12 situations when you need to call a plumber immediately

Your bathroom is probably the most critical place in your house, filled with tremendously astounding plumbing. These plumbings are the most critical compositions you have ever imagined. After long use of the bathroom, there comes a phase where you might face some sort of problem with those bathroom fixtures. Some issues become so threatening that you cannot solve them alone. Then you need somebody to rescue you in this matter.

Plumber charge for a small fix: $100-$200

Plumber charge for a big fix: $400-$900

Fix it yourselfCall a plumber
  • Leakage issue
  • Running Toilets
  • Slow Drains
  • Fix Sump Pump
  • Clog toilet
  • Adjust toilet water level
  • Flushing problem
  • Water not coming
  • Gas leakage
  • Low water pressure
  • Blocked drainage system
  • Sewage odor
  • Frozen or clogged drain pipe
  • Faucet problem
  • Toilet gurgling sound
  • Sweating water heater

A plumber can be the savior in this time of inability. Maybe you have a clogged toilet, or the faucets could be dipping. Those who want to remodel or fix the bathroom must call a plumber because the stakes and intensity are high in this arena. A damaged bathroom is not accepted at all.

So it would be gorgeous if you were so much more prudent in identifying when to call in a plumber. So we are here to assist you in making the decision when you need a plumber. Let us have a detailed look at these common issues and also depict some of the common plumbing problems.

What plumbing issues can you fix by yourself? 

It is not mandatory to always have a plumber. A plumber’s necessity depends on the prospect’s importance and density. Bad plumbing brings so much insanity to the homeowner. 

A fierce leakage in the faucets is so disturbing. It may soar up the water and sewer bills. A dripping faucet is something so inconvenient that it needs a full replacement of the rubber washers. The system is like the flow between the concerned washers might be harmed. The deterioration pipings and slow movement of the inclined step down could make the difference. You may not have the right tools to accomplish the triumph. Some DIY enthusiasts can solve a lot of plumbing issues by themselves. 

Bad leakage issue

Keep in mind that some of these issues may be so straightforward, but others may be so much criticism that it is not possible without the help of a renowned professional. There are so many Faucets, and they have a lot of unprecedented ranges and styles. You may have a canister taps disc that is suffering from irresistible leakage. Some items, like the coordinating ceramic plates, are really very complicated to repair. 

The sink, hose, and the internal compartments of the toilet must have been feeling the agony, and some of the issues you can address with a swift hand. Some taps with washers might be leaking, and that can be so much possible to solve by yourself. 

The outdoor spigot situated in the garden may also be damaged, and you are the person that can play the mindful game in repairing that. The utilitarian faucets could make untold stories. The sneaky leaks in the hidden parts of a toilet could also be checked with great care.  Bad leakage issue

You could be among the most advanced DIYers, and it is so much possible to maintain the most basic parts of the plumbing. If you do not own the basic tools, then calling a plumber is the most prudent thing you can do. Here are some basic issues that you can fix by yourself. 

Running Toilets

What is actually a running toilet? It is that incident where a toilet never stops flushing. The damaged plastic flapper can be the main cause of having a running toilet. If the toilet takes so much time to refill after flushing, then there is some issue with the tank of the toilet. There are so many parts that are associated with the flushing of the toilet. If any part is damaged, then the entire system will collapse. 

There must be Ill-fitting valves of the flapper, or the trip lever must be damaged. The flapper must be in some sort of trouble that is causing the running toilet. An imbalance in the floating system or the floating ball may be damaged. Then this mismanagement happens. There is a strong relationship between the tank and the bowl. If this balance is somehow destroyed, the entire system will crack down. These simple malfunctions can be solved by yourself. If you have the repair kits, then it is possible to repair these minor issues. Running Toilets

Just follow the simple guidelines, then it will be best to troubleshoot these horrendous issues. If the toilet is still running incessantly, it will be very best to use the system best. It must be because of so many invertible issues like the excessively running toilet. You must have some regular requirements like the plier or the screwdriver to uncover the internal system. The water bills could soar up if you cannot make the system workable. A silent leakage is always like a bi-threat to the whole system. 

