal use, which means anyone can use them without any difficulty. The most promising aspect of the Gerber toilet is that most of their toilets are ADA (Americans with Disabilities) approved. The standard for comfort height is a minimum of 17 inches, and you will be happy to hear that the company has produced the comfort height by maintaining a margin of 16.5 inches from the foundation of the toilet to the toilet seat. People who have knee problems and are facing acute back pain can use these comfortable height toilets.gerber toilets reviews

Fantastic Energy efficiency

The modern world is very much aware of saving energy for future use, and to satisfy this manner, Gerber has introduced high-efficiency toilets (HET). The main theme of the HET toilets is that they use less water for flushing purposes. The standard flushing water quality is 1.6 gallons per flush, whereas the Gerber toilets use only 1.28 gallons per flush, which is significantly safe in the water. And the less water it needs to flush saves more water and energy. Consequently, you will get rid of a tiresome and gigantic water bill in the long run.

Super Siphonic Jets

The super dual siphonic jets are capable of flushing at a vigorous speed which paved away all the impurities in the toilet. Whenever you press the flush or the handle, then the siphons yield a strong flush that washes away all the waste in the toilet.

Amazing Glazed Trapway

Trapway is the portion between the holes of the bottom, and this is the ultimate path where the waste will release into the drainage pipe. If this opening is clogged due to overload, the whole system will collapse. So to avoid this problem, Gerber has given a 2 inches wide trapway. This allows the entire system to work correctly and remove the waste without any actual obstruction.

Best Gerber Toilets To Bet On 

Gerber Viper Elongated Toilet

This excellent two-piece toilet is one of their top products in the market. This product is impressive in terms of its versatility. Let us see some of the outstanding qualities of this product,Gerber Viper Elongated Toilet Bowl 

  • It has dual-fed siphon jets, enabling greater flushing force.
  • The Ergo height design makes it comfortable for children and the disabled.
  • It comes with powerful flushing and an enhanced water flow rate.

Gerber Avalanche Toilet

This model has been one of their best sellers for over a few decades. The unique name avalanche comes from the concept of powerful snowslip, which can be linked with the hefty flushing technology that sweeps away all the waste. Let us explore some of the remarkable features of this model,gerber avalanche toilet review

  • The company has introduced a durable and sturdy fill valve that fills the water in the tank in the minimum possible time.
  • It has a large water surface that Allows the water to swirl around the bowl, removing all the waste from every corner of the bowl.
  • It has a vigorous flushing system that allows more robust flushing that eliminates unnecessary waste.

Kohler Toilets Exclusive Attributes

Kohler toilets are one of the famous toilet brands for its unstoppable collection of toilets and supporting accessories. Many customers rely on this brand as they possess an outstanding set of features, and I will describe them in the next phase,

Water-saving Flushing System

The Flushing system is the heart of the toilet as they Are mainly responsible for the cleaning and washing purpose of the toilet. But we are now living in a time where water is very precious, and it is pretty much scarce. So the toilet brands have invented a new technology that uses less than 1.6 gallons of water per flush which was at least 3.6 gallons previously. Kohler produces premium quality eco-friendly toilets that save water and decrease the load of electricity bills.

Lavishing Design 

Do you want to decorate your toilet with world-class products? Then go no further because Kohler presents top-notch toilets that look trendy and may add a sense of aristocracy In the washroom. The designs of the Kohler will not tremendously amaze you, but also it will add an extra sheet of utility for your bathroom. The super durable porcelain materials assure you of the longevity of the product. The impactful flushing system, Glorious toilet bowl, and solid and large water tank add a sense of an ultra-modern toilet, so you can undoubtedly count on Kohler to make your bathroom a nice touch of excellency.kohler toilets at home depot

Perfect Toilet Bowl

The renowned brand Kohler has introduced an array of fantastic toilet bowls. They come in different shapes and sizes. The toilet bowls are made in a way that they can yield a swirl around the bowl inside the toilet. This swirling helps to wash the toilet quite easily and all the corners of the maximum toilet quantity of water to clean the waste.

Top Kohler Toilets You Can Buy 

Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet

Santa Rosa is amongst the most selling comfort height toilets across the world. Its fantastic features have made it one of the most reliable and most demandable models in the sanitary industry. Let us have a look at why this is a top-notch product,santa rosa toilet kohler

  • This is an ideal comfort height toilet that is specially made for elderly or disabled people who have knee or waist injuries.
  • It is an Eco-friendly toilet that consumes the least water; per flush; it uses only 1.28 gallons of water.
  • It comes with a mighty flushing technology and also tank refills within the blinking of an eye.

