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What type of push-button toilet flush do I need?

All the toilets are not the same. There are some extensive and slight differences among the various types of toilets. But push-button toilets are currently the most popular. Significantly, the dual flush button toilet tank and pneumatic toilet flush buttons are used in many home toilets.

Depending on the toilet categories, the push buttons of the toilet flushing systems are also different. Generally, single-push button and dual-push button toilets are popular. But there are also some other categories of push-button toilets, which will be discussed in this article.

What is a Push-Button?- 4 Types

The push button is situated at the top of the toilet tank. This button is for flushing the toilet within a few seconds.Single flush

After using the toilet, you can place your finger on the push button and press it. The toilet water in the tank is currently being pumped and will wash the entire surface of the toilet bowl. If the push button on the toilet becomes problematic, the toilet will fail to flush.

What is a single flush button?

What is a dual flush button?

The previous toilet technology inspired the single flush button concept. It is not available in modern toilets. The single flush button utilizes up to 12 liters of water in every flush. So, it is a way to destroy insufficient water.In modern toilets, dual flush buttons are mostly seen. It happens because dual-flush toilets are popular for a significant reason. You can save a lot of water by using these buttons on your toilet tank.

Cable-operated button

It is another technique for flushing the toilet. The cable-operated flush button is located at the front, top, or side of the toilet cistern. The main feature of the cable-operated toilet flush button is its size because it is directly connected to the flushing system.Cable-operated button

When you press this flush button, the flushing system will pull the flush valve. Therefore, the water flow will be opened, and it will flush your toilet.

Pneumatic toilet flush button

The pneumatic toilet flush button is the modern one, and it is considered a more efficient flush button for the toilet. It is also called an air-operated toilet flush. But there is a system for fitting the pneumatic toilet flush button on your toilet. If there is a connection between the pneumatic tube and the outlet valve, you can set up the pneumatic toilet flush button here. Otherwise, it is not possible.Pneumatic toilet flush button

How do I operate a dual-flush button toilet?

Since there are two switches in these types of toilets, there is a specific system of flushing. If you want to flush more garbage, press the two buttons at once, and a huge amount of water will remove all the waste from the tank. However, if the garbage is in small quantities, such as urine or poop, you can only press one button. It uses less water to flush your entire toilet.dual-flush button

If you want to understand it easier, the single button of the flushing toilet is for removing pee, and the combined pressing of the dual buttons is for removing a large number of poops.

Is there any toilet that can be used with both single and dual flush buttons?

The various types of toilets require different flushing systems. Some toilets take only dual flushing, and some others take a single flushing button. But some toilets, like Fluidmaster, Siamp, and Dudley, are exceptional. They are available with both single and dual flush button systems.

What are the toilet flush buttons called?

Although they are toilet flush buttons, they are commonly referred to as toilet flappers.

The most important component for flushing toilets is the toilet flappers. They are also called flapper valves because they are connected to the handle. The flapper valves are used instead of toilet handles, which are the major equipment for flushing the toilet.

Push-button flushing vs. handle flushing: which is better?

Push-button flushing toilets are becoming increasingly popular. However, the handle flushing system is still present in older models of toilet cisterns. Comparatively, both of the toilets work well. But, if you judge some subtle features of the two types of toilets, you can easily realize that the push-button toilet is better in many ways.Push-button vs. handle flushing

First, if you consider the flushing power, the push-button toilets come with more speedy flushing. Furthermore, the push-button toilet saves more water (if it is a dual flush button toilet). If you press a single button, the toilet will consume less water. But your handle can’t flush the toilet.


  • How much water does a single-button or dual-button flushing system use?

The available toilet flushing systems use 1.6 gallons of water per flush. But the measurement of a dual-flush toilet’s water usage is about 1.28 GPF. As a result, dual flush button toilets save water with each flush.

Water usage is a crucial feature of modern toilet sets. Many people buy toilets from the market according to their water-saving features. 

  • Which flushing system is the best?

Modern toilet users prefer toilets that can remove a large amount of waste from the toilet bowl while using less water. In this view, pressure-assisted toilets are the best solution. The water force coming from the toilet flushing is suitable for decreasing the water usage of the toilet. It uses only 1.1 to 1.2 gallons of water for every flush

  • What can I do if my push-button toilet stops flushing?

This situation occurs when your toilet flushing system is problematic. It may happen because of a damaged button or a damaged cistern. Sometimes, the flush valve may also be problematic. So, you should turn off the water supply and uncover the toilet tank. Now, check all the functions of the tank, including the cistern, valve, and switch. If any functional device is problematic, replace it immediately.

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