Smelly toilet remedy: Why does my toilet smell bad?

Why does my toilet smell badIt is one of the most sacred places in the whole unit. But it is really unfortunate that a toilet is very prone to gathering bad smells. The bathroom smell is an avoidable scam. There is a visual enigma that if the bathroom is visually clean, it can produce extremely bad smells. The unwanted smells and persistent odors can slump down the entire ambiance of the bathroom.

There is some cause of the bad smell, like bacteria, clogged drain, mold and mildew, and rough chemical use. Sometimes an unused toilet can emanate extremely bad smells. A blocked vent pipe can also be one of the main culprits of this bad smell.   

The putrid, foul odor of the toilet is very much embarrassing, especially when some guest is on a visit. You need to maintain a cleaning schedule so that the smell can not adjust to the environment of the bathroom.

An unpleasant smell from the toilet must be eradicated anyhow, as a bathroom is a representative of how well-behaved you are. Here are the reasons that the toilet stinks, and here are some brilliant options to fix the bad smell.   

Why does my toilet smell bad? 

A toilet is a place where we defecate and urinate, so it is pretty common for the toilet to smell bad. If it is not cleaned regularly, then it is obvious that it will create foul smells. There are dozens of causes behind smelling bad toilets. Here are some of the evident causes of a bad-smelling toilet.

Unpleasant toilet odor typesReasons
Sewage Smell:
  • Clogged toilet
  • Sewer gas leakage
  • Faulty sink fitting
Smell Like Urine:
  • Bacteria
  • Dirty toilet
  • Leaky seal
Poop Smell:
  • Clogged drain
  • Sewer gas leakage
Smell Like Sulfur/Rotten Egg:
  • Hydrogen sulfide gas
Fish Like Odor:
  • Blocked plumbing vent
  • Sewer gas leak
  • Dirty water supply line
  • Dirty toilet
  • Urine
  • Worn-out seal

A badly clogged drainpipe

Clogged drainage is the worst thing that can happen to your bathroom. In fact, it is the most traditional issue among all these causes of clogging. Some fierce and indispensable materials, like dead skin, hair, and plastic items, or acute debris, may cause nasty clogging. A sewage smell is very much evident if your bathroom is clogged. The shower drains are clogged if you do not apply sufficient water in the bathroom. Clogged drainage

This problem needs to be addressed without further ado, as it can be messy. You can solve the issue, but if you fail, there is no other option but to seek professional help.

At the very first stage, put off the shower drain cover. You can use some waste-eating chemicals or can also pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Let it soak for some time, like for half an hour. If this does not work, then plunge the drainage or use an auger to break down the slump of the obstinate clogs. These processes might loosen up the waste deposits. In addition, you can apply a drain scrubber or a brush to sweep the bad clogs. Again put the drain cover, and now you are done with the bad clogs in the sewage.

Imbalance in the level of the tank water 

If the overflow tube cannot perform its task with great accuracy, it will be very difficult to maintain the optimum water level in the tank. A flooded toilet creates a bad smell. Even a clogged toilet can outburst soggy smells. So all the parts associated with maintaining the water level in the system must do their work with exact accuracy.  

A dry and insipid P-trap 

A question may be hitting your mind: What is the P-trap? Actually, the P-trap is a U-shaped pipe that is situated under the drains. A dry and insipid P-trap is one of the most traditional causes of bad smell in the toilet. It usually obtains water beneath the drain. If it is full, the water will resist the bad smells that I have been coming out from the vent pipe. If the P-trap is dry from not using it for a long time, it is possible to emanate the gasses to adjourn freely. 

This problem is so easy to solve. For that, you need to have some amount of water poured into the trap ways. You can try a little baking soda if you wish. Using this will also decrease the possibility of clogging. The water impedes the sewage gas from entering the main toilet portion. But there is a pre-condition; it should always be filled with water.

Mold and bacteria accumulation 

Mold and bacteria are one of the biggest causes of accumulating bad odors in the bathroom. Actually, the sewer system is the ideal breeding ground for these mildews. These bacteria can be so contagious, and they can multiply themselves in greater quantities. The presence of this mold and bacteria can create a severe fishy smell in the bathroom. 