You can fix the plastic flapper by yourself. Just unscrew the system and replace the old one. Input an A-class flapper that is so much registrant to the leakage. If the chain is broken, then have a new chain that is so much and rot-free. Performing some of these repair works could be so helpful in resisting the inner leakage of the system. Professional help is not necessary in these cases. You can also try a leaking faucet to bring it back to the main course. 

Slow Drains

There are also some issues that you can solve by yourself. Slow drains are one of the most annoying issues that can make you feel so much worse. A Slow drain means an increased chance of water clogging.  

Plunging a toilet is probably the grimmest chore you do not want to do in your dreams. The clogs in the sink and in the toilet might be the main causes of this irregularity. The acute clogs in sinks and bathtubs can be so devastating that you might need a plumber. But the basic explosions can be termed as DIY material. Slow Drains

You just need a drain snake and an auger to beat the stubborn clogs. Push and pull the equipment to beat the clog. These drain clogs can be easily removed without the help of a professional. Commercial drain cleaning liquids can also be so helpful in eradicating these extreme clogs. These chemical clog removers are so much more effective in defeating the clogs. This is a very clear procedure for having the clogs diluted. This is a long-term process of building clogs in the toilet, so if you clean it regularly, it will be much more possible to have a clog-free toilet. 

Sump Pump Failures

It might not be the most common type of issue in the toilet. But if the sump pump fails to operate, it is a job that must be done by yourself because it is appreciable. These are the basement flood stoppers that have been enriched during the plumbing service area. The Sump pumps might be defective as it has gathered some sort of debris in them. So you need to trust the Sump pumps every month.

During the heavy spring storms, it rains cats and dogs. Then the pump may feel the heat and cause electrical damage. Then it is your duty to check and recover the sump pump. That is very simple. Just check the wirings and electrical consumptions and if you cannot find any troubles, feel free to seek help from a professional. A proper installation of the pump is so crucial for the basic operation of the pump motor.

How to maintain your toilet? 

The toilet maintenance is not that complex as long as you are compiled to have a newer diagnosis system. We have mentioned earlier that your house’s a plumbing system. There could be so many exigencies in the plumbing system. Like your Sump pumps, outdoor faucets or the hose can feel the agony. You do not need to be in the oozy. If the problem is so severe, you cannot help the entire system collapse within the same moment. Some problems could be so problematic that you need to call a plumber.        

Here are some of the efficient tips that may be so much helpful in maintaining the overall system of the bathroom,

  • You need to check the bathroom fittings and fixtures occasionally so that no other delinquencies damage the overall system of the bathroom. You must clean and check the plumbing fixtures in a regular manner. 
  • Some plumbing contractors offer a routine checkup for a customized maintenance program. You can pursue that program and capitalize on it. They offer you a routine checkup of the whole bathroom fixtures. If there are some sorts of issues, then they fix all issues and troubleshoot alongside the necessary repairing chores. 
  • Let the professionals take over the plumbing maintenance for you, so you have nothing to worry about. If you feel too vexed with the plumbing issues, then let the plumbers tackle the issues. 
  • Some simple issues you can do by yourself. This DIY knowledge will be crucial in fixing If you are committed to solving all the problems, then go for it. Clean the trap ways and drainage with toilet cleaners, vinegar, and baking soda. It obstructs the formation of the clogs. 
  • Apply the commercial cleaners on the toilet and take a scrub to clean the surface of the toilet. In this manner, you can keep your bathroom fresh and fragrant for a long time. 
  • You should perform all the troubleshooting processes with proper guidelines that will save you precious time and money.

Are there different types of plumbers available?

The depth of the plumbing fixtures is not always the same. The problem can be so acute, and it can be a mild one too. According to the level of difficulty of the plumbing works, you need to choose the exact type of plumber that you want to call. There are different types of plumbers available. You need to be prudent in selecting the proper one for your bathroom issues. 

Make sure you call the right one before you call around. Here I am depicting some proper types of plumbers for your ease. 

Residential plumbers

The most common type of plumber is a Residential plumber. They are called when you have a complex issue with the plumbing system. They are so professional that they can perform all the renovation and remodeling of the plumbing fixtures in residential homes. 

