What to consider when buying a new toilet?-Extensive guide 2024

The modern era has surpassed all the technologies compared to the ancient ages. As time advances, human inventions have been picking up an enthusiastic bonanza that is unsurmountable than any other era in the history of human innovations. The beast was unleashed when men considered investing their attention in the most underrated but flourishing business segment, the toilet and sanitary industry. The jaw-dropping featured amenities toilets have replaced the old clunky water gluttons of old toilets. But still, some people struggle to find the most inclusive one for their home or office. Buying the all-rounder hunk toilet requires deep and masterclass research for the interior ambiance. So it is our sublime duty to represent the most suitable toilet for your home and to meet that aspect, we will try to depict a foolproof guideline to choose the best toilet, so let’s progress into the process.

10 Things to consider when buying a new toilet in 2024:

Purchasing a toilet is not a simple job; it tends to be tiresome. You should have known that the quality and standard of the toilet in your home demonstrate your status and choice of taste. So if you do not want to ruin your reputation, you must be prudent before choosing a toilet. Here I am presenting to you some of the most enticing factors that should be kept in mind before choosing a toilet; let us briefly explore those factors,

  • ADA height for adults
  • The standard height for kids and short people
  • Bidet Seat for Advanced Automatic Functions and Comfort
  • Regular plastic seats for budget shoppers
  • One piece for modern or compact bathrooms
  • Two-piece for regular toilets
Bowl Design
  • Elongated bowl for all
  • Round for small spaces
  • Square toilet bowl for heavyweight persons
  • Concealed or skirted trapways are easy to clean.
  • Open or non-skirted trapways are cheap.
Water consumption
  • 1.28 gallons of water for an efficient flush toilet
  • 1.6 gallons of water for a traditional flush toilet
Flush Handles
  • The trip lever is located on the side of the tank.
  • The push button is located on the top of the tank.
Rough-in measurement
  • 10 inches for older designs
  • 12 inches for modern toilets
  • 14 inches for special toilets

1. Different types of toilets 

Over the years, various toilet companies have introduced different toilets in nature and characteristics. You can find a variety of toilets that are mesmerizing and have their own merits and attributes. Here we will see some of the eye-grabbing types of toilets in the market,

Two-Piece Toilets:

The most unique and stereotypical of its kind is the two-piece toilet. This toilet has the most dominating feature and is also widely available around the world. More than 60 percent of toilets are categorized in this classification. Some worth-mentioning features of this toilet are described below,

Two-Piece Toilet

  • The most enticing factor about the two-piece toilet is that they are super affordable and can be found almost everywhere in the world. 
  • The installation process is straightforward as you have to install the two separate sections, making it relatively easier to install the fixtures. 
  • It is suitable for people of all ages. The usability and versatility that this toilet has are the most surprising aspect.    

Our recommended two-piece toilets:

One-Piece Toilets:

It is a brand-new version of the toilet where the tank and the bowl are joined and manufactured as a one-piece product. So you might not have to face the agony that you have faced in the two-piece toilet. The water tank size is smaller than two pieces, but it doesn’t have a seam between them, making it easier to clean. Some of its intended features include,

One-Piece Toilet

  • It is easy to clean as it is combined as a unit. The one-piece toilet has the largest durability than the two-piece toilet because it needs fewer plumbing solutions as there are not many connections. 
  • The design and the aesthetics of this toilet are out of this world. People who are very fond of the aesthetics duct chose the two-piece toilet as their bathroom king.  

Our recommended One-piece toilets:

Wash-Down Toilet:

Washdown toilets typically have a shorter trap way, traditionally about four inches. When you press the push button, the water pours from the tank to the bowl and washes liquid or solid waste out of the wider trapway. Washdown toilets mainly use the gravitational flow and weight of the water within the tank to flush out waste from inside the toilet bowl. Some of the astounding features of the Washdown toilet are, Wash-Down Toilets

  • They are less prone to clogging as the trapways are much bigger than any other toilet you have ever got. 
  • It is almost easy to clean and maintain
  • Another charming feature is that it uses less water on average
  • It has a short bowl base, which can save space in the small bathrooms

High Tank Toilet:

This is not the most common type of toilet you see. The basic difference between this toilet and the others is that the toilet tank is situated overhead. The high tanks provide the efficiency of a gravity-fed water supply, while modern flushing systems ensure that water-efficient and effective flushing can make the toilet free of any skid marks.High Tank Toilet

Wall-Hung Toilets:

The wall-hung toilets add a new dimension to the arena of the toilets. It is a recent invention where your toilet is seen hanging with a wall. It is mainly the semblance of pure aesthetics and beauty. Let us see the important features of this toilet. Wall Mounted Toilets

  • All the plumbing operations are hidden behind the wall, and the tank and the water supply line are concealed within the wall. That means the sleekness and the terrifying aesthetics are completely unparallel to its contemporary other stereotypes. 
  • The cleaning and maintenance are as easy as you can ever imagine. They take only a tiny space to be fitted in any bathroom ambiance.

