Easy Ways to Stop Water Splashing Up from the Toilet

Toilet water splashing upSplashing water may be one of the most irritating issues while using the toilet. Suppose the toilet’s water level is so high, then there is an ample chance of the dirty water destroying the tiles and the wall formation, and there is nothing more atrocious than this incident. The swirling action of the flushing is also responsible for springing back the water for the toilet. The amount of water running into the bowl is a considerable point on whether water will spill over the bathroom floor. There are some exorbitant ways to diagnose and resolve this acute issue. 

The best method to prevent toilet water splashing is putting toilet paper on the toilet bowl, which impedes the surface tension of water when stool falls over the toilet bowl. You can also reshuffle the seating position so that you can avoid water splashing from the toilet bowl.

It is an everyday chore that toilet splashback will affect you in every possible aspect. This article will cover all the downsides and consequences as well as the solution of splashing water on you. So let’s dig deep into the sanctuary and let us discover what is waiting for us.

Diseases Spread From Toilet Splash

It is not a proven truth that Toilet Splash always makes you sick, and there are no solid pieces of evidence to establish this concept. However, you will be vulnerable if you get some inflammation and cuts around any parts of your body. If water splashes onto those vulnerable areas, you must be aware of the unnecessary diseases coming your way. Let us check some of the possibilities of being infected by the unhygienic water splash.Toilet Splash

Can the toilet splash make you ill?

The splashing from the toilet van may be perilous as you may get the inevitable inflammation, which can surge the chance of contagious diseases. You are not the only one that is using the toilet; if you are using a public toilet, then there is ample chance that you will be catching something that you should not experience.

If you feel rashes and allergic contamination at the bottom part of the body, it is unlikely because of your contact with the toilet seat. When you use the toilet, there is an ample chance of water being splashed on your body.

But it is not always true that you are going to be sick from the unhygienic water splashing. However, you must make an appointment with a doctor if you feel ill.

Are toilet water splashes perilous for your health?

There is always some chance of water splashing in the bathroom. Some people think that this will make them uncomfortable and ill at the same time. But no need to panic too much because it is a rare case that people get ill as a consequence of the water splashing.

In the meantime, though the water is dirty, you have less chance of being contaminated by that unless you have any inflammation in your lower part. 

If you immediately clean off the affected area, then there is less chance of being affected by any diseases. If the dirty water splashes on your backside, you first need to sweep that area with soap and disinfectant. Then clean that with fresh water, wipe that place with a soft cloth or tissue, and dry that place perfectly. 

What Diseases Can Affect You by Toilet Water?

Look, it is true that Toilet water is not salubrious, and this unhygienic liquid has an incessant chance of being transmitted. Toilet water is the home of all kinds of hazardous bacteria. Many causes can affect you severely, and here is a sign of the dangerous bacteria and fungi that can make you ill. 

The E. coli, Streptococcus, staphylococcus, shigella bacteria, and hepatitis virus are some of the most culprit bacteria that can make you sick. They are very prone to transmit disease. At the very initial stage, the tank water remains safe, but in the next prospects, it becomes contaminated when it reaches fecal waste and urine. The dangerous fecal contamination can be deleterious for food, surfaces, and as well as human skin.

Is toilet water unsafe for living beings?

Splashback is a precarious issue for almost all users. Especially when you are using public toilets, the concern redoubles as the toilet water is obviously not a safe element for nature. It remains serene and immaculate until it goes down to the bowl.

Sometimes we accidentally fall into some elements like key rings, mobile phones, or something precious that should not be in the toilet bowl. You can recapture them with your hands but make sure that you wash your hands afterward. Toilets with strong flushing power can be very much prone to spillage. You may feel unwell by experiencing such a matter. 

If you catch the waste of toilet water somehow, do not worry. Just apply fresh water to sweep away the contaminated portion and apply the antibacterial liquid to make it safer. 

Is there any chance of getting infected with toilet water?

If splashback is making you sick, then make sure that you need to be so much cautious about the spillage and throwbacks of this dirty water.

From research, we have come to know that there is nothing such a case where someone gets infected by toilet water. But if you have something inflamed at your bottom, you are more likely to be contaminated by the toilet water. 

You are also at risk and in a vulnerable position if you have an open sore or severe wound in that portion where the toilet water splashed on. The chance of infection from toilet water soars up if you have any cuts or burns at the lower position. You can also try the Hover method when you defecate. Another strategy is always to stand up from the toilet before flushing it. 