Bleaching can work as the best chemical against this mold and bacteria. Eliminating bacterial growth can be a rapid process. Put some quantity of bleach in the toilet bowl. Wait for some time after applying this corrosive element. Apply a lot of warm water in order to terminate all the germs. Add bleach to the flush tank, which will also clear the water’s germs.

A damaged vent pipe 

A vent pipe is a tall pipe that eliminates all the additional bad fumes from the bathroom to the outside. In fact, it can be depicted that the sewerage’s breathing system is. If this pipe is clogged, sewer glasses reflect inside the bathroom.Damage vent pipe

If the ventilation does not work in a decent manner, then the entire ambiance of the bathroom can be destroyed. The bathroom’s sewage smells really bad, and some unpreceded bubbling sound might dismantle the whole arena. The acute sewer gas forces itself and seeps through the bathroom trap ways.

To remove this issue, you need to inspect the bent pipe. Sometimes birds nest inside the pipe, and; thus, the whole path becomes blocked. Poor installation of venting or blockages can be the real culprits behind this inconvenience. Call in a professional if you can not escape from the bad incident. 

Rusty flange and wax ring

A wax ring is situated at the bottom section of the toilet, where it is connected to the exit drainage pipe. This is the most critical area. If the toilet has a chance of bursting out, extreme sewage gas is very much high, so the wax ring needs to be of good quality to prevent nasty smells from coming out of the toilet. Rusty flange and wax ring

Blocked Sewerage system 

A confined and obstructed drain can be one of the most marauding cases that can happen to bathroom fixtures. A bad sewage smell may be coming from the unwell drains. Overflooding may take place in the system while eliminating a clogged shower drain. 

You can Pour a mixture of white vinegar and warm water into the drain. Then add some cup of baking soda and let it sit for two or more hours, and it will be an effective method of terminating blocked drainage. Some other pieces of equipment can be awe-inspiring in eradicating sewage blockage. Manually you can catch and remove all the waste. For that, use rubber hand gloves and dig deep into the trap ways. If this works, use the snake or the auger to fulfill the condition.

Bad ventilation system 

A clogged ventilation system can create a bad mishap in the bathroom. The ventilation is attached to the windows. The main purpose of this ventilation is to remove all the bad odors in the bathroom. If the water vapor is not removed, then bacteria will propagate in the air. While you flush, then the mini particles and mold disseminate in the ambiance. Thus unpleasant odor accumulates, and the entire ambiance becomes polluted. Humidity is a vital element that creates ideal room for proliferating germs. If the ventilation is good, then the extraction system will catch decency. Bad ventilation system 

Dry siphoning

Actually, a siphoning is a piece of the tube that has been used for circulating the liquid to travel in the upper direction. In fact, it is a type of bending that has been used for pumping liquid waste. The mechanism works with the atmospheric pressure that has been in a strong siphoning system. An extra layer of gravitational force has been insisting on the overall surroundings, and this bending siphoning is always filled with water. 

The main purpose of the siphon is to prevent the foul odor that inserts from the outside drainage system. If somehow the siphon becomes dry, then a foul odor comes inside the bathroom due to the absence of water. 

The only effective solution is to open the bathroom faucets so that they fill up, and thus, all the bad odor is replaced. You need to check that the rubber cohabits inside the siphon; if there is some leakage, then you need to change the t-bending as soon as possible.

What are the different types of smells coming out from the toilet? 

You may have experienced tons of different abusive smells coming out of the bathroom. But you feel confused about these types of smells. The prevention methods for these smells are also varied in many circumstances. So here is a full list of disturbing toilet smells for the sake of identifying them in a rapid manner. 

