What 17 Things Should Never Be Flushed Down the Toilet?

In a modern family, no home is complete without a toilet. And you don’t think about one day not using this. So it’s an amendatory portion of your new home. Toilets are mainly used for taking care of our daily human waste. But if you want to use this as a trash can, you will have a clogged toilet. And cleaning those is very problematic and also costly if you need a plumber. So you need to know some essential things that we throw in the toilet by mistake or intentionally, which clog the washroom.

Clogged toilet solution: 17 things you should never flush down the toilet

A toilet is a must in your home. And every morning and night you end up using it, so think about its importance. This toilet can only throw human waste, but sometimes people flush many hard things into it. Excess wastage can easily be logged in the toilet trap and create a clog. This time you can’t wash anything into the toilet. Now take a look at what kind of wastage generate this type of mess:

  • Any wipes

many people love to use the washroom for make-up. And make-up wipes are essential items to clean your face with this. These wipes are very soft, but they are not flushable. And in the world, half of the clogging occurs for these wipes. Wipes do not dissolve in the water and create clogs in the toilet. And now, many new moms also use baby wipes. And after cleaning the baby, they also throw the waste into the bathroom with dirty baby wipes. These are the same as beauty wipes and create clogs in the toilet. So try not to throw any of these soft wipes into the bathroom.

  • Paper Towels

I know you can’t use the toilet without any tissue. Your kitchen pantry also has some bundles of appearing towels or kitchen towels in there. So when you are out of toilet tissue in an emergency, you can think about using paper towels. So for your kind information, these paper towels are not dissolved easily into the bathroom. So when you use a lot of paper towels thrown into this, then it also causes problems in the toilet. So this paper looks like toilet tissue but does not act like that.what happens if you flush paper towels

  • Feminine Product

I think this is one of the main clog reasons nowadays. Feminine hygiene products are now an essential item in your bathroom cabinet. Pad and tampons are the leading examples of that. After using those, don’t throw them into your commode. Wrap with toilet tissue and throw it into the trash can used for the washroom. 

  • Diapers

I know, it will surprise you. But yes, many people throw the used, dirty diaper into the toilet directly. But these are not flushable. They trap into the toilet trap section and clog it. So don’t try to use the toilet as a garbage can for your baby’s diapers.Don't Flush Diaper Wipes Down in the toilet

  • Condoms

Condoms are not mixed up with water. So don’t think to flush those into the toilet.

  • Excess toilet tissue

If you use a lot of toilet tissue in the bathroom, it also causes a clog. It traps into the toilet net and causes a clog.

  • Dental floss

Most people use the washroom at night. They brush their teeth and also use floss to clean them. But after using those, you throw them into the toilet. These are made of plastic, so they don’t have any chance to break it into the water. So don’t throw the floss into the bathroom.

  • Hair

Dental floss and hair are the same net type thing. When you continuously throw hair into the toilet, it keeps trapping it. After some time, it clogs the toilet.

  • Cotton pads, cotton bud, or this kind of item

This cotton stuff does not dissolve into the water. So it just clogs the toilet trap. So don’t throw any cotton thing into your commode.

  • Cigarette Butts

Many people love to smoke in the washroom. After finishing those, don’t put this into the toilet. Use the trash can for those butts. Don’t flush those into the bathroom.

  • Cat litter

Pet is one of your family members nowadays. Sometimes you throw the cat poop with a liter into the washroom. This litter got stuck into the toilet trap. 

  • Medication

If you have some old pills in your drawer, so if you want to flush those into the washroom. Because those are not easily dissolved into the water, trap the toilet trapper, and clog the bathroom.

  • Food

You know food is decomposable. But it needs time, so if you throw food into the toilet and think it dissolves into the water. Then you’re wrong, and after some time, you clog your washroom.

  • Bleach

This is popular for its cleansing property. But if you use it to clean the commode, you take the wrong step. This hygiene material itself is a big reason for clogging. So don’t clean your toilet with bleach. It got stuck into the toilet trap.

  • Band-Aids

This is one type of cotton thing. Bandages do not so easily dissolve materials and also clog the toilet.Never flush bandaids down the toilet

  • Gum

Don’t you think about dumping the gum in your mouth into the toilet? These are very stubborn for cleaning the clog of the bathroom.

  • Oil

Many times, oil is solidified into the water. So if you think you put the oil into the bathroom, then you are wrong. It just clogs your washroom.


Here we discuss toilet clogs and the reason for sticking things in the toilet. Using vinegar and baking soda is a popular and easy way to unclog the bathroom yourself. Just add one mug of baking soda and two cups of vinegar to the toilet. The solution should then be rested for 30 minutes. I think that will help you unclog the bathroom. If it doesn’t work for you, you need to call a plumber to clean your bathroom. But try not to throw anything into the toilet.

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