Is there any chance of being annexed with STD from the toilet backsplash?

Practically, the chance of being infected with the STD from toilet backsplash is zero. The Oxford University research states that there is no connection between STDs and toilet-related chores. Whatever it is, even dirty water intruding through the genitals and anus cannot transmit STD. The only and main cause of STDs is unnatural sexual habits and assaults through the genitals.

So you can be tension free about the issue that you are going to have a transmission of the STD unless you have any injury at the genital parts. Even STD infections cannot grow rapidly in a hostile environment like toilet bowls and seats. 

Can You Catch a UTI From Toilet Water?

A urinary tract infection (called UTI) is an infection that is closely related to the urinary system. This can affect the urinary system as well as the urethra, kidneys, bladder, and ureters. The lower urinary tract is the most vulnerable portion that can catch UTI. The main culprit behind this acute issue is the Escherichia coli bacteria, which is considered one of the most barbarian specimens in this genre. It is mostly found in the digestive tract of the human body.

The Urinary tract is the most vulnerable part that can be affected by the bacteria Escherichia Coli. This UTI-related bacteria enter the bladder and make it larger, and the urethra can also be affected by this bacteria. Some genital-related diseases like herpes and gonorrhea are much more prevalent in such contact regimes. Around 20% of women contract UTIs due to different causes. 

But there is almost no chance of contracting a UTI by toilet splash, but if it reaches the urethra channel, then there is a probability of getting affected with a UTI. To avoid the splash, you can use toilet paper to create surface tension which might prevent unwanted splashing of the toilet water.

Can Toilet Water Harm You?

Apparently, the toilet water does no harm unless you make the daily routine of clearing and cleaning the bowl and seat of the toilet regularly. It is evident that there are loads of microorganisms, germs, and bacteria in the toilet water. But in case you clean and disinfect the bowl on a regular basis. The chance of being contaminated with toilet water is less than you can ever imagine. chance of getting infected with toilet water

If you mistakenly put something in the toilet bowl, then no worries, just put on a rubber glove and then start fishing for the material you have lost in the toilet water. Then simply use soap and antibacterial products to wash your hands. On the contrary, in some rare cases, the splashing of the toilet water can yield rashes and inflammation in the splashed area of the body.

Can Toilet Water Cause Anal Extreme Fissure Infection?

The Fissure Infection of the Anus happens in the rarest cases of toilet water splashing. Anal Fissure Infection is one of the silent killers among diseases. It is a type of internal injury that can cause inflammation and make the place swell incorrectly and absurdly. An anal fissure is generally an extreme tear in the lining of the anal canal. This fissure leads to internal bleeding and damage to the anus tissues, and an external lump may also occur. There is no connection with the dirty toilet water splashing through the anal.

There is a stringent and dry bowel movement that causes anal injury. The water splashing does not make you that much ill. The loose bowel movements, spasms, and scarring endanger this fissure even more. The injury to the tissue can lead to enormous anal pain, and these acute fissures can create a simple tear in the anus in the most disgusting period. Chronic fissures build up swelling and scar tissue as well as they can produce tumors like Ulcerative Colitis, syphilis, tuberculosis, and leukemia. 

Can Chlamydia Occur from Toilet Water Splash?

Toilet water splashing is one of the biggest and deadliest things that can cause a downfall in your regular life. So be sure that splashing can not affect you. It can obviously create some minor infections or inflammation. But it never creates Chlamydia.  

Chlamydia is one of the most intricate sexually transmitted infections (STI). This can happen due to unnatural intercourse or oral conjugation. It is one type of deadly bacterial infection that can happen anytime through rough intercourse. Chlamydia doesn’t show symptoms very often. It can transmit only by sexual behavior, so you can be fearless that it can not attack you with dirty toilet water splashing. 

HIV from a Toilet Water Splash: True or Not?

It is completely a worthless statement that splashing toilet water can transmit fatal HIV. This life-threatening disease can only happen during unprotective intercourse. Some irregular behavior and unconventionally assaulting the genitals can also transmit HIV.  

It can also spread by sharing needles for injecting drugs. An infected person’s blood is the biggest reason for transmitting the HIV virus. Theoretically, HIV spreads through oral ulcers, bleeding gums, and genital sores. This can also cause other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). 

So you can be sure that there is no real chance of contracting HIV by splashing the toilet water. But always be sure that the dirty water cannot touch your bottom portion.      