  • Toilet smell like urine
  • Extreme sewage smells 
  • Ghastly rotten egg smells
  • Acute sulfur smell 
  • Unpleasant Fishy smell
  • Molds and mildews, musty smell
  • Disturbing septic gas smell
  • Nasty Poop smell

Toilet smell like urine

The toilet has the most common and fierce issue that has been in discussion all the time. The urine smell of the toilet is always a bad thing that everyone wants to solve in no time. Urine can destroy the ambiance of the toilet if it is spread outside of the toilet, like on the bathroom floor or on the bidet seat. 

Causes of the smell:

Urine is an organic material that consists of a lot of strong flavored materials. If the toilet wax ring is damaged, then it will create a bad smell in the bathroom. A cracked and damaged toilet flange is another cause of leaking urine smells. In some cases, urine accumulates around the base and also propagates sewer gas fumes. So the flanges and wax ring should be attached decently. Otherwise, it will create a bad smell in the bathroom.

wax ring is damaged

How to get rid of urine odor in the bathroom?

Urine sometimes resides inside the seats and lids. Spray some detergent chemicals to remove this hidden microorganism. You need to unscrew the seat and lid. Take off the porcelain bowl after losing the screws. Then check the sealing in between the toilet and the drainage. Check the flange and the wax ring to see if they are in good condition. Improper installation of these parts causes leakage of bad fumes. Check underneath the toilet. If the urine smell still exists, then use a good-quality air freshener.

Why does my toilet smell like sewage?

The sewage smell that is coming out of the toilet is very intolerable and very much unbearable in the sequence of the toilet.  A broken toilet seal at the U-bend may cause this extreme sewage smell. Any sort of split can be the prime cause of pungent sewage smells.

Causes & Solution:

An unpleasant odor coming out of the toilet is the main cause of an issue with the p-trap. Another bend is the U-shaped pipe, which is responsible for catching a small amount of water. This works as a barrier against sewer gasses. So, how to get rid of the sewer smell from the toilet? If this p-trap dries out, gasses perpetually pass through the broken seal. Moreover, A blocked vent can cause dire stenches. So fill this with some water in order to make the trap workable. issue with the p-trap Toilet

Why does my toilet smell like a ghastly rotten egg?

Rotten eggs are similar to the sulfur odor. If the pipe dries up, sewer gas returns to the bathroom. A badly clogged toilet can cause this Rotten egg smell. Sometimes germs and horrible stain marks also emanate from the Rotten egg smell. A broken and rusty drain line vent pipe can also propagate these bad smells. my toilet smell like a ghastly rotten eggReason & Solution:

Sewer gas mainly consists of methane. If it is in the catch of the hydrogen sulfide, then the severe rotten egg smell propagates. Hydrogen sulfide decomposes itself at a premium temperature and thins. The bad organic Rotten egg is created, and it also includes carbon dioxide and Ammonium sulfate. 

Why does my toilet smell like sulfur?

A clogged drainage system and a contaminated water source can be the reason for the bad sulfur smell. Sulfur is a subsidiary of Hydrogen Sulfide and has a bad, rotten smell. The P-trap might expose the substance to the air, and the trap-p contains water that blocks sewer gas. And this also absorbs the neutralizing agent. Thus an arrogant and fierce consumption is created. 

Causes & Fixes:

For searching the rot cause, pour some water into a glass. Test the quality of the water, as contaminated water can cause an acute Sulfur smell. The main source must be polluted if the smell is only related to hot water. Some pathogens might be crawling inside the tank water. Use some vinegar or solid antibacterial substance or chlorine to purify the water.

Why does my toilet smell Fishy?

The toilet’s fishy smell is so disturbing, and its main cause is a faulty electrical system. Overheating the electric wirings and circuits and burning the plastic components can create the bathroom’s fishy smell. Electrical short circuits can be very harmful; this fight smells like a pure sign. Overheating makes the bathroom fittings and wirings more brittle and loose. Then a sudden fishy smell comes off. Sometimes extreme fungi and bacteria also cause this smell. 

Causes of the smell:

When human waste starts to decompose, the sudden insertion of methane and other components can cause an extremely fishy smell. The methane and ammonia can be mixed in a proper quantity and create a smell. This gas smells like a rotten egg or fishy type smell. This gas has severe health effects, like gas poisoning.