The Residential plumbers work a fixed day on the job site, and they charge mainly on a daily basis for work. Make sure that you call them only if you need them as they take a high charge in fixing the plumbing issues. Usually, they charge on an hourly basis.

Commercial unit plumbers

Another form of mass plumbing is commercial plumbers. They work on a contractual basis on a large project where the load and extent of the work are so massive. They are highly professional and have a large working unit. Usually, they work in hospitals, public buildings, and large construction sites that have been prepared for the commercial aspect. These large-scale projects need vast management and sheer quality. You can have faith in them. The extent of commercial plumbers is so much more huge than residential plumbers’ work. They use large tools, pieces of equipment, and methods to ensure that quality is maintained here.

Traditional Maintenance plumbers

Maybe the most useful types of plumbers that you call most often for performing the simplest form of plumbing chores. They need to be so professional, and they should be a good communicator so that they can console you about the work. The intensity of their work may be the tiniest, but they are the frequent customers that help you most often. Simple plumbing works like installing a new toilet and fixing the tank’s fulcrum lever. They are also called the Service and repair Maintenance plumbers. 

But make sure that the plumber has vast experience and proper training to solve all the plumbing issues. He might hold a vast multitude of issues to answer against all the odds. As the nature of their work starts from the tiniest to the heaviest plumbing chores, so they must be prudent enough. 

When should you call a plumber? 

Calling a plumber may take a huge burden off your shoulder. You must choose the ideal time to call a plumber. Here we are giving vast knowledge about when to call in a plumber. 


The most threatening issue is when you have no water in the hose. The water supply line must be hampered in a bad way. You turn on the tap, and water is just dripping away from the line. Or maybe the water is stuck halfway to reaching the line. There may be an acute logjam of water in the system, or water must be going somewhere else rather than your bathroom. The water line might be shut off. It is like a red flag for the owner if there is no water in the bathroom. The pipes might be frozen or may have a leak. If water has some sort of mineral consumption, then it might block the entire pipeline. So it is wise to call in the doctor of plumbings. He will detect what is going wrong with the system and the main water supply. 

Plumbing charge (Approximate): $500-$1000


A bad smell may be a sign of a bad leakage in the drainage system. If you smell bad gas from the bathroom, immediately call the plumber. There might be a gas leak that is emanating an unpleasant smell, so don’t take it lightly. You should call the plumber as soon as possible. Let’s shut off all the appliances to avoid all the contingencies. A gas leakage could be so harmful in the context of disbursed inconsistencies. If you want to avoid a bad explosion, then make sure that the plumber is bang-on. A staggering consequence may be explored if not given exact care. 

Plumbing charge(Approximate): $250-$750


There is another bad system fault with the Lower Water Pressure. A Lower Water Pressure is always a mess for the flushing system. This might happen due to the build-up of gunk in the faucet system. The plumber will screw off the valve and try to find out the water leak in the system. If there are any sorts of obstacles, then he will resolve the rust and blockage. An eroded waterline is also another biggest cause of Lower Water Pressure. Flush the system several times to deplete the blockage in the water pipeline.  

It is often considered a minor inconvenience but can cause great damage. A cracked or damaged pipe in the wall is also a bad sign for the system. If you see low water pressure, then call a plumber as soon as possible. 

Plumbing charge(Approximate): $350-$850


The most common issue is a clogged pipe. This blockage is so acute that it may cause a bad overflooding issue. The bathroom sink and the drain must be plunged with the help of a plunger or auger. The plumber may apply some other techniques to eliminate all the clogging problems in the raging system. Call in the plumber, and he will try to fix it with a proper measure.

Plumbing charge(Approximate): $100-$500


If you feel some odor of rotten eggs, then sulfide might be coming out of the broken sewer pipe. The vent pipe of the home is broken as well. There must be a severe health and environmental issues with these Bad Sewage Odors. The plumber might check all the possible things to solve the issue. BAD SEWAGE ODOR

The most patchy thing is when you smell something bad from the bathroom. A foul smell is the worst nightmare for most homeowners. A bad plumbing problem might cause a nasty Sewage Smell. The plumber will try everything possible to remove the clogs and wash them away. A badly ventilated drain pipe is another cause of this Bad Sewage Smell. This bad smell can come from bad pumping and storms. Use some lime soda and vinegar to eliminate these bad clogs. If nothing works, then call in a plumber. 