Elliston Kohler Toilet

This is another comfort height toilet from the renowned toilet brand. It has a nice touch of contemporary excellency, which suits your bathroom décor the most. It occupies some of the catchiest features, like,kohler elliston toilet review

  • The single flush gravity utilizes the pressure of gravity, and the precision-engineered tank, bowl, and trapway create a strong swirl around the inner side of the toilet.
  • It comes with a two-piece design, and it has a two-bolt installation advantage; the supply line comes, which simplifies the total installation process.
  • It has a light touch canister flush, making flushing easier than a flapper.

Buyers Guide for Choosing the Perfect Toilet

Toilets are not just about pooping. Rather it amplifies the overall architecture of your residence bathroom. You cannot just buy any toilet, and an extensive study is needed to grab the perfect toilet. But you may be confused about what attributes the toilet must have to be the best one. No worry, here I will illustrate a set of preconditions before buying a toilet,

Toilet Bowl and Tank Design

Toilet bowls are one of the most prominent aspects of the design of a toilet. There are many types of toilet bowls, and they come in different sizes and shapes round ones, elongated ones, oval-shaped bowls, and many more. The rounded-shaped bowls take up less space, and the elongated shape carries ultimate comfort. It does not matter which shape you choose, as each of them is of premium quality, and Gerber has maintained equal workmanship in producing each of the toilet bowls.

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The design of the toilet tank always matters as this works as the reservoir of the entire toilet system. A phenomenon that is called tank sweating creates a ridiculous effect on the body of the tank, and sweating causes wall damage, warping, and swelling.

Lightweight Toilet

A toilet that is durable and lightweight is always preferable to the customers. It is a real concept that gravity-driven toilets are bulkier than pressure-driven toilets, so some customers choose to use later types of toilets. Some of the brands install their toilets in two parts, which minimizes the toilet’s total weight. First, the toilet bowl is installed, and then the tank is put in place. This division of installing the parts makes it super easy and hassle-free.

Toilet Variation

Toilet giants have discovered many amazing types of toilets that have different uses and are very attractive in nature and in terms of their utility. The brands produce mainly two types of toilets: the wall-mounted toilet and the floor-mounted toilet. They both have some advantages and demerits. The wall-mounted toilet takes up less space in the bathroom, and they are hung on the wall, so there is no extra maintenance needed to clean the floor and the corners. However, they can bear minimum pressure as the joints get weaker as time passes. On the other hand, floor-mounted toilets can handle the heaviest person, but they require more maintenance.Variation of Kohler Toilet

Rough-In Calculation

The most important aspect while setting up a toilet is the rough-in measurement. So what actually is a rough-in measurement? The rough-in calculation is simply the distance between the toilet outlet pipe and the wall. There are mainly three types of rough-in available in the market: the 10, 12, and 14 inches measurements. The most common one is the 12 inches rough-in, and most of the brands follow exactly this rough-in measurement.

Accurate Height Of Toilet

The height of the toilet is always an essential aspect for the users, as mismanagement in size is always a painful gesture. The standard measurement of the height is 15 inches from the floor to the toilet seat, but in the case of ergonomic toilets, the standard measurement of height is a minimum of 17 inches. So the users must keep in mind that the height suits their appearance.

Outstanding Flushing Mechanism

Flushing is the most prominent feature in the toilets as this is mainly responsible for washing away all the waste. If the flushing is not strong enough, it will not create immense pressure to clean the debris. The most significant matter about flushing is that it should be eco-friendly, using less water. Using less water in flushing may reduce your water bill.Outstanding Flushing Mechanism

Reasonable Pricing and Warranty

Pricing is the very first and the most influential factor before buying a new commodity. Buyer gives immense interest in those products which are within their reach and which are budget-friendly. Nowadays you can find lots of products within your price limit, and also the quality is up to the mark.

Another crucial fact is the warranty scheme of the product; some of the toilet brands offer you a humongous five years of warranty even if you can get a ten-year warranty, but that varies from brand to brand.

Gerber Vs. Kohler Toilets: Final Recommendations

Whether it is Gerber or Kohler, both give you a wide range of facilities that prove to be handy. It is fascinating to see the brand war that follows a different strategy. Gerber is dependent primarily on their classical and traditional eco-friendly toilets. In contrast, Kohler comes with various eye-grabbing modern features, including wall-mounted toilets and environment-friendly aspects In their bathroom products. Both brands include some of the common specifications like less water-consuming design, perfect and strong flushing, Using rigid and durable toilet materials, and many more Astounding features. But one thing that is citable is that Gerber can offer you quality products within a very reasonable price limit which is quite hard to find in Kohler products.

So, after all those comparative discussions, we can come to the conclusion that both the brands are unique in their respective place, and it depends fully on the customers which brand suits their requirements most. I hope that I have successfully given you a perfect comparison between the two most renowned brands.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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