Best Skirted Toilet Reviews 2023 [Concealed Trapway Toilets]

Skirted toilets are becoming popular because they make your bathroom look lovelier and make cleaning simple. If you’re looking for the best skirted toilet, then you have come to the right place. We performed thorough research before coming up with these seven outstanding skirted toilets.

Our Top 3 Skirted Toilet Recommendations

Our Top Pick: TOTO Aimes WASHLET Toilet

The one-piece design with a CeFiONtect glaze surface is easy to clean and keeps the bathroom odor-free all the time. The powerful Tornado flush system uses only 1.28 GPF.

Advanced Bidet Option: WOODBRIDGE T-0001 Toilet

The toilet features a pre-installed soft-closing toilet seat, water fittings, and a high-quality wax ring. Dual flushing and bidet features make it more water efficient and comfortable.

Cheapest: KOHLER Corbelle Toilet

Get Revolution 360 swirl flushing technology at a great price. This unit is ideal for residential use with gravity-fed flushing and comfort height.

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What is a skirted toilet?

A skirted toilet conceals the Trapway of the toilet with a smooth and seamless piece of porcelain. Most of the skirted toilets also hide the bolts, which are usually accessed by the panels built into the skirt. The best thing about skirted toilets is that they make them look lovely. Additionally, the concealed Trapway makes cleaning the toilet easy as the nooks and crannies are hidden, unlike in non-skirted toilets. Our Recommended Skirted toilet is here!

Skirted DesignA smooth, one-piece look that conceals trapways, providing a sleek and easy-to-clean appearance.
Easy to CleanThe concealed trapways make cleaning the exterior surfaces simpler and more efficient.
Space-savingSkirted toilets often have a more compact design, ideal for smaller bathrooms or tight spaces.
Modern AestheticSkirted toilets offer a contemporary look that can enhance the overall design of your bathroom.
Easy InstallationMany skirted toilets feature a universal mounting system, making installation easier.
Comfort HeightThey are often designed with a taller bowl height for added comfort and ease of use.
Water EfficiencyMany skirted toilets are designed with water-saving flush systems, conserving water usage.
Quiet FlushSkirted toilets often have quieter flushing mechanisms, reducing noise during use.
Wide Range of StylesSkirted toilets come in various styles, sizes, and colors to suit individual preferences.
DurabilitySkirted toilets are typically made from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance.

What are the pros?

  • Hidden Trapway and Johnny Bolts
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No space for bacteria or molds
  • Modern design and appearance
  • Ideal for both compact and large bathrooms

What are the setbacks?

  • Expensive
  • Need plumber installation service
  • Extra bulk
  • Not ideal for small bathrooms

Skirted vs. Non-Skirted Toilets

The main difference between these two is the design of the trapways. The non-skirted toilets have similar intestine pipes, which are prone to gathering debris; on the other hand, the skirted toilets have concealed trapways on the side of the toilet. Skirted toilets are easy to clean compared to non-skirted toilets. Skirted toilets have modern, sleek, and trendy looks, which adds a premium look to the bathroom. But the darker side is that these toilets are a lot more expensive than the non-skirted toilets.

Top 7 Best Skirted Toilet Reviews in 2023

Read the entire review and find out which toilet matches your needs.

Toto MS626124CEFG301 Aimes Washlet Skirted One-Piece Toilet

  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Comfortable elongated bowl
  • The universal height accommodates many people
  • The Cefiontect glaze keeps the toilet clean
  • Utilizes 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Not easy to install
  • It has a short warranty of only one year

The Toto Aimes washlet is a sleek and elegant toilet that is perfectly designed for the modern bathroom. It has a skirted design that hides the Trapway, hence, making it easy to clean and maintain the toilet. This luxurious one-piece toilet also comes with a Cefiontect glaze that helps to prohibit dirt and debris from sticking to the toilet.

Technical Specifications:

FeaturesToto Aimes MS626124CEFG#01
Bowl Height:Universal Height
Water Consumption:1.28 GPF
Finish:Cotton White
Included:12-Inch Unifit rough-in
CeFiONtect glaze:Yes
Weight:119 pounds
Dimensions:28.4 x 17.3 x 27.9 inches
Flushing System:Tornado flush system
Flush Lever Location:Left side
Price:Toto Aimes MS626124CEFG#01Check Today’s Price

On top of that, the toilet is very comfortable as it has an elongated bowl that provides extra sitting space. What’s more, people of different ages and abilities will have ample time to use the toilet as it features a universal height.

Using the tornado flushing system, the Toto Aimes delivers a powerful and quiet flush every time you use the toilet. Besides, it is a high-efficiency toilet as it utilizes only 1.28 GPF. You don’t have to search for a toilet seat, as a soft-close seat is included in the purchase.