Plumbing charge(Approximate): $200-$650


When you flush and waste is swept away, you might hear some bad Gurgling Sound. That is due to bad clogs in the trap ways and in the drainage system. This gurgling sound could be so severe that the whole plumbing system might be damaged. So please take it as a serious issue. This gurgling sound is so consistent that the plumbing system in your bathroom might have collapsed in a bad way. Make sure that the plumber finds the actual fault and solves that. 

Plumbing charge(Approximate): $100-$350


Sweating is a very evil issue that can make the whole system defective. The water heater might have some small leakages, or the piping may be cracked down. This steady leak can make the heater sweat. If you see the water heater sweating, call a plumber at the first sign, as it may be the best thing you will ever do. Small leakage in the heater and finding out the rusty spots is the best thing you will ever do. Some causes of sweating are corrosion and excessive moisture in the body. It is often an easy and affordable repair. The floor of the bathroom may also be sealed if it is not given a decent check.

Plumbing charge(Approximate): $150-$750


A frozen pipe is a common issue in cold countries. During winter, the pipes get jammed as water turns into ice. This might create some severe rattling noise, and a running water deployment is so severe that it needs professional help. Sometimes the pipe may burst and crack due to the extreme pressure of the ice. 

If you see some sort of wet or brown spots on the floor of the pipe, then consult with the plumber. If the leakage is in hot water pipes, then have a close look at the system. Call an experienced plumber to solve this acute issue. This will create more damage if not given proper care. 

Plumbing charge(Approximate): $150-$450


It might have been known to you that Clogs are the most common plumbing issue. A large chunk of waste can be disastrous for the whole toilet. After plunging by yourself, if the clog is still present, then it is time to call in a plumber. A deep clog may cause a bigger issue in the main Sewer line. A professional plumber can feel the intensity of the issue and may find a way to solve the clogging issue.

Plumbing charge(Approximate): $100-$500


Minor dripping can cause a massive waste of gallons of water. This dripping faucet can be so much ground shaking that you must call a plumber, and the plumber will tighten the main explosive part of the faucet with the plumber’s tape, and there must be some water pressure issue also, and the plumber will check all the things in a major handy manner. 

Plumbing charge(Approximate): $100-$400


overflowing the toilet is very much annoying, and it begs you to consider the versatility of the toilet. A simple clog may be so dangerous. The visible indication of a clog is that the toilet will not drain properly. You may try some plunging, but after that, you need to call in the plumber. The plumber will deal with the bad clog in the drain pipe and sewer line. He should take some proper measures so that it never happens anymore.

Plumbing charge(Approximate): $100-$250

overflowing the toilet

Final Words 

There could be so much at stake when you are on the way to fixing the bad plumbings. If the plumbing is in a complex situation, you must be much more prudent in fixing all the issues. But if you feel you cannot solve the issues yourself, get help from a professional plumber. 

Some of the issues may be so tricky that they can worsen the situation. Instant emergency to call in a plumber in the mounted rifle could defy the circumvent opportunity. The primary system of having the plumber in charge must be well organized. 

When you are feeling the heat and observing the most extreme stubborn problems with toilets, you must call in an experienced plumber. Your showers, drainage pipes, or faucets may be shattered. Some common plumbing issues may irritate you so much that you will be so annoyed. There are some basic issues that you can solve within a moment, but in case of something unnatural or something so confusing, you need to seek help from a plumber. 

This informative article will help you to make decisions on whether you should call in a plumber. Just go through the entire article, and then you will know the intensity, calmness, and urgency of calling the plumber. But be wise before calling a plumber, as they may charge a massive amount of money. They generally charge you on an hourly basis for Service. Be sure that you call a licensed plumber for help.

We are really lucky to have a hard-working, multi-skilled plumber on our team. Collin D. Gallegos, a professional plumber who has worked with us since 2012, is an expert in vent, septic, and drainage systems. He is a Certified Master Plumber and has worked on various commercial plumbing projects. He usually helps our readers resolve plumbing and pipe-related issues with a proper DIY troubleshooting and repair guide.

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