Elongated and round toilet seat interchangeable?

Elongated and round toilet seat interchangeableMost of the time, we underestimate the toilet seats and talk only about the entire toilet symposium. But let me remind you of the necessity of toilet seats as they carry almost all the weight of your body while using the bathroom. Toilet seats are a place for relaxation for most people. You sit over that and enjoy the music or catch up on social sites. We use this tiny space to rediscover ourselves, and also it gives us some mental peace. So why not choose a comfy toilet seat to sit on?

We know that there are two types of toilet seats, and they are elongated and round-shaped. To determine the whole thing in a much more emphatic process, the entire procedure must be overwhelmed with a consistent amount of advantages. The shape of the toilet bowl generally determines the shape of the seat. According to most users, elongated toilet seats are more comfortable to sit on. They are ergonomically pleasant to sit on. It complements the shape of the human base. On the other hand, round-shaped seats are mainly used all over the world. But the question is, are they interchangeable? Can a round-shaped seat be applied instead of an elongated one? We will reveal the answers in this article. So stay tuned to have the actual facts.

How to recognize the type of Toilet Seat?

It is so crucial to know the typology and the mechanism of Toilet Seats. You cannot just put any of the seats in any of the toilets. Some instincts determine the type of Toilet seat. A wrong-shaped toilet seat can be stressful for users. The toilet bowl is the prime factor that decides the type of Toilet seat. The seat’s stability mainly depends on the bowl’s size. Here is a simple process of obtaining the latest insect of a Toilet Seat.    

First, have a measuring tape and then start the process by measuring the distance from the backward side of the toilet bowl. The main frontier edge needs to be more smooth for Lifting up the toilet seat. Let the tape spool down for a more coveted instinct. Choose the starting point that is printed as 0 inches. Then apply in the middle of the two bolts. Hold the seat and clip it on the edge of the toilet bowl. You need to install a new seat to endeavor the whole mechanism. From the closing bolts to the front of the rim, that is where you need to take the measurement. This is also applicable to custom and non-standard toilets.

Recognize the Elongated Seat

The elongated toilet bowl more or less coincides with 18.5″ in length. The toilet seat has to be joined by the mounting bolt holes. If you see a potential elongation at the tip of the toilet visually, then it’s absolutely an Elongated Toilet Seat. You can also use tape to measure the length of the seat. It is so important to calculate the distance starting from the center of the bowl and ending at the front slip of the toilet. If the toilet seat size is calculated by 18.5 inches, then 100% of it is an elongated toilet seat.    Elongated toilet seat

Acquaintance with a Round Toilet Seat

A round toilet bowl is easier to recognize as it has the simplest form ever. We all know a round toilet seat is approximately 16.5″ long. If you see that the calculation insists on this range, then undoubtedly, it is a round toilet seat. The procession is the same as the previous one. Take the reading from the toilet seat bolt mounts to the front section named rim of the toilet. Round Toilet Seat

Put the tape at the toilet bowl’s midpoint and then see the front rim of the toilet. If the measurement consists of 16.5 inches, then you can tell it is a round toilet seat. Most of the seats are designed to fit most of the brand’s round bowls and so on. 

Short description of dimensions: Round and Elongated Toilet Seat

If you want to have the answer if elongated and round toilet seats are interchangeable, you first need to inspect the proper dimension of these two types of seats. Let us have a simple look into this matter, 

Elongated toilet seat dimensions

The Elongated toilet seats are 18.5 inches long, and take it as a statement. The width of the seat is 14 inches. They differ in length from the round toilets. There is extra space on the elongated seat rather than the round toilet seats. This is the standard measurement for all men. Seats of elongated toilets have been used mostly as a commercial aspect. These are in airports, hotels, and public statements.  Elongated toilet seat

A standard elongated toilet bowl has a measurement of 18″ to 19″. An elongated size bidet seat is almost 20 inches in total length. There is a clear distinction between these two toilet sizes. They have lied in between this arena, making the entire system decent. Elongated bidet seats have the same rear end as the round versions. The internal components must be the real seat’s length with lid variation.