If you are looking for an elegant best-skirted toilet, then toilet Aimes skirted one-piece toilet is an excellent addition to any modern bathroom.

Woodbridge T-0001 Skirted Toilet With Smooth Sides

  • Sleek and luxurious unit
  • Comfortable elongated bowl
  • EPA WaterSense certified
  • A dual-flush helps users to save water
  • A soft-closing seat prevents injuries and banging on the toilet
  • No clogs and leaks
  • It is quite challenging to install and doesn’t stay flat on the floor
  • Integrated rear water supply line

If you want a comfortable and luxurious toilet at an affordable price, then you will love the Woodbridge T-0001 one-piece toilet. Featuring a skirted design, this toilet looks lovely and is simple to clean. The concealed Trapway hides the nooks and crannies that make non-skirted toilets hard to clean.

Technical Specifications:

FeaturesWoodbridge T-0001 Dual Flush Toilet
Color:Pure White
Pieces:One Piece
Water Consumption:1.0 GPF or 1.6 GPF, average at 1. 28 GPF
Finish:White Ceramic
Flush Type:Siphon Jet, Dual Flush
Shape:Elongated, Comfortable Height, Easy to clean shape
Included Components:Soft closing seat, Wax rings, and bolts
Warranty:5-year limited warranty
Price:Woodbridge T-0001, Dual Flush Elongated Check Today’s Price

Apart from the unique design, this toilet is also comfortable and can accommodate both the elderly and people with mobility issues. This is because it comes with a comfortable height, which is also the ADA height. Moreover, the unit features a slow-close seat that prevents slamming.

With the dual flush system, there will be no wastage of water as the user can pick a partial flush of 1.0 GPF (For liquid waste) or a full flush of 1.6 gallons per flush. As a result, you will save water and money. Despite saving water, the siphon flushing system is still efficient in performance; thus, you won’t have clogging or leakage issues.

At such a fair price, you get a beautiful and luxurious toilet that performs very well.

Kohler K-6424-0 Memoirs Classic Comfort Height Toilet

  • High-efficiency toilet
  • Comfort elongated bowl design
  • Traditional design perfect for old bathroom styles
  • Unique and luxurious construction
  • It has a powerful AquaPiston flushing system
  • Various colors to choose from that compliment your respective bathroom theme
  • It is slightly expensive
  • It is cumbersome to install, and you will need help with proper installation.

For those with conventional-style bathrooms, the Kohler K-6424-0 Memoirs Classic toilet will be an excellent addition. The toilet has one of the most exceptional and unique designs on the market. It has detailed finishes and a flat tank. The tank is ideal for placing items on top.

Technical Features:

FeaturesKohler K-6424-0 One-Piece Toilet
Bowl Height:Comfort height
Material:Vitreous China
Water Consumption:1.28 gallons per flush
Dimensions:27.8 x 18 x 28.2 inches
Installation Method:Floor mounted
Flush Technology:Gravity-fed
Hardware Finish:Polished
Leak-free performance:Yes
Flush Lever Location:Left side
Warranty :1-year limited
Price:Kohler K-6424-0 Memoirs ClassicCheck Today’s Price

The Kohler Memoirs toilet is simple to clean as it comes with a skirted design. Also, it is easy to maintain as the tank and bowl are incorporated into one unit. One of the peculiar features of this unit is the Glenbury quiet-close seat. It closes slowly and doesn’t make any noise.

This magnificent toilet is comfortable to use as it has an elongated bowl that provides an additional sitting area. Besides, it is ideal for most adults as it has a comfortable height. Furthermore, it is very efficient in clearing waste as it has a powerful AquaPiston flush mechanism.

You will be glad that the toilet uses only 1.28 GPF, which helps you to save water. Also, it is ADA compliant; hence, it can be installed in any bathroom.

Toto MS446124CEMFG#01 Aquia IV Washlet Dual Flush Toilet

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Durable Vitreous China Construction
  • Dual flush conserves water
  • The Cefiontect glaze keeps the toilet clean
  • Soft-close seat prevents slamming
  • It lacks several mounting tools like bolts, wax rings, and supply lines
  • Many users have complained that it leaves marks after flushing

The Toto Aquia IV washlet elongated bowl toilet comes with the powerful and efficient Dynamax tornado flush. This flushing system uses 360 degrees of cleaning power to clean the toilet efficiently. It is one of the best-skirted toilets for the money. Additionally, it has a Cefiontect glaze that keeps the inside of the bowl clean.

However, some users have complained that the toilet remains with some marks after flushing.