How to get rid of the fishy smell in the toilet?

To prevent this fish smell, ensure that some water is always present in the system. Always check the electrical wiring and components to see if there is any damage or rust. Loose pipe connections can find their way through this bad fight smell. The clogged drains need to be smoothed as the waste can pass.

Mildew or musty smell in the toilet

Extreme dampness can build up molds and mildews in it as well as on the floor of the bathroom. Some filthy things like sanitary napkins or baby diapers can also be the reason for growing excessive molds and mildew. An interior clog in the system is also a vital cause of emanating the musty smell. Note that the molds and germs are sticky and can smell like fish. 

Possible Causes & Solutions:

The bacteria and the gas pipe issue can cause so much death that the fierce presence of germs and molds entirely defeats the plumbing vent. The plumbing vents are close to the ventilation system. The vent pipe’s obstruction can be the molds’ warehouse and mildews. So they can be anywhere in the bathroom. The clogged vents always act as a partner for the Mildews. Check the flange and the wax seal as if there is some leakage, then so many germs will form around the toilet.

Disturbing septic gas smell in the toilet

The septic tank is far from one bathroom, but it can still make the bathroom ambiance sick. If the bathroom smells like a sewer, then probably the sewage has gathered so much waste. Clogged drains and pipelines are the prime cause of the septic gas smell. To eliminate the odor, remove the waste with the help of some toilet cleaning tools. These smells become stagnant if the clogged pipes reverse the bad airflow coming about from the septic tank. 

Causes and possible Fixes:

A sewer gas smell in the bathroom is very annoying. The Evaporation through water in the P-trap or a broken seal near the wax ring caulking can cause a bad sewer gas smell. The bursting of the pipe due to so much traffic waste can create an unstoppable sewer smell. The septic tank must have been filled or collapsed, or rusted. Thus the sewer smell can enter the bathroom. 

Clean the septic regularly and have a close look inside the system. Use some waste-eating agents if the septic is full to its brim. The consequences of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide must be protected  

Why does my toilet smell like Poop?

The most obvious smell in the bathroom is poop smells. If you do not apply sufficient water after using the toilet, then it could damage the whole system. This may also leave obstinate skid marks in the toilet bowl.Why does my toilet smell like Poop

How to get rid of the poop smell in the bathroom fast? If the flush power is weak, then it cannot sweep all the waste from the toilet. This poop smells so bad that low water pressure can not diminish this incident. The waste remnants can make the bathroom odd and worse than ever. 

Reasons & Solutions:

An acute blockage in the drainage and the trap ways can make so many nasty odors. If poop is stuck in the P-trap, then it can produce bad smells. Check the flange, seal, and caulking, as leakage may come through all of this. Even wastewater can seep from the base. Even a dysfunctional wax ring is responsible for a wobbly toilet. Use some cleaners or vinegar to eradicate the poop smell. 

Effective Remedies: How to Get Rid of Toilet Odor?

Toilet smells are something that you need to avoid all the time. Imagine you are using everything, and nothing works out. So here I present to you some of the best ways of eliminating the foul odor from the bathroom. Let’s have a close look at these, 

Clean the toilet daily

Most probably, the simplest form of terminating the toilet smells is to perform daily maintenance and cleaning of the toilet. You can choose some of the finest elements for cleaning the toilet. The mixture of lemon, vinegar, and baking soda is the best. Clean the toilet

You must have a routine checkup of the entire bathroom as they can amalgamate grime, perpetuating bathroom odor. You need to clean all the nooks and crannies with the help of the brushes and toilet cleaners as every part is responsible for having a bad smell in the toilet. Include the basins and toilets for having a perpetual cleaning system. 

Unclogging the drains is not easy as they have some awkward angles. The rimmed toilets are much more prone to grown-up grime and Bacteria. You can use some soft and effective cotton swabs as they can catch a lot of waste. A brush or scrubber is the best medium for cleaning the toilet bowl, the floor, and the walls. 