My Recommendation:

2. Different Flushing types

The most enticing point that should be kept in mind before buying a toilet is checking the toilet’s strength because it is the flushing system called the heart of a toilet. You may find tons of different astounding flushing-type toilets. Here I am going to elaborate on some tremendous kinds of flushing systems, 

Gravity Flush Toilets:

The most traditional type of flushing around the world is the Gravity Flush Toilets which mainly work on the basis of gravitational force. A gravity flush toilet system is one of the most conventional types of flushing systems. It always consumes the raw force of gravity to flush a toilet. Gravity Flush Toilet

How It Works:

Water flows from the tank mounted on top of the bowl and moves to the toilet bowl with the help of gravity, Which produces an immense force inside the bowl that makes the toilet trap to wash out the waste. When water fills the toilet bowl, the excess pressure inside the bowl gathers more pressure than ever in the trap and drain pipe. Both the water and waste are choked to the drain pipe and down to the sewer lines.

Remarkable features:

  • Simple design, and it is inexpensive. 
  • It is almost a quiet option to be installed in the bathroom
  • It is really easy to install 

Pressure-Assisted Toilets:

Pressure-assisted toilet flush systems operate similarly to gravity flush systems, but they have a tremendous additional mechanism that is used to pressure water into the toilet bowl. These toilets are incorporated with a plastic pressure tank with an air-filled bottom section that gets pressurized each time water initiates to refill in the toilet’s ceramic tank.Pressure Assisted Toilet

How It Works

This astounding operation makes the system use the least water while still being as strong as a gravity system. Pressure-assisted flush systems are traditionally found in the commercial ambiance as they have a powerful flushing action. Because these powerful systems are less prone to clog, they are simple to maintain, and the water pressure keeps the bowl clean always. 

Remarkable features:

  • The flushing system is very powerful, so the clogging is not so acute here. 
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Uses less water to sweep away all the waste.  

Tankless Toilets:

The name says it all. Tankless toilets are not that common in the context of the modern toilet system. It has been an unprecedented product in the arena of the toilet industry. Tankless suggests that there should be no tank available for the toilet. But no, there must be a tank. Otherwise, from where should the water be supplied? Some of the splendid features of this toilet are described here,Tankless Toilet

Remarkable features:

  • It is a clean and simple design, and the tank is disguised behind the wall, allowing it to use a compact space. 
  • It is an excellent gesture of toilet that adds a luxurious instance which is endorsed with a fruitful combination of insane looks.

Dual-Flush Toilet:

They offer the ability to use more or less water, depending on the waste that you intend to flush. There are two flush buttons, usually installed on the upper side of the tank, and there are two types of flushing systems: partial and full flush. The full flush operates like any other toilet, using approximately 1.6 gallons of water. This button is engineered to be used with solid waste or a mixture of liquid and solid waste.Dual-Flush Toilets

Remarkable features:

  • The most enthralling attribute of this flushing system is that it is incorporated with splendid water-saving technology that uses only 1.28 GPF of water.
  • It is pretty much an iconic product that has generated a new era of flushing technology.

3. Toilet Installation Types and Procedures 

When you are going to buy a toilet, the thing you need to check is if the installation process is. To avoid any unnecessary blunders, closely inspect the complete installation process. Let us explore the different types of installation processes with the necessary illustrations,

Floor mount toilet installation:

As we all know, this is the most traditional type of toilet, and most houses own exactly this type of toilet. Let us see the complete installation process of the Floor mount toilets.

  • First of all, take the rough-in measurement of the toilet. The rough-in should be 10 or 12 inches. 
  • Then unbox all the inclusive parts given in the box, and check if any parts are missing. Then install the wax seal and install closet bolts.
  • Insert rubber grommets through holes in the tank, then insert bolts through holes in the grommets. 
  • Install a large rubber gasket over the threaded outlet on the bottom of the tank and lower the tank into the bowl so that the tapered end of the gasket fits evenly into the bowl water inlet opening. With the tank parallel to the wall, alternately tighten nuts until the tank is snuggled down evenly against the bowl surface.
  • And finally, install the toilet seat and turn on the water supply line. That is how you can easily find any Floor mount toilet.Floor mount toilets installation

Wall Mount Toilet Installation:

The installation process of the Wall Mount Toilets is a bit different from the floor Mount Toilets. Here is the full installation process of this toilet, 