Prevent water in the toilet from splashing up

There are some congruent causes of transmitting the irrational disease through the water splashing through the water bowl. This acute incident should be curbed by any means. So here I am illustrating some of the intangible ideas on what to do if somehow toilet water splashes at you.  

What measures should you take if toilet water touches you?

Toilet water is an unhygienic thing that you want to avoid all the time. If this reaches you anyhow, you must take the necessary steps to clean yourself. 

In case of clean toilet water splashes on your body, then simply apply clean water to wipe that area. But if you are in a public toilet and water splashed on your body, then wash that place with soap and disinfectant. Then sweep that place. Then dry the area. 

If clean water splashes on your hands and bottom, then only use warm, soapy water to clean the area. But If the water has fecal matter mixed with urine, you need better treatment. Use the anti-oxidant cleaning agent to clean the part., Then apply soap and water to scrub the portion. The sanitizing wipes can be the best option to make you germ-free. 

What steps should you take If toilet water contacts your eyes?

It seems pretty much imaginary, but somehow if toilet water comes in contact with your eyes, then you must take stern steps because the water might contain disastrous germs that can cause terrible harm to your eyes.

The very first chore you should do is to use sufficient cold water in your eyes. Then use renewed face wash or soap that has antibacterial ingredients in it. Then put the warm, soapy water on your eyes and face, rinse, apply cold water again, and flush your eyes with clean water. That will clear all the germs in that area. Always be vigilant for any signs of infection in the eyes. If this happens, then seek help from a professional doctor.

If toilet water goes in your mouth, brush your teeth with super efficient toothpaste. Then rinse out your mouth with mouthwash. A saline solution can be another best option to solve the issue. 

How To Stop Toilet Water Back-Splash?

The water backsplash is a  nasty thing that often irritates you. It is an inevitable stance that can be prevented in almost all possible ways. Here are the sizes of the biggest and best draws that will help you to prevent acute toilet water backsplash. So let us dig deep into the measures,

How to Stop Toilet Water Splashing Up While Flushing?

There are so many causes of water spilling up while you initiate the flushing. The possible reason For the toilet water Splashing Up is the water level which might be so interactive with the possession of the water splashing. 

There could also be some mechanical fault in the flange, wax ring, or filling valve. The tank of toilet could be overflowing due to a damaged flapper. These aspects make the indomitable toilet water Splashing evident. Clogs or sludge gathering in the sewage line may also cause the toilet water to splash out of the rimmed bowl.

You know what to do to prevent this splashing, right? You can use the most provoking and promising toilet cleaner to eliminate the sludge from the trapways. Then you can replace the flange, wax ring, and flapper. When you are flushing the toilet, always close the lid of the toilet. This may prevent the microspores of the water droplets from propagating in the air.

Why Is Water Exploding Out Of My Toilet Bowl?

The water supply system of your toilet may be suffering from leakage or overflowing. That refills the tank in no time; consequently, water gets inundated out of the toilet. There are some sorts of indigenous errors inside the tank, like the floating ball valve might be damaged, or the plastic flapper may be destroyed. These incidents erode the natural mechanism of the tank of passing water through the bowl.

You need to replace the toilet’s faulty parts and ensure that the water supply system remains modular. Eliminate all the sludge and clogging by using the plunger or toilet snake. The mix of baking soda and vinegar can be the most traditional method of terminating the obstinate sludge. 

How to prevent toilet water backsplash?

There are many ways of preventing the acute backsplash of toilet water. The most convenient way is to add a square toilet paper to the toilet bowl, and then you can use the toilet. This tissue layer can create surface tension, so poop won’t lift up to wet you. 

You can add some surface tension liquids to remove the water’s quirkiness. It may prevent the backsplash in no time. If your toilet is clean, then there will be no harm to do from the backsplash. However, you need to be vigilant enough to make the process more confined and salubrious. 

Is there any anti-splash toilet bowl available?

While we did not find anything after tiresome research that there might be some sort of Anti-Splash Toilet Bowl, we are afraid there are no such things. But there are some other methods to stop the backsplash. You can use the big screen toilet paper under the seat sp that while water splashes, it won’t touch your bottom part. 

What Is A Toilet Splash Guard?