Use the mix of vinegar and baking soda

Most are probably their most effective ingredients in eradicating waste and foul odors. Combine baking soda and white vinegar. Produce a paste-like substance and put them on the seat and the bowl of the toilet. Leave this paste around the base because bacteria can also be accumulated in this section. Rub around the base and also inside the rim. Let this paste sit for half an hour. In the end, spray vinegar on the seat and floor, including the walls. Fizzing and foaming of these mixed ingredients will be the main sanctions for the toilet. Apply the rags to wipe away all the dirt. Combine baking soda and white vinegar

Apply the hydrogen peroxide to the toilet bowl

Another tremendous thing is hydrogen peroxide, which has a great popularity for eradicating all the clogs, stains, and skid marks from the bathroom. The 3% density hydrogen peroxide is the most used agent for eliminating bad-smelling odors. 

But be very careful as this substance is very much burning. This chemical is capable of absorbing gross smells. Use ample water while using this element because it is very much corrosive. Use a scrubber for cleaning the floors and drains. No other plenty is as effective as hydrogen peroxide for neutralizing the obstinate bathroom smells.Apply the hydrogen peroxide to the toilet bowl

Put a perforated cleaner bottle in the tank 

Famous cleaners like the Fabuloso are used not only for cleaning the toilet but also as an air freshener and water purifier. So you take a bottle of Fabuloso and perforate it with the help of sharp metal. Then put the bottle on the side of the tank. Make sure it does not reside close to the chain and flapper. A perforated bottle of Fabuloso emanates all over the tank and makes the water frequent. This is a viral hack sprawling around social media. 

Use essential oil 

Essential oils have a good name in putting an end to the bad smells in the toilet. The aromatic liquids and the freshly extracted pulp can create an adorable ambiance. The mixture of so many aromatic oils and baking soda can be the most effective way to relieve the foul odor. The foam it produces works well against germs.

Remove Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew smell like fish. All the black and brown stains and molds that have been accumulating over a long time reside inside the walls and ceilings and, of course, under sinks. If you want to clean all the molds and that nasty fishy smell, mix some white vinegar with salt and Scrub. After applying, all these have a close compendium with a scrubber. Clean the most awkward angles, also. Also, ensure that the rigorous ventilation system is working decently. It helps to get rid of bad bathroom smells. 

Have a good ventilation system- Get rid of bathroom odor naturally

Good ventilation is the prerequisite for having an odor-free and frequent bathroom. You need to have at least one ventilation fan in the bathroom as the entire arena of the bathroom is filled with horrible smells after someone uses the bathroom. 

Getting fresh air moving around in the bathroom gives a jovial ambiance in the bathroom. The venting fan shall be attached to the outer wall of the bathroom so that all the odor gets removed from the bathroom directly outside of the home. 

A well-functioning vent fan can remove all the feces particles and small microorganisms and remove moisture and odors from the bathroom. A ventilation system can play an inevitable role in improving air quality and ambiance. A musty smell and hot humidity are asserted when you take a shower. Turn on the ventilation fan to have a humid-free bathroom. 

Apply air freshener in the bathroom 

You can use the most popular air freshener if none of the systems works. They come in a lot of flavors and smells. Some of the air freshers include lavender, clary sage, and thyme. Some others may have cedar, oregano, and Clove. But some prefer the essential oil That has all the antifungal and microbial qualities. You can add several drops of essential oil to the toilet, stir, and then flush. This process effectively eliminates almost all the smells from the bathroom.Apply air freshener in the bathroom 

Final Words 

The toilet is the most used portion of our daily life. If it smells bad, then it takes a heavy toll and creates an aversion to using the bathroom. A sewage smell can be very deadly, and it can also create some bad asthma issues. 

A health risk is always inevitable, especially due to the sulfur smell. We have depicted almost all the remedies for eradicating the foul smell from the toilet. The venting and air Conditioning, decent heating services, odor purification elements, and, of course, the air purifying agents have been discussed in this epic article. Try all the methods, and if the bad smells persist, call in an expert for further plumbing chores.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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