Technical Specifications:

FeaturesTOTO Aquia IV Elongated Toilet
Outlet Location:Floor outlet
Hardware Finish:Polished
Bowl Height with Seat:17-in
Bowl Height without Seat:15-1/2-in
Maximum Flush Rate:1.28 GPF (4.85 LPF)
Minimum Flush Rate:0.8 GPF
Trapway Size:2-1/8-in
Material:Vitreous china
Flush Lever Location:Top center
Dimensions:27.6 x 15.6 x 29.6 inches
Weight:119 pounds
Flush Technology:Gravity-fed
Bowl Shape:Elongated
Warranty:One-Year Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Color/Finish:Cotton White
Price:Toto MS446124CEMFG#01 Aquia IV WashletCheck Today’s Price

Because of the bowl design, there is reduced resistance during flushing, which results in a quieter flush. So you won’t hear a loud and forceful sound when flushing the toilet. Like most toilets on this list, this unit comes with a skirted bowl design. As a result, cleaning the exterior of the toilet is made easy.

The toilet is also compact, which makes it ideal for small bathrooms. The best part is that it has an elongated bowl, so users will still be comfortable. With a dual flush system, you can pick 0.8 gallons for liquids or 1.28 gallons for solid waste.

American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 FloWise Two-Piece Single Flush Toilet

  • An elegant and compact unit
  • Suitable for small bathrooms and powder rooms
  • Concealed Trapway makes cleaning simple
  • Standard height offers comfort to many users
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • It is not very comfortable as it is compact with a round bowl

Another beautiful and efficient toilet on our list is the American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise toilet. With a MaP score rating of 1000 grams, this toilet is very reliable in performance. It doesn’t clog and utilizes only 1.28 GPF. Therefore, it is a high-efficiency toilet and ideal for a person looking to save water.

Technical Specifications:

FeaturesAmerican Standard 2988101.020
Water Consumption:1.28 GPF
Material:Vitreous China
Flush Type:Water-Saving Toilets
Installation Method:Floor Mounted
White finish:Yes
Flushing system:Cadet 3 flushing system
Right Height:Yes
Dimensions:28.2 x 15.8 x 30.8 inches
Weight75 pounds
Warranty :5-Year Limited Warranty
Price:American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 FloWiseCheck Today’s Price

The toilet is also compact, which makes it ideal for small bathrooms and powder rooms. Thanks to the round bowl design, that takes up little space when compared to the elongated bowl. On top of that, it has a sleek skirted design that makes cleaning seamless. You won’t find any nooks and crannies to scrub for long hours. Also, the EverClean surface keeps mold and other substances away from the toilet surface.

Additionally, it has one of the most reliable flushing systems in the Cadet 3 flush. This system uses 1.28 GPF to clear large masses effectively. And since it is a two-piece toilet, you won’t have difficulties installing it. If you are looking for the best skirted toilet at an affordable price, then buy this.

This is an outstanding toilet that will blend easily with most bathrooms.

Kohler 3814-0 Two-Piece Corbelle Comfort Height Toilet

  • Stylish and elegant design
  • A powerful and reliable revolution 360 swirl flushing technology
  • Comfort height chair offers comfort to many
  • Conserves water as it uses 1.28 GPF
  • The skirted design makes cleaning simple
  • Easy to mount as it is a two-piece toilet
  • Several users have complained that the flush handle is weak

The Kohler Corbelle 3814-0 two-piece toilet is one of the latest additions to the already bustling line of Kohler toilets. The Kohler Corbelle comfort height toilet features the powerful revolution 360 swirls flushing technology that eliminates waste and cleans the bowl. The flush generates a forceful swirling that is efficient in performance. So, cases of clogging or flushing the toilet twice will no longer be there.

Technical Features:

FeaturesKohler Corbelle White
Bowl Height:Comfort height
Material:Vitreous China
Water Consumption:1.28 GPF
Bowl Height:16-1/2-in
Installation Method:Floor mounted
Flush Technology:Gravity-fed
Hardware Finish:Polished
Flush Type:Single
Flush Lever Location:Left side
Warranty :1-year limited
Price:>Kohler 3814-0 Two-Piece CorbelleCheck Today’s Price

Moreover, this one-piece toilet has a skirted design for easy cleaning and beauty. However, installing the toilet is quite challenging; thus, you may need to call a plumber. Also, you will buy installation hardware and a toilet seat. The good news is that it comes with the ReadyLock installation system.

When it comes to comfort, you will love that this unit has an elongated bowl that gives you extra sitting space. Also, if you have a disabled person, they will easily use the toilet as it is of chair height. The toilet can be fitted in any modern or traditional bathroom as its design and white finish blend with different bathroom styles easily.

Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest Dual Flush Toilet

  • The powerful double cyclone flushing system offers everything you need to clean the toilet.
  • Comfortable elongated bowl
  • The dual flush system saves water
  • Automatic flush
  • The heated seat offers comfort in cold conditions
  • Very hygienic with the self-cleaning wand
  • The toilet is costly
  • Installing the toilet is cumbersome

If you want a luxurious and high-performing skirted toilet, then you will love the Toto Neorest dual flush unit. The Toto Neorest 700H dual flush elongated one-piece toilet is one of the most advanced units on the market. The toilet boasts various advanced features such as an auto-open/close lid, automatic flush, a heated seat, self-cleaning wand, Premist, Ewater+, remote control, and water temperature settings.