A Toilet Splash Guard is a plastic-made product that is attached to the front of your toilet seat so that it can prevent unwanted spillage. The bathroom splash guard impedes throwing urine from the toilet bowl. When you sit on the toilet, always try to take a position at the most frontier section as it can thwart the toilet bowl to avoid splashing. Not only with the toilet but also you can attach it with the bidets or regular toilet seats. It has a universal design that is compatible with almost all types of devices as well as with elevated toilet seats. Toilet Splash Guard

The urine deflector extends both horizontally and vertically. It has the potential of flourishing about 5 inches, and the width is almost 3 inches. It is mainly useful to work with the front of the seat rim. You can slide it over easily, and the installation and removal process is also so simple and convenient. A Toilet Splash Guard can prevent all sorts of liquids like urine, vaginal fluid, and obviously the dirty spillage of water. This gives a solid barrier to keep the urine away from your body as well, as urine won’t spill on the wall and floor of the bathroom. The seat and bowl of the toilet can be trespassing on all the elements that are not good for the skin. So using the Splash Toilet Guard can be effective enough to curb the issue. 

Are rimless toilets prone to spillage?

Overspilling is a big issue in the toilet. It is believed that the rimless toilets are very much prone to spillage as there are no certified borders around the bowl that can catch the water from splashing on the floor and wall. The spillage can happen to any toilet, whether it is rimmed or Rimless. But the chance is slightly higher in the Rimless toilets. The territory that impeded water from splashing throughout the bowl is missing here, so it is quite common to splash.

In the standard rimmed toilets, water shows a swirling action, and it visits the whole bowl in a tornado effect. The rim obstructs water from coming out of the bowl. A rimless is significantly simple to clean as there are no hidden obtuse odd angles where germs can grow up. So it is hygienic. But there is an unrevealed thing: rimless toilets have a giant bowl that prevents splashing. A smooth sparkling bowl after every flush is the greatest thing ever. Most rimless toilets apply a direct and fresh Flushing mechanism that throws water around the basin. This direct flush washes the whole rimless toilet pan efficiently. 

Miscellaneous things related to toilet water splashing 

Let’s have a look at more deep and advanced chores from the ark. Apart from the cause and the solutions, there are so many things that must be discussed. So let’s proceed. Miscellaneous things related to toilet water splashing 

What Is The Loud Throbbing Sound Propagated After Flushing the Toilet?

The loud throbbing sound is nothing to worry about. The sound comes from the internal valves and flapper system of the toilet. The water hose sometimes makes dire sounds that are because of the changing water pressure. 

Though there is nothing to fear, it is just the water supply system that refills the tank and removes all the water through the bowl. You can call in a plumber and check the entire toilet mechanism. 

How to clean the floor if toilet water splashes on it? 

It is a perfect query of what to do if the bathroom floor is messed up with urine and dirty liquids. Here are some of the tremendous ideas for eradicating toilet water and urine from the floor. clean the floor if toilet water splashes on it

  • You can use absorbent mats or rugs around the toilet. That will make your bathroom look more majestic as well as it can prevent the water from soaking. It is probably the easiest and most effective way of maintaining the freshness of the bathroom. These solid mats are capable of absorbing urine and all other liquids. You can also clean these mats with detergent when it gets too profane and filthy. 
  • Another salubrious way is to put a splash guard around the toilet, and these guards impede urine from splashing into the bowl. This solid guard can also attenuate the protruding angle of attack. 
  • Another thing you can do is mix baking soda and vinegar. The acidic properties of vinegar are very effective in eradicating all the germs and stains from the toilet floor. 
  • The acidic vinegar can be mixed with the bleaching powder for more interactive results. This can perfectly and quickly lift stains from the floor. Take roughly a half cup of baking soda with two tablespoons of white acidic vinegar and apply that on the floor. Then wait for some time. Then use fresh water, and thus you can clean the bathroom floor. 
  • Applying caulk prevents spillage of urine from the bowl. White Caulk is the perfect thing that you can use to avoid splashing, and you can thus make the floor clean and pure. An anti-pee coating around the floor can also be very effective. Due to leakage, the water can spill over the floor, but that can be encountered with the anti-pee coating.
  • You can see the uric acid crystals on the bathroom floor. These crystals are reactive to the enzyme-based solution. So mix them and apply them to the floor. That will clean the floor if toilet water splashes on it.

Final Verdict

Splashing water out of the bowl of the toilet is very irritating. If you want to curb this incident, lay toilet paper to create surface tension or close the toilet lid before flushing. 

You always need to maintain hygiene in the toilet, and preventing the water from splashing from the bowl can be the best initiative you can take. Keeping the straightforward tips in this article can successfully eradicate severe backsplash issues.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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