Round toilet seat dimensions

The round toilet seats have a length of almost 16.5 inches from seat holes to the front of the rim section. The width of the seat is almost 15 inches. The core competence and the distance of many rounds up to more than 28 inches from the wall. 

 The round toilet bowls more or less have circular spectrums, and it makes the entire meet-up a more frequent and vandalized mechanism. They are more space-efficient as well as they have the interim extension to have the outer flow of the bathroom. The mainstream chances are the safety proclamation and the smaller bathrooms. Round toilet seat

It is best suited for kids and Smaller adults. They offer superior quality and sheer performance. But there is a fact that may comfort some people that these are less expensive than elongated toilets. So the conclusion is that you can visually acknowledge the difference between the two types of seats.    

Impact of Material and Design on Toilet Seats

Whatever the type, the most trusted item source is these. There are so many companies in the market, but people give preference to those minutes when the mascot’s reputation for using the class materials began. The American standard and the Toto are one of those brands that use high-quality materials to manufacture the items. Most toilet seats are constructed from plastic and woody sanctions. 

Plastic is more durable than all other options, and then it comes to the vitreous china material. It is resistant to moisture. All the Round and elongated toilet seats are made of these materials. Plastic is used in the steamy bathroom areas. They are also waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. Wood is aesthetically pleasing, but the animosity lies within the main channel. Consider a wooden toilet seat if you are living in a cold region. Wood is warmer to sit on. So before buying a toilet seat, have a great look at these factors.  

Can I Place a Round Toilet Seat on an Elongated Toilet Bowl?

After all these discussions, we can now turn the spotlight on whether the Round Toilet Seat can be put on the Elongated Toilet Bowl. Let me remind you of a thing, and that is the dimensions of the seats. Suppose you see that the difference between the seats is not more than 2 to 2.5 inches. So it is possible to interchange them. 

You can undoubtedly install a round toilet seat on an elongated toilet bowl; that will not look too bad. The fastening dimensions have already proven that the seats are interchangeable. Some things will look awkward, but it is not true at all. Yes, it is a fact that it will not entirely cover an elongated toilet bowl, but it’s okay. You can use a seat comforter with the Round Toilet Seat to remove discomfort. 

Is it possible to Put an Elongated Toilet Seat on a Round Bowl? 

We Have seen that it is entirely possible to put a Round Toilet Seat on the Elongated Toilet Bowl. So why is installing an Elongated Toilet Seat on a Round Bowl impossible? It’s just the opposite. 

The most crucial thing is the rough-in measurement of the toilets. Let me remind you whether it is a round Toilet or an Elongated Toilet. The rough-in calculation will be the same for both types. Most of the toilet has a 12-inch rough-in measurement. So, according to that, there is nothing to be shy of putting an Elongated Toilet Seat on a Round Bowl. It’s no bad thing as soon as it has the same rough-in measurement.

Even when it has a larger rough-in, replacement, and interchange are possible. But one thing to be noted is that more space is required for the interchange operation. But if you wish for extra comfort, Then the process is not for you.  You can combine all the advantages of both types of toilets. You will have the advantage of less urine dripping on the bowl. At the same time, you can have the simplicity of the Round Bowl. So it is so innovative, and there is a scope for improving sanitary conditions. Kohler K-4636-0 Cachet Elongated Toilet Seat is a good option for this interchange operation. 

Ultimate verdict 

This article has confronted the answer to the interchange operation more straightforwardly. We have provided a guide on taking the proper steps how to handle the interchange function. You may be unable to replace the round toilet seat or vice versa, but you can try this operation when you have no other option. This process has an extra layer of comfort and plumbing improvement. A round toilet bidet seat is almost synonymous with an elongated toilet seat. But it can be taken as a temporary solution. Later you can buy a new seat that will be compatible with the seat type. 

It is possible to interchange the elongated and round seats. This is possible because of the rough-in measurement because they have the exact measurement. Though we are still determining the looks and aesthetics of the toilet, it might affect the beauty of the bathroom. Though you can, of course, do this in case of sheer urgency.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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