Toilet Overflow Tube: Definition, Location, and Adjustment

What is the overflow tube in a toilet tank?

The overflow tube of a toilet is something that helps it to remove the extra water in the tank through the bowl of the toilet. Its main motive is to prevent water in the tank from overflowing. Generally, it is a vertical tube that is attached to the refill tube.

Where is the overflow tube in a toilet?

The overflow tube is customarily situated inside the tank and is attached to a refill tube, allowing water to enter the tank. You can see the overflow tube if you remove the tank’s lid. It is a vertically positioned rod-shaped plastic piece that sends the extra inundated water into the toilet bowl.

How does a toilet overflow tube work?

The overflow tube is located below the toilet’s refill tube. Water is siphoned from the tank when the refill tube pushes down on the overflow tube, causing the fill valve to remain on or off. When the refill tube is busy introducing a continuous flow of water, the tank will be flooded. Thus the bathroom got secured with water against the tank.

How to change or adjust the overflow tube in the toilet?

Sometimes the overflow tube catches dirt and minerals and goes out of order, and then changing it is mandatory. Illustrating the entire replacement process would be advantageous for the homeowners,

Step-1: Unscrew the nuts

Turn off the water supply line. Then open the tank, remove the lid, and reserve it on a soft piece of cloth. Unscrew the nuts with adjustable pliers while holding the bolt heads steady with a flat-head screwdriver.adjust the overflow tube

Phase-2: Clean the valve and overflow tube

The next step is about changing the flush valve and the desired overflow tube. You may see that this toilet part is strongly attached to the nuts and bolts. Take a simple plier and try to unscrew the bottom end of the overflow tube.Clean the toilet valve and overflow tube

Phase-3: Clean or change the washer

A plastic washer is deeply connected to the tip of the overflow tube. Clean this washer with soda and a brush. If cleaning doesn’t do the work, then change the whole overflow tube washer and try a new one instead of the previous one.replace the washer

Phase-4: Installing a new overflow tube

Remove the worn-out overflow tube and install a new one. Tight nuts and bolts with the plier. At the bottom of the overflow tube, there is a plastic flapper. Inspect the condition of the overflow tube Installing

Phase-5: Check the leakage

Turn on the water supply line and check if there is some sort of leakage in the overflow tube. If there is leakage, then tighten them again with a wrench. Finally, put back the lid of the tank, And that’s it. You are ready to flush again.

How to Extend the toilet overflow tube in the toilet?

Sometimes the length of the toilet overflow tube is not enough to drain down the extra water. In that case, you can extend the toilet overflow tube. Let’s see how it is done,

  • Take an overflow extension tube, and ensure that it is almost the same size as the actual in-build tube.
  • Then apply glue to the body of the existing overflow tube and spread it using the fingers.
  • Finally, stick the extension tube with the overflow tube and let it dry for a while. This extra extension tube piece balances the tank’s water level.

How to fix the running toilet overflow tube?

There could be thousands of reasons behind a running toilet, and one of the prime culprits is a short overflow tube. You can fix a running toilet by,

  • Method-1

You can raise the height of the overflow tube by adjusting the screw, or you can add an extra extension tube so that it prevents the continuous draining of water.

  • Method-2

Sometimes the fill valve allows excessive water into the tank. An efficient fill valve can properly handle water entry into the tank.

  • Method-3

Scale up the float valve that works as the alternative to the overflow tube. Increasing its position may stop water draining. But the best method is to replace the overflow tube, which may stop the unwanted water from draining.

How to raise an overflow tube in the toilet?

Extending and raising is not the same thing. If you want to raise the overflow tube, you must control the adjustment screw on the top of the valve. Rotate the screw clockwise if you want to increase the water level, and turn it anti-clockwise in case of a declining water level. Raising the overflow tube can efficiently control the level of water.

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