  • Calculate the rough-in measurement and then Insert the discharge pipe into the pipe hub in the wall. Place a straight edge flush against the wall and mark a line on the pipe. Fit finned rubber seal onto the flush pipe. Repeat the same procedure for the discharge pipe. It usually is the bowl installation process. 
  • Place the discharge pipe with the gasket into a waste outlet of the bowl. Also, place a flush pipe with a fin gasket into the inlet of the bowl. Then mark a second line on both pipes. Install both seals into the pipes in the wall. Lubricate seals with appropriate rubber seal lubricant.
  • After installing the toilet, turn on the water supply line and Seal the gap around the bowl with waterproof sealant.Wall Mount Toilets Installation

Incinerated Toilets Installation:

The most unorthodox type of toilet is used in cold regions to save water. Incinerated toilets simply turn the waste into ashes that can be used as a fertilizer in planting crops. Let us have a look into the installation process in simple steps,Incinerated toilet Installation

Installing the vent line 

  • The vent pipe can run horizontally or vertically. Venting materials can be placed within a wall, and the toilet can be placed close to a wall at the back. Allow 6 to 8 inches on the right side to operate the foot pedal.
  • The vertical vent line should terminate with a rain cap. For horizontal venting, use a dryer flap or add a PVC elbow turned downward to prevent back-drafting

Installing the electrical connection 

  • This appliance has a 20-amp plug and is meant to fit only into a 20-amp receptacle. If the outlet you intend to use for the Incinerated toilet is not the proper type, then change the receptacle. 
  • You must have a circuit suitable for 20 amps, headed by a 20-amp circuit breaker. Do not attempt to defeat this safety feature by modifying the plug in any way. The power cord is 4 feet long.

4. What to consider when buying a toilet seat?

One thing we sometimes overlook is the toilet seat’s type and quality. There are two main types of seats: elongated and round toilet seats. Let us see the tremendous aspects of these two types of toilets, 

Elongated toilet seat:

It is more comfortable to sit on because its 2-inch long extensions make it a great seat. The astounding features are, elongated toilet seats

  • More comfortable to sit on for most people
  • Easier to get on and off for most adults, especially those with mobility issues
  • Easier for men to use standing without making a mess
  • A contemporary look that’s currently more popular

Round toilet seat:

Round toilet seats are the traditional kind of toilet that is well suited to almost all types of bathrooms, especially for the smaller toilets; the colossal features are, Round toilet seats

  • The design aesthetic is traditional and therefore has a more versatile look.
  • A better fit in smaller spaces or where door clearances are tighter
  • Easier for children to use

5. Toilet rough-in measurements:

The toilet rough refers to the location of the waste disposal outlet in your toilet. The rough-in can either be on the floor or on the walls. A typical rough-in is the distance from the center of the toilet to the wall behind it.Toilet rough-in measurement

Types of rough-in

There are typically three types of rough-in measurement, and they are 10, 12, and 14 inches of rough-in available in the market. Among them, the 12-inches rough-in is considered the most suitable type of rough-in measurement. The 10-inches rough-in is seen mostly in ancient homes, and the 14-inches rough-in is comparatively large bathrooms. But you should always go for the 12-inch rough-in for your bathroom.

6. What type of materials are used to manufacture toilets?

Materials used in manufacturing the toilet matter are directly associated with the toilets’ durability, quality, and visual aesthetics. You can find tons of materials that are used in making toilets, but here I will present to you the most popular materials and their attributes, 

Vigorous Vitreous china toilet material

Vitreous china is a ceramic material, such as porcelain, that is glazed with enamel. The vitreous china coating is applied later on in the heating process. The advantages of these materials are,

  • Its ability to resist spills and staining is its greatest advantage. After that, it is densely porous, which means that it will sometimes absorb other fluids, particularly when wet and exposed for extended periods.
  • Another tremendous aspect is that this material is very much cheap in price, which is affordable to all classes of people. 
  • Adding an enamel finish makes it much easier for people to sponge off stains, and this makes it very popular for bathroom fixtures.

Passionate Porcelain 

Another eye-grabbing material is porcelain, another splendid addition to the toilet sector. Porcelain is the hardest clay material on the market. Its features are described below, 

  • The ceramic material is heated in a kiln at an extreme temperature, causing the clay to become less dense and porous.
  • Porcelain is very strong and hard. Visually, the material is translucent and elegant. 
  • Porcelain is tough in durability and soft in visual appearance. 

Charming Ceramic coated surface 

 The most traditional material is ceramic seated toilets. Here are some of the significant types of these toilets, 

  • Keeps the toilet free from any type of stain and skid marks 
  • Toilet cleaning is easier and less frequent
  • Less prone to clogging

My recommendation:

If you have a narrow budget, then you can go for the Vitreous China, as it will serve all the purposes, and if you want a sleek aesthetic, then you must choose the porcelain toilet.