Technical Specifications:

FeaturesToto Neorest 700H smart bidet toilet
Flushing System:Dual Flush
Color/Finish:Cotton White
Water Consumption:1.0 GPF & 0.8GPF
Material:Ceramic with SanaGloss
Flush Type:Siphon Jet
Power Source:corded-electric
Voltage:120 volts
Warranty:3-year limited (residential). One-year limited (commercial)
Price:Toto MS992CUMFG#01 NeorestCheck Today’s Price

With this toilet, you will never be uncomfortable again, as the heated seat offers comfort in the cold seasons. Besides, the toilet performs exceptionally well with a potent double cyclone flushing system. You have the option of using 0.8 GPF or 1.0 GPF. With such a water usage rate, this is an ultra-high-efficiency toilet.

However, you should be prepared to dig deep into your pockets as it doesn’t come cheap. All in all, this is a fantastic toilet that will make things easy in your bathroom. You won’t even have to buy toilet paper as the self-cleaning wand makes everything to e hygienic.

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Things to consider before buying a Skirted toilet

Some significant considerations must be kept in mind before buying a skirted toilet; Those points are elaborated on below, 

  • ADA 

The elaborate form of ADA is Americans with Disabilities, a special genre of toilets for the disabled and handicapped. The skirted toilet that you are buying must have a raised toilet seat and a total height of a minimum of 17 inches.  

  • MAPs

MAP is the standard measurement of how much waste a single flush can remove. The skirt toilet should meet the standard value of the MAPs. 

  • Flushing system

The flushing system must be powerful and rigorous for the skirted toilet to remove the most waste in a single flush.

  • Toilet bowl and Rims

The rim’s design should be compact so that it can be easily cleaned. The elongated toilet bowl is more comfortable compared to the round-shaped bowls. So it will be perfect if the skirted toilet has an elongated bowl.

What is the best American Standard skirted toilets?

I am enlisting the best American standard-skirted toilets for the convenience of the readers, 

American Standard Cadet 3

It is a tremendous toilet with water-saving technology that consumes only 1.28 gpf of water. It comprises a 3-inch water flush valve and a wide trapway. The dimension of this toilet is depth: 28.5 inches, width: 15.5 inches, height: 28.5 inches, and rough-in: 12 inches. 


It is a tremendous one-piece toilet that possesses a powerful flush that can terminate heavy clogs. The elongated bowl assures sheer comfort.


This is another fabulous toilet from the American standard. It’s a high-efficiency toilet with siphon jet bowl technology, and the rims do not easily catch skid marks. 


It is a HET toilet that only consumes 1.28 gpf water. This toilet possesses a one-piece sleek and trendy design that accelerates the premium quality of your bathroom.

Replacing the toilet seat on a fully skirted Toto

Remove the damaged toilet seat and bring a new one. The first step is to apply the expansion nuts into the particular holes. Then tighten the bolts through the hinge plates. Finally, adjust the hinge to the bowl. That is, now you have replaced the toilet seat.


A skirted toilet comes with the same features as those a standard toilet. However, these toilets look lovelier because they hide the Trapway. Also, they are easy to clean as the nooks and crannies are not there to clean. With our top-rated skirted toilets on the market, you should choose a toilet that meets both your needs and budget. The best Skirted toilets that we selected perform at a high level and will change the look of your bathroom.


Which toilet is better – one-piece or two-piece? 

Two-piece toilets are the traditional design, and one-piece toilets are the latest design. Two-piece toilets require the tank to be bolted to the bowl, while a one-piece toilet comes with the tank and bowl integrated into a one-piece. Also, two-piece toilets are cheaper than one-piece toilets. When it comes to cleaning, one-piece toilets are simple when compared to two-piece toilets.

How to install a Skirted toilet?

The first step is to measure the rough-in measurement and then join the cistern with the pan. Tight the nuts and washers with the help of a typical wrench, and incorporate the inlet valve filter. Align the cistern with the back wall for the P trap installation. Make sure that the inlet valve filter is installed correctly. Then install the entire toilet onto the bathroom floor. Tight the mounting screw to stabilize the toilet bowl properly. Then install the toilet seat. Connect the water connection with the toilet, and that’s it; you are done installing the skirted toilet.

Is the skirted toilet expensive?

Yes, They are pretty much more expensive than the traditional toilets because the installation and the design are much more complex than the usual toilets.

What is the MAPs score of a standard skirted toilet?

The MAP score determines how much waste your toilet can flush, and The average MAP score ranges between 350 to 600 grams in a standard skirted toilet.

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