7. The Color and Design of the toilets

You can now choose any color and design of the toilet you prefer. There are tons of various designs like connector toilets, close coupled toilets, or concealed cistern toilets. Among these types of toilets, you can choose according to your requirement. Concealed cistern toilets will be best fitted if you have a small bathroom. If you acquire a spacious bathroom, then you can install any type of toilet you want.

8. Type of Toilet Trapways:

 Trapways are the intestinal-shaped portion at the side of the toilet, which is used for passing the waste and other materials into the septic tanks. Here I am depicting two of the most popular types of trapways, 

  • S-Trap toilet bowl 

An S-trap toilet is the simplest type of trap used in the plumbing system. The trap is shaped like the letter S and was used in earlier installations in almost all plumbing systems. The water accumulates in the bend of the S-trap and blocks the gasses when it is filled S-Trap toilet bowl.S-Trap bowl

  • P-Trap toilet bowl 

This P-trap toilet is curved, goes down, rises, and is not. The waste gasses will exit through the vents as the P-trap is usually vented.P-Trap bowl

9. The Pricing Factor 

We can talk about the period features all day long, but skipping the most vulnerable aspect, which is the toilet’s cost, overshadows all other aspects. The two-piece floor-mounted basic toilets can be found at the lowest price, like the price ranges between 100$ to 500$. If you have more fancy features like the lighting system, heated seat, and automated toilet, then the cost will soar up, and it will range between 500$ to 2000$ or even more.

10. What cutting-edge technology should a toilet have?

The most staggering aspect of modern technology is that it is keeping the pace of innovating something new in every moment of life. You need to be changed with the ever-changing situation, which is true for ultra-modern toilet technologies. These features must be in the product that you are buying, 

WaterSense technology 

The toilet must have the WaterSense technology. In this way, it uses only 1.28 GPF of water, which saves a gigantic amount of water on a daily basis. If you sum up the daily savings of the water, it will save billions of gallons of water at the end of the year.

Completely Glazed Trapway

A glazed trapways make the process smooth of galloping and passing worse to the septic tank. If your toilet is encoded with fully glazed trapways, it will resist the thickening of waste marks on the bowl’s surface.

Maximum Performance Testing Record 

Almost everyone neglects this when buying a toilet, but the MaP test can be very useful in choosing a toilet. The higher the MaP score, the more a toilet can evacuate waste. A MaP score of more than 1000 grams per flush can be considered a decent score. To find a toilet’s MaP score, simply go through the toilet manual to figure it out.

Super-smooth glassy surface 

The greatest benefit of the Galaxy toilet surface is that stubborn waste will not stick to its surface and will easily pave the way to the drainage line. This also lessens the maintenance cost and time.

Rim or Rimless?

In simple words, there are two types of rims in toilets: rimmed and rimless. And can you guess which one is most suitable for the bathroom? It is the rimless toilet you must choose because it catches fewer skid marks and is resistant to germs and bacteria.Rim or Rimless Toilet

Noise proof seat 

 If you slam the toilet seat too hard, it will make unnecessary noise. There is also an effective solution to this problem. Purchase the soft closing toilet seat or padded seat, as when you close the seat, it will not yield any noise.

Lighted and heated seat

Nowadays, the toilet is not just a thing for pooping; it is something more than that. You can retrofit your toilet seat with a vented, heated, and enlightened system that will make it more interesting and eye-soothing. The heated toilet seat can be a savior during winter when it is too cold, and adding colorful lights will make it appear wholesome at night.

Bidet conversation ability 

A bidet has spectacular cost-saving and eco-friendly benefits, and the bidet toilet gives your bathroom a sleek and futuristic appearance with luxe features such as a night light, heated seats, and automatic flush. Anyone sitting on a heated toilet seat in the middle of the night will tell you it’s worth it. Those small moments make a big difference in your quality of life.

Toilet paperless combination 

Yes, it is another unbelievable addition to modern toilets. The automated washlet toilet lid will spray a particular amount of water that will clean you after using the toilet, and an automated fan will dry you; thus, you do not need tissue paper to wipe yourself.

The Final Verdict 

The choice is unlimited in choosing a toilet. There are so many considerations that you must keep in mind to select the best one for your bathroom. In the end, there is a simple suggestion: invest in a toilet that is durable, water-efficient, HET toilet, and endorsed with so many modern amenities. Initially, it seems quite expensive, but purchasing a cheap one can cause so many irregularities as time advances. Carefully go through the entire article because it is enough to understand the toilets well. Bring the best toilet and thank